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Monday, December 11, 2017

RF23 - Black on Black Youtube Wars

You-Tube has some problems and if not addressed, someone is going to get hurt or killed.  A year or so ago, I had the idea of starting an Youtube video show.  It was going to be myself and three other gentlemen, who I felt could contribute and bring the thought provoking conversation that was different than my usual controversial musings or face-book postings.  Not only did I think that YouTube was the avenue to go, it also provided a means for payment if we got the viewers and if some sponsors came aboard.  Alas, that idea is still one and I will be on the air-waves, with, those gentlemen or not.  

The thing is, will it be on YouTube?  and based on what I seeing going on YouTube is quite disturbing.  What is it?   Black on Black YouTube Wars going on.  Everyday, you can find a group of groups of youtubers going after one another.  Threatening one another, threatening the families of their trending enemy.  

It's gotten sick. 

Currently, the issue right now is between Tommy Sotomayor and a contributor who goes by True Freeman.  According to the Sotomayor, his nemesis has been quote, "messing" with him for over three years.  Sotomayor claims that True Freeman is responsible for some of his channels being removed, his inability to collect donations from his subscribers and recently a CPS inquiry from the State of Arizona.   


Over the content of Sotomayor's videos.   Sotomayor addresses the state of Black women, he addresses the inequality of Men's rights in regard to unfair laws and practices in regard to child support.   He points out the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement and as long as I listened to his videos.    Not one person has legitimately challenged him in debate that makes you say.  Okay, this person might be on to something.  This person is making valid points to contradict Sotomayor.

Not one.  It won't be me, because I agree with him and have been saying the same stuff, since post number one of this blog.   And like Sotomayor, I found out, if I don't go the same route as black folk, I get called the white supremacists insults such as coon, tom, and boot licker. 


Over content made on YouTube.

It's gotten so bad, that people are saying disgusting things about Sotomayor's daughter(s); his mother and his late grandmother.

If YouTube doesn't get a hold of this, they'll end up on the wrong side of an article. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

RF23 - Only The Blind

Last week as reports of boxing legend and champion Muhammad Ali health was declining and his eventual death over the weekend.   The boxing world and so called leaders came out and spoke great words about the man known as "The Greatest,"  and he was.   The younger generation didn't see this magician in the ring, they didn't see the humor and his "float like a butterfly"  poems.  

I get right now that the media, the sports media and Ali's allies are going to be on sports-radio stations telling the viewers, some of them, who could care less about his Ali's actions against Frazier.  Or, his insult of another historic boxing legend, Joe Louis.   I'm going to paste portions of my earlier blog entries on the so called greatest:

1.  February 24, 2008 -  "No Longer The Greatest"  

Joe Louis, along with other black fighters who paved a way for Ali to be even called champion, make the money he was able to make and be conned by Don King, was insulted by a loud mouth kid named Cassius. 

I get that during the comment, Ali, along with other superstar athletes were taking a stand for civil rights during that time, but to insult and criticize men and women who had to put up with all the bullshit of being called nigger, spook or jiggaboo or asked to turn around by foreign women so they can see their tails is not only ignorant but they're guilty of what some liberal blacks say about blacks who don't agree with their politics or social stances...

"Forgot where they came from and how they got there."

You can't imagine my anger, when I saw a man who befriended and kept the religion of anti Semitism talk about a man who had to grin on cue, act on cue, not show emotion or celebrate after a victory over a white man, volunteer to fight in a war where the country he comes from won't let him sit in a diner, sit anywhere on a bus, get equal education, get paying jobs, denied the right to vote via intimidation or lyching and a helluva lot more denials a country where freedom and equal rights were promised...Yeah Ali lived in that era, but that era was ending and the country changed. It changed too late for Louis, but it changed at the right time for Ali, where his purses could have paid off Louis' tax debt...

It changed enough for Ali to be given forum after forum to discuss issues that Louis could only dream about.

So this is where I'm at, disdain for a man some called the greatest. And after seeing the documentary, the title was correct...

Joe Louis is and was an American hero and he was betrayed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

RF23 - Black Lives?

RF23 - A Nation Divided...A Community Lost

In all of my 29 years as an adult, I have never seen this country so divided.   Racially.   I don't think in its prime, segregation, Jim Crow and slavery had this country so tied up with political correctness and racial divide.   Why did I slip in "political correctness?"  Because in my opinion, it plays a key role in what divides a great, young nation like the United States.

This country is divided, and this is with Barack Obama as president.   And I like to say it, but he's the cause of the racial rift, the over-political correctness and he and his party are the blame for the current state of this country.


The one who gets picked on.

The one who gets the "kick me" sign on their back.

The one who is denied seating on a bus.

The one who runs home from school after refusing to stand up for themselves.

You get my point?

This country is so divided, that we're willing to accept social wrongs and reject moral rights.   This country is so divided that "stick and stones" bounce off, but words, normal words are ridiculed as spears of hatred.   

Last week a sitting Missouri University President stepped down because of allegations that he ignored a couple of liars.   I can call them liars today, because each victicrat black, who claimed that something or another happened to them was a lie.    For almost a week, one of the most dumbest domestic terrorists groups have been going around saying "Black Lives Matter" and still continuing to ignore the actual black lives being taken by other blacks.   This week in Minnesota, blacks are clamoring and protesting the death of yet another criminal and nothing on the deaths of innocent black adults and children.   The same domestic terrorists who made demands to have "silent space" or whatever they're calling it are now practicing racial discrimination by cutting off the wallets and purses that fund their dumb cause.   That's right, the slaves have told their paying masters that they can't join in their meetings and play in their hood rat games.   I expect this movement to end like the Soviets did when we played big bank, take little bank in the Cold War.    However, unlike the Soviets, who are making a come-back, groups like black lives matter will not.  They won't even get mention in our history books. 

Everything about this groups smells like shit...Bull to be exact.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

RF23 - No, You Don't Do More...

RF23 - No, You Don't Do More...

If it ain't the idiots in Missouri, it's the lazy, no planning, not going anywhere workers who, apply to work at a fast food restaurant, wait on a phone call from said fast food joint, and if the fast food joint calls you and offers said applicant a position at the fast food joint.  The offer usually goes something like this:  Hi Ty'Detroit (Could be black male or female) This is Roger Nance, District Manager at Bucky's Chicken Joint, I'm calling to let you know, that we would like to offer you a position as a working in Bucky's.   The job is part time as discussed, and it the pay is $8.00 with benefits, such as company paid health and dental (which by the way is part of your salary).  Will this work for you?  AND THIS IS WHERE YOU SAY YES I WILL TAKE THE JOB OR NO, THANK YOU and hang the hell up.  

Now some of these people would have you believe that one day, they was walking down the street, minding their own business and daydreaming of how great their life is.  When one day, a white van pulls up besides them, the side door opens up and out comes four hooded and white robbed people!  You attempt to run, but one of them has great ninja skills and lasso's you with a rope, knocking you down to your face.  They tie you up, throw you in the van and bring you to Bucky's Chicken.  There you are told you will be paid slave wages to work 4-8 hours a day and they might pay for your health and dental. 

Look at what Lakecha Jackson says, when asked why should she get paid more than paramedic?  and her answer is...We do more.

Hey Lakecha, last checked, there are studies upon studies saying that restaurants such as Mickey D's are bad for people's health, thus, watch this Ms. Jackson, eating your food will cause said paramedic to rush to one of your customer's residence or place of work to save their life, because they ate your unhealthy foods.

Now last checked, the paramedic has to be certified in a lot of things.  You only have to be certified in one thing..Food handling.

Next, Lakesha, if you are receiving benefits such as I dunno, welfare, food stamps, I dunno, section 8!  you can kiss that good bye.

Monday, June 01, 2015

RF23 - Standing Strong

You know over the years, I've taken stand after stand of my social and political beliefs and over the years, I may have lost a few folk here and there or simply not taken seriously enough for some folks to even notice me.   The latter I can live with because it's simply choice.  It's like channel surfing, either you like what you're watching or you don't.   Hell til' this weekend, I only heard of the Lifetime Channel and didn't know BET changed to Centric or something.


It's the first one that has me not standing firm, standing strong.    Is it my fault?  Is it their fault or did folks, I shared meals, time and vacation with just had enough of my going against grain.  Had enough of me being right and they having the inability to show or prove me wrong.

I think the misunderstanding is that with whatever social stance or injustice, they're coming at me filled with emotions and conjuring up Jim Crow situations that they nor I have experienced.  Either that or I've become numb to seeing and hearing excuse after excuse as to why we ain't got this or that some unknown white person is responsible for failures.   Black failures.

I know folks, often wonder if I'm serious on the things I say and debate.  Hell, I know I wonder the same when I talk to them with their opinions.

Everything is black and white, either it's hot or cold, either it's full or empty.  There can't be an in between, because if it could.  My opinions or stances on fill in the blank situation would be moot.

and so would someone elses.

One of the things, I get hit with or hit with recently, is this question:  "What are you doing?"  what are you doing to make a change or offer up a solution.

If they're talking about hitting the streets to spread my message that the democrats have succeeding in enslaving blacks back to the plantation in the form of voting booths.  I do that.

If they're talking about hitting the streets to spread my message that today, we're being told that good is evil and evil is good.   I do that.

I have only 300 odd friends on FB and I used to have more and in the past it hurt me to see the decrease, but not anymore.    I can be down to one friend or be absolutely bare in the friends category and I'll be a little butt hurt, but it's only a sting, as if I got popped by a towel.   I'll be mad, but I'll get over it.


I'm standing strong.

Over the years, I can remember the first time I was called an Uncle Tom, I remember the first time I was called a sell out, I remember the first time I was called a coon and now the remaining intelligence I have is being questioned and insulted.    In the past, such insults would result in a barrage of insults from me and if you wanted to throw, I am and was ready to do such.  However, as the years go by, all I can do is watch.  Watch with my own eyes of what a lack of fathers do to  their own kids, which I can attest too, but to the over-all black community.   A once proud race of people are now a bunch of petulant little children when things don't go our way.   The bible warns of the anti-Christ, but the black community has had it, in their community since April 5, 1968.   What organization of collared preachers would okay the killing of unborn babies at the rate the black community does?  What organization of collared preaches would allow a sexual preference to guilt them to go against God?  What organization of collared preachers would allow the decay of the surrounding communities and at the same time enrich themselves?   This wasn't the case before April 4, 1968 and it wasn't certainly the case before February 21, 1965. 

If the two dates trip you up, look them up.  I'm a blogger not a history teacher.

I used to write on this blog, daily or even once a week and that slowed down.   Is it because of I'm done saying the same stuff or that I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.   Either way, whether this is the last post or not.  I'll still be..

Standing Strong. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

RF23 - Fighting For...

Today I had the privilege of attending the 30th Anniversary of the Rialto Black History Association's MLK Luncheon in San Bernardino, CA.   I have to admit, I've never attended these types of events and although Dr. King represented all races and backgrounds, these groups tend to not represent all. 

I am a black man, with a majority of Black Americans in a room, honoring the memory Dr. King.  However, I knew deep down, I was the minority, in a room of like skinned folks who wouldn't see my point of view if I drew it up and had it executed by the Oakland Raiders.   Although my point of view is reasonable and easily discussable to those willing to listen, just listen to a different point of view, maybe at one point we as blacks could stop the log jam of overwhelmingly giving their vote away to a politician who only says and never does the right thing in interest of its constituents.

I'm not going to down the event, because like all MLK day events they're well meaning and it's only appropriate to honor a man, who gave all and then with his life gave more.  

What I'm going to talk about is the willingness to accept one's interpretation of history and advocate it as truth.   The movie "Selma" fits that queue, I think it's important for our young people to know and even see a movie that tells just a part of a story of their now great great grandparents and great grandparents lived.  Let me retype it..lived it.  They put up with in your face racism, open discrimination and a stupid test that even the most reason white person would fail just to vote.

The event's keynote speaker was articulate and had a very thought of speech, which asked, "Are You A Fighter?" meaning are you willing to fight for not just civil rights, but for hell, what's right? Our world is changing and it's to a point that we're told that right is wrong and wrong is right.  

Who is willing to fight for that?  If you were to tell me twenty, thirty years ago, that in my lifetime that Christianity would be under fire as if it were the Roman days, when the Romans had Christians executed for rejecting their secular Gods.   Today, in our country, a Christian cannot stand up for his or her beliefs and rejecting what the world says we need to accept.   Outside the United States, Christians are once again being executed for rejecting Islamic beliefs and the world telling us, we ought to stand by and see the terrorism a few radical islamists bring.  

Who is willing to fight for that?

One of my biggest critiques of "church" and specifically the black church is that the once beating drum of the community is now silent and stagnant.   Today, or all weekend we were supposed to reflect with our parents and grandparents, if they're still with us on the great struggle to cash a check that was written by our forefathers that each time, we came to liberty's window, the check was deemed insufficient funds and each time we as blacks came back to liberty's window until slowly but surely funds in the form of civil rights were coming in.   The black church fought for that and paid for it with interest each visit to liberty's window.    Today, the problem is not the insufficient funds that justice and equal rights that evaded blacks for so long.   Today, we as blacks know what the problem is, but refuse address it.   The problem.


And it's the black church that is withholding that truth and allowing the moral decay of the black community.  During the time of Dr. King, the black home consisted of two parents, a father (man) and mother (woman).  Today, the mother is wearing both hats or if you want to agree with society, the new two parent home may consist of same sex parents.   But lets talk about before parenthood, during Dr. King's time on this earth, the word abortion was not spoken of in most black homes, nor was it an option.  Today, Blacks, make up 12.4% of the United States population, but are responsible for 32% of all abortions.  The black church, the beating drum of the community.  Is silent. 

So if the black church won't fight for that, maybe they'll take a stand against crime.   Again, blacks make up 12.4% of U.S. population and some how make a good percentage of crimes committed in this country.  The black church, the beating drum of the community.   Beats silent.

So what would the black church fight for?   

Good question.

Monday, November 17, 2014

RF23 - Just Bad

Okay by now everyone has seen the Aaliyah biopic produced by Wendy Williams and although Williams may have wanted to do something to remember the singer, who lost her life at a early age of 22.  It was bad.  Real bad, so bad that I might have to cancel the Frasier shows that appear on the Lifetime channel bad.  I'm not going to touch on the content, because  I read one positive feedback on the movie and the rest were negative. I wanna touch on the issue of R-Kelly.   Most of you don't know, but I just start putting his music back on my Ipod or phone.  I think he's a sick man, I think he's a child predator and I have no problem with him serving a prison record.  He wouldn't be the first, we all had to see the image of Rick James going to prison, so Kelly doing the same perp walk would not be shocking or heartbreaking, especially for a man that preys on young girls.   The show romanticized his crime, the show made it seem like it was a Romeo and Juliet play, when in fact, it was a crime.   Williams should have pounded and made R-Kelly exactly what he was/is...A child predator.  It failed to do that and R-Kelly got off unscathed and Williams is taking the brunt of all the criticism of putting on a bad biopic.  And that's unfortunate, because not only did Aaliyah have the beauty, the talent and business sense to take chances...We could only guess where others like Beyonce' would be if she had lived...