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Friday, January 24, 2020

RF23 - Gas Gas Gas!!!

The NFL is going to blitz its viewing audience with profiles of black men, who were allegedly killed by the police because of the color of their skin.  Last week we were fed a small morsel of the full fledge meal coming on Super Bowl Sunday, with the profile of Anquan Bolden’s cousin.  One of the profiles will be about Botham Jean, a Bahamian black man, who was shot in his apartment by an off duty Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger.  Unlike Bolden’s cousin, the Jean incident was not a racial incident.  It was about the decision of one woman to fire her weapon, thus killing a man.  There was no racial animus with regard to Guyger toward Jean, despite what the family’s two civil rights ambulance chasing sambos say.
After the NFL showed Bolden’s cousin profile, I instantly fired a tweet to the NFL and inquired if they were going to be fair and balanced.  If they’re going to show white cops killing black men, surely we should know the profile of the innocent or not so innocent blacks killed or brutalized by other blacks.  For instance, when the NFL ran the Bolden profile, the City of Dallas PD announced that an 18 year old black young adult, was taken off life support and succumbed to the injuries that were fired upon him by a 15 year old black boy at a basketball game.  Surely, there needs to be a profile of  Marc Strickland.  Strickland got into a verbal altercation with a punk thug and the punk took out a weapon and shot Strickland.   I’m thinking there will be no commercials for this young man.   And speaking of Botham Jean, remember one of the witnesses to the trial?  Well, he’s dead.  He was killed by two black men due to a drug deal that went South.  Yeah, Brown wasn’t an angel and well, was one of the negroes, who got what he got, but his life, is still a life and it was stomped out by two black men.  There will be no profiles on Joshua Brown, a former USF football player, turned drug-dealer and star witness of a non-racial murder incident, who ended up dead by people who shares the same skin pigmentation.  Nope! but we’ll still get bombarded by left wing negro “white guilt” nerve gas.  

Thursday, October 10, 2019

RF23 - NBA Exposed As Fakes and Ho's for Chinese Money

RF23 – NBA Exposed As Fakes and Ho’s for Chinese Money

With one tweet by Houston GM Daryl Morey came a s-storm of events that exposed the NBA and its players as ho’s.  Ho’s trying to get that money for their pimp Money Nike, Money Adidas and Money Under Armour. Why? Morey’s tweet was in support of the people of Hong Kong, who are fighting with their lives to maintain their freedoms they enjoy.  In 1997, the British government ended its role with the City and turned it over to the People’s Republic of China.   China, with their fingers crossed, signed a contract to not change the status quo with people living in Hong Kong.  Well China lied and people living in Hong Kong disappeared and died.  So what does that have to do with the NBA?  Well the NBA, basketball is popular in China and the league is invested, heavily invested in China.  Invested so much to the tune of $4 billion dollars.   Morey’s tweet, Morey exercising his freedom of speech in the form of a tweet was not welcomed and it put the NBA, its SJW players and two white racists coaches in a bind.  You see, the SJW players who complained and opined about how racists the country they make or made millions of dollars are ostensibly quiet.  The brave people of Hong Kong are fighting for their civil rights and these players mouths are shut or as Steph Curry is quoted as saying, he needs time to research the issue before giving his take.  Really, Steph?  LeBron James, who is tweet vocal and vocal apparently has been muted, nothing.   And when it comes to sell outs and the epitome of the “Uncle Ben/ Tom” James Harden quickly ran to the communists and apologized to the Chinese Johns.  Saying Morey, he no talk massa..massa sen’ meh ta ‘pologize and say sawree..I’z sawree..massa say he sawry too.” 

So now they’re exposed, they’re exposed more than a thug sagging,’ at least the thug has undies on, the NBA, the players and the  two ku klux klan coaches..they azz is showing, way past plumbers crack.  And now, they want to shut up and play. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

RF23 - A Little Out There

RF23 -  A Little Out There..

Alabama’s controversial law, is.  Well controversial.  To ban abortions for females if they were raped or incest is a little out there.  Hell, it’s out there.   Secondly, Alabama joins 14 other states, not named Texas in challenging Roe v. Wade, a case (law) that most justices sitting on the SCOTUS has said, it’s precedential law.   Nonetheless, the outrage of those who support abortions under the umbrella of women’s right is just as out there, to support an act that some states, namely New York and West Virginia that passed laws to abort a child that made it to full term is just reprehensible.  Where’s the outrage for this act.  At some point, some of these non-child bearing feminist gotta wake up and say, even that’s wrong, but they won’t.   Females carrying signs demanding the government stay out of their uterus’ should keep in mind, that a good portion of those opting for abortions get their funding from the tax payers.  Maybe tax payers should carry signs saying, keep your uterus out of my wallet and like we used to back in the day, hand them a condom from our wallet and remind them, while they are espousing support for the death of a child, that their parents chose life for them.   I’ll wait for that person, who cussed their parents out for giving them life and if they did, should we expect their suicide.   Probably not.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

RF23 - Don't Hate On Us...

Houston ISD Principal Institutes a dress code for parent(s).  And she’s black.   Well not for long, I’m assuming her black card will be snatched and shredded with a long list of other blacks, who in her case, are tired of seeing grown-ups dress like slavery ended yesterday.  And of course, the natives weren’t happy and rendered their race card and followed it with a class card to justify their ill taste or judgment on how they look going to public places like a school to conduct educational business.  Let’s look at crying quotes right now. .

Partial notice of the dress code:   “Parents, we do value you as a partner in your child’s education,” Outley Brown, herself a graduate of Madison High School, said in the memo. “However, please know we have to have standards, most of all we must have high standards.”

BMW Quote 1: “I’m almost insulted,” said Tomiko Miller, the mother of a Madison High School student. “I really think it was discriminatory, the language that was used. It was demeaning. And I’m African American — and if it’s misty outside and I have a hair bonnet on, I don’t see how that’s anyone’s business.”   [Ms. is the principal. She’s black too..]

Of course there has to be a man to chime in and notice that he pinpoints on the women’s hair and not the subject of saggin’ pants.  I guess he’s in agreement with the no saggin’ policy..

BMW Quote 2:  Zeph Capo, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, called codes relating to women’s hair “classist,” “belittling” and “dismissive.”  He also added.  “I’m sorry — this principal may have plenty of money and time to go to the hairdresser weekly and have her stuff done,” he said. “Who are you to judge others who may not have the same opportunities that you do? Having a wrap on your head is not offensive. It should not be controversial.”  [Who made it controversial? ]

Let me ask this, black folk are you tired of being patronized?  I mean really, there’s an excuse as to why you can’t do anything, meet requirements and so on.  Here in Dallas, you have a District Attorney saying he is not going to prosecute thefts up to $750…and it’s apparent of who that’s for.   Voter ID.. Corrupt councilmen/women who grew up poor and a mayor justifies it by their upbringing.   Good luck to Ms. Brown…and welcome to the club.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

RF23 - Media Darlings

Anti SEC

So as expected, the SEC’s media aka CBS, ESPN and FSI and local hacks are moving the goal post with Georgia’s loss to Texas last night.  Now, they are saying that Texas would not beat Georgia 3 out of 5 times.   Yeah, any way to preserve the present racial sanctity of the SEC and its discriminatory past and present.   Well SEC spokeswhores, Georgia didn’t show us any reason, why they should have been in the college football playoffs, they laid an egg and got done in by Texas.   If Georgia and its SEC relatives were so angry about not being in the big dance.  Guess what they should have done to a team that gives up 30 plus points a game, in a Conference that is known for having weak defenses, but relies on fast-break football to score a bunch of points.  And again, the media is telling us, what we should see and force us to appreciate a conference that has a strong racial past and learn to love it.   I’ve always said this, there is no way in  hell, I would allow any of my kids and now grandkids to attend a SEC school or participate in its athletic programs.  Not with that record of racial disdain for black students.  
Still Screamin’
Speaking of media, is there anyone more visible that Stephen A. Smith?  Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought as a member of the press, the press-member should not be part of the story.   So why in the hell is Smith always feuding with NBA or NFL players?  And oh, Mr. Pro-Black Smith is always feuding with black players.  The latest feud is now with Washington Bullets errr!  Ol’ Skool!!! Lol!  I mean Wizards guard John Wall.   Has anyone noticed that Smith is always tweeting about meeting someone to “talk” about the problem after someone intimates wanting a piece of him?  You can tell Smith was raised by a single black woman, as pointed out by Chris Broussard, when they got into an on air argument about “sources.”  As a matter of fact, Smith is the epitome of a black man raised by a bunch of black women, he’s stereotypically loud, he’s stereotypically emotional and all he does is stereotypically gloat about how educated he is.  Just like the stereotypical black woman.  

No G.O.A.T
Last week in his one sided conversations lebron james said, when the Cavs beat the 73 win Warriors, made him, the greatest of all time.  Yeah, the greatest BS’er of all time.  Look queen james, if memory serves me correct, you needed Draymond Green out, Andrew Bogut hurt and Andre Iguodala hurt as well to beat the Warriors.  Yeah, you are great..wait, wait, wait a minute! If memory serves me correct again, Keyrie Irving is the reason why you won that series, not you, queen james. So now, we can add greatest liar of all time, along with dumbest athletes of all time.  I mean dude, did you really compare graffiti on your Los Angeles gate to Emmitt Till?  So somebody or bodies brutally beat your gate and then shot it…queen james, really, just shut up and play or dribble for the white man who’s paying you.   And to end this greatest of all time crap QJ, the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns and Seattle Supersonics are sportin’ Western Conference Championship banners because Michael Jordan and his Bulls team denied them a taste of winning it all.  The Dallas freakin’ Mavericks have a NBA championship banner, and they got it off you!! Now get in front of the camera and sell the white man’s sprite soda pop!. 


Friday, October 26, 2018

RF23 Time and Time Again

RF23 Time and Time Again...

I keep asking this question, and never get any replies or answers.  How come this happens in black areas?  And every-time, there’s the same excuse as to why, like this:

“Our problems reflect the culmination of years of inadequate accountability, suspect governance and, quite frankly, inexcusable management decisions,”  Hubert Grimes (Int. President Bethune-Cookman University)

What inadequate accountability? Well, there was this incident involving the former BCU president Edison Jackson when an investigation found the university was vastly overpaying for a new dorm, which was originally estimated at $72.1 million and now will cost $306 million over 40 years. (Jackson bolted a year before his contract was up)

What suspect governance? Well, we do have a major problem about the….university’s accrediting organization, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), plans a visit Thursday and Friday. SACS placed the university on probation earlier this year because of issues ranging from financial instability to inflated enrollment numbers.  So if the school loses its accreditation what will happened to the students because of this suspect governance?…If Bethune-Cookman loses accreditation, students won’t be eligible for federal grants or loans. Students have said on social media and elsewhere that if the situation doesn’t get resolved, they will be forced to leave.
I just posted an article from a former NFL player crying about why white coaches keep their jobs longer than blacks and what did I say, I said, if blacks want their own, by their own, then do it..but this story is way too common whether it be youth league sports, home associations, school boards, city councils, non profit organizations, charities, churches you name it… It appears that if blacks touch it, it’s the Midas touch in reverse.   Instead of gold, it turns to…….

Thursday, April 12, 2018

RF23 - Reserved For The Wrong Thing

It’s been a while since I mentioned the now long time docu-drama The First 48 and I’m guessing the reason why is because I’m tired of seeing black lives being taken by…

Black folk

But last week’s episode bothered the hell out of me and I saw the show right after I got back from Mobile, Alabama and when I recognized the area of where this cowardly act happened made me sick.   You see, last weekend,  the wife and I joined another couple in Mobile to see an annual RB/ Blues festival and in order to get tickets for the event, you had to go a check cashing place to get the tickets.  Well, we did that and our search for the nearest spot was in, what’s called, “The Bottoms.”  Now if you watched the NBC/CBS television show “In the Heat Of The Night.”  The bottoms usually meant, a low income, mostly black area.  Well, in Mobile, it fit the bill.  And in the bottoms, there are crimes committed, drug usage and murder.   A murder occurred in July 2016 in the Mobile bottoms and the victim was not a gang – member.  The victim was not a drug dealer and the victim was not in the act of committing a crime.  No, the victim was a hero.  The victim was a productive member of the Mobile community.  The victim was part of well known “Red Ball Express” in WWII.  The victim was known all throughout the Mobile bottoms and in Mobile.  The victim was known to be the most generous man in Mobile and The victim was around when “equal but separate” was alive and well especially in states like Alabama.  The victim was a black man.  His race didn’t define him, his character did.

Booker T. Green was killed by four black, I refuse to call them men and calling them boys will give them a glimpse of innocence..One of the killers, knew Mr. Green personally because he used to cut his lawn and lived right across the street.  He was responsible for stalling Mr. Green for his other pack members to attack and attempt to rob him.  One of the monsters, fired his weapon, striking Green in the back.   While still showing the difference between a man! And the 4 useless n***ahs, Mr. Green was able to pull away in his car and get assistance.   Unfortunatly, Mr. Green did succumb to that shooting 5 days later.   The attack literally happened, right where the wife and I were getting tickets to a show.

When I saw that I was pissed, because after the incident, all the neighborhood could do is burn candles!! And shake their heads.  That’s it?  No-one went to Tuscaloosa and blocked fans from entering to see Alabama or Auburn play football, No-one shut down a city hall meeting to get true justice for Mr. Green or get this mess to stop.  And no-one didn’t go to the homes of the animals and harm them.   No, all that I mentioned is reserved for the 4 SOB’s that murdered a man, whose elderly life had more matter than all of them combined.