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Monday, March 25, 2013

RF23 - Scary Jerry Won't Go Away

RF23 – Scary Jerry Sandusky Won’t Go Away…
In light of some great NCAA basketball games, the Miami Heat’s winning streak and this little known Cinderella school out of Florida. It seems that Scary Jerry won’t go away into that little dark room called solitary confinement.   Sandusky recently granted a three and a half hour interview to former KFI radio host John Ziegler about the testimony of Mike McQueery and the probable innocence of the late Joe Paterno.

You all know my stance on this story.  This story requires some good common sense and an incredible sense of smell to get past Scary Jerry’s bullshit.  

If you all remember, Sandusky was indicted and convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse either at his home or on the Penn State campus while posing as a mentor to disadvantaged boys.  Sandusky a former offensive coordinator and assistant head coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions was the heir apparent to Joe Paterno, if and when the coach decided to retire, but lost the challenge of attrition to the old Paterno and retired.  

Sandusky is a monster and deserves his virtual life sentence, but I question Ziegler’s motives here.  His documentary is to give Paterno a fair hearing?  Due process? For what? to convince us that the old coach was incapable of comprehending a young assistant coach telling him that his assistant head coach and offensive coordinator is in the shower with a young boy and oh by the way, he heard slapping sounds that sounding like rhythmic sex sounds.    And oh! McQuerry didn’t sound the alarm right away, he had to be encouraged to tell what he saw and inexplicably heard.   And what did Paterno do?  He called and told his (here’s the funny part here) superiors.  Let me rewrite this for those who missed it the first time.  He called and told his (here’s the funny part here) superiors and told him what he learned, and that was it.  He did nothing else, he didn’t even fire Sandusky! He nor Penn State authorities banned Sandusky for showing his ugly, smoke stained toothed ass on campus and oh! had grown men in Penn State did what they would supposedly do for their own children, someone should have had the local law authorities looking into this matter and have this animal locked up earlier.  

But they didn’t and more boys became prey and victims to Scary Jerry.   They’re just as guilty as Sandusky and when I say “they” I mean Paterno too.   Former players say Paterno touched their lives, and that may have been, but Paterno even he knew that he did too little, too late and allowed young boys to be wrongfully touched by a pedophile.  

Ziegler should shake another tree, and let this Penn State/Paterno tree alone.