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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RF23 - Don't Forget About Bernard C. Brown, II

RF: Don't Forget Bernard C. Brown, II

Hey B. Hussein Obama: When you close down Gitmo...Don't forget about Bernard Curtis Brown, II. Who is Bernard C. Brown II? He's a young man onboard AA Flight 77 bound for California, when EXTREME MUSLIM TERRORISTs took control of his plane and CRASHED it into the Pentagon. So while your daughters are receiving top notch protection paid for by American tax dollars, think about other young people, who may board planes, trains or buses and something like this happening again and again and this time it was some freed GITMO EXTREME MUSLIM TERRORIST SWINE, who was responsible for it.

Bernard C. Brown II:

Freed GITMO detainees:

US Embassy in Yemen:

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