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Friday, September 28, 2007

Dubya Worst Ever? Really What About Carter?
Jimmy Carter's Legacy of Failure
Cinnamon Stillwell

It seems that everywhere one looks lately, former President Jimmy Carter is hawking his new book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid." The inflammatory title has not won Carter any new fans from the pro-Israel side of the equation. But for those who buy into the history of the Middle East conflict that's been promulgated through years of anti-Israel propaganda, Carter's use of the term "apartheid" is a confirmation of all they hold dear.
The attempt to associate Israel with apartheid era South Africa has indeed been a popular and effective tactic in the arsenal of anti-Israel talking points. It matters little that the charge is untrue. One simply has to insert the word "apartheid" into the discussion and the damage is done.
Carter himself admits toward the end of his book that his use of the term "apartheid" was not meant literally and that the situation in Israel "is unlike that in South Africa -- not racism, but the acquisition of land." In response to criticism of his choice of words, Carter told the Los Angeles Times that he was trying to call attention to what he sees as the "economic form" of apartheid afflicting the Palestinian territories. During an interview with Judy Woodruff of "The News Hour" on PBS, Carter reiterated that he only used "apartheid" in his title to "provoke discussion." When an author concedes that his chosen title is inaccurate, it calls into question the entire premise of his book.
There are those who have called Carter's entire book into question, including friend and colleague Dr. Kenneth W. Stein. A well-known Middle East scholar, and until recently a fellow of Emory University's Carter Center, Stein resigned his position because of strenuous objections to the content of Carter's book. In an e-mail message regarding his resignation, Stein described the book as "replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments."
The copied materials involve two maps from former U.S. Middle East envoy Dennis Ross' book "The Missing Peace." In an appearance on Fox News, Ross confirmed that the maps originated with his book, and he objected not only to the lack of attribution but also to Carter's inaccurate presentation of the historical facts involved.
Similarly, attorney Alan Dershowitz, in a scathing review, writes that "Mr. Carter's book is so filled with simple mistakes of fact and deliberate omissions that were it a brief filed in a court of law, it would be struck and its author sanctioned for misleading the court."
Top-ranking Democrats have also disavowed Carter's work. Both Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi issued statements on Carter's book, distancing themselves and the Democratic Party from his divisive rhetoric. Meanwhile, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., an African American, condemned Carter's inappropriate use of the term "apartheid" in his title, labeling it "offensive."

More (Paste or click on link)

More on Jimmy Carter:
Commentary Magazine, "Our Worst Ex-President,"

Mark Silverberg, "Jimmy Carter: The Untold Story,"

Jay Nordlinger, "Jimmy Carter,"

Closing the Jena Six Situation

I'm going to make this comment and it's going to be the last one in regard to this situation. First, to black conservatives who waited in the dark until something negative was said about Bell to make an opinion or at least bring up the subject.....I say.....screw you. I know, I know, I'm in the black conservative genre because most of my insults and critique is mainly on liberals, like Shakedown Artist formerly known as Reverend Jesse Jackson and Police Car Chaser Al Sharpton. But while I was surfing the blogger net I saw something from Lashawn Barber who last week buried her head in the backsides of a boy singing group that no self respectin' black person would have in their ipods let alone in their crib [house], Hanson. She refused to comment and all but forwarded someone elses take to Michelle Malkin. Today, she finally lets one loose and opines...Now?! why?, at least I put out a comment or two addressing it. I also admitted that the charges of attempted murder may not be wrong, but when reduced, I agreed with the aggravated assault. I believe I have been consistent with my assessment and accepted additional information in regard to the Jena Six. I have posted at least four or five comments and until now someone like Barber and other black conservatives have said nothing and like roaches when the light is turned on, scattererd to their hiding places.

What is it about racism or perceived racism that causes such action, well, inaction from black conservatives. It's like kryptonite, it silents them and causes them delve into defense modes of pointing out other problems in the black community. Six black kids beat a white kid up over an racial incident involving nooses, all six arrested, one convicted as an adult by an all white jury and charges of racism is spread out throughout the country. Black conservatives reaction:

Bring up the high amount of crime blacks are involved in

Bring up the dismal graduation numbers

Bring up the lack of fathers in the home

Bring up every issue that is plaquing the black community.

Theres no offer of finding a solution or at least waiting to see what the facts are, until theres a little drop of blood in the water that theres something wrong with person claiming racism. In this case Bell, was the person of choice, due to his prior run in(s) with the law, five to be exact. And like sharks they are now interested, cause the person claiming injustice or racism is not the picture perfect person to call racism if he, is part of the problem in the black community.

To an extent, they may be right, but in this case, the law was on Bell's side, due to the fact that he was a minor at the time of the attack. So he should not have been tried and convicted as an adult but as a minor and since he spent months in jail under that umbrella, theres no need to continue trying him as a minor, although I suspect the DA will get a conviction of Bell as a juvey.

You know one of the things, that black conservatives get as a criticism, that is true, is that we can't discount black victimization and turn around a claim to be victims of the same.

We just can't.

Quote of the day: Supreme Ct. Justice, Hon. Clarence Thomas

Quote of the Day:
In [a] the interview, Thomas expressing an opinion of his accuser for the first time in public, saying of Hill, who waited 10 years to accuse him,

"She was not the demure, religious, conservative person that they portrayed. That's not the person I knew,"

"She could defend herself, let's just put it that way... She did not take slights very kindly and anyone who did anything, she responded very quickly,"

Kroft rejoins [asks]: "Didn't take 10 years?"

Thomas replies, "It didn't take 10 minutes."

Drudgereport Article:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fanz23: Working My Way Back to Baseball Boycott

Today, while at work, my co-worker asked me of my thoughts about the Bonds' 756 homerun ball. It seems that some idiot, and he is, put out some poll seeking suggestions of what to do with the ball. One of the polling options that was missing, was putting the ball up his ass! Surely that would have got my vote. But as luck would have it, sports media and sports talk radio klansmen voted to place the ball in the Hall of Fame with an asterik on it. So before anyone gets their take off or anyone reads other post, at 9:30 a.m., I suggested that Bonds ask the courts for an injunction of the ball going to Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, because the asterik on the baseball is defaming him. The asterik suggests that Bonds is a steroid user, when in fact he has not been found or failed a drug test for steroid use. Bonds did in fact admit to using the cream and flaxseed oil. Bonds, along with other baseball players are attached to the BALCO situation in which it's owner Victor Conte was found guilty of distributing illegal steroids. Bonds was not implicated nor has there been any sworn testimony of steroid usage. There has been implication and a sports media bible, "The Game of Shadows," which all sports media members swear that is true and uses to insult and pass judgment against Bonds with. This sports media bible is the reason why baseball treated Bonds' historic feat with little interest but with much disdain.

So after saying all that, I believe Bonds has a good case to obtain an injunction and file suit againtst the idiot that placed an asterik on his 756 ball. His evidence, the ball itself, the reason of the poll and of course the idiot's testimony via deposition on why he placed an asterik on the ball and what he meant. Memo to Barry, your first interrogatory question should be

1. Can you provide any evidence that shows that the plaintiff has been found guilty of or failed a drug test for steroids?

One more memo to Barry, you need to start protecting your name and fight back. If someone accuses you or implies that you are a steroid user, you need to check them and receive a check. Doing nothing or saying nothing gives them the ammunition to do the idiotic stuff they do....

Fanz23: Run!!!

Quick memo to all blond haired white women either involved, married, engaged and just picked up for a one night slam dunk by a male celebrity either black or white....


Do not approach, if you happen to be a resident of the Blue State of California and approached by a male celebrity. You take you own risk and your family takes a risk of being denied justice if you are shot or turned into a pez dispenser. Phil Spector jury was unable to come up with a guilty of verdict and dead locked. Spector will be at home, while his victim is decomposing in her grave.

Fanz23 Commentary: What Would Mike [Vick] Do?

I recently posted a thread in regard to the town hall meeting held in the ATL about Michael Vick and thought about posting this as a reply. I can't. I can't put the two together and here's why. One, the townhall meeting was a complete failure and nothing was solved. At the end of the day, Vick is still guilty of the crimes he plead too. Two, the color line is so split between black and white, you would think it's the OJ Simpson trial again. [Writer's note: I hereby decree that the first L.A. County prosecutor who sucessfully gets a guilty verdict for a high profile murder defendant such as Phil Spector, OJ Simpson and Robert Blake, should be made Govenor of the Blue State of California] But this isn't what this thread is about and please bear with me as I trudge through this.

Now, I try to not to judge folks and like the good book says, Judge not for you'll be judged, yada, yada. But when I heard on the Stephen A. Smith Show that Vick came up hot on his piss test for marijuana. I couldn't believe it. Now I have solid proof that these big time colleges are just herding these inner city and corn fed kids through school. I mean how else can you explain the mindset of a man, who is going to federal prison for five years according to a report by "insiders" involved in the case. Now when I said "insiders' I now expect to hear that Kobe Bryant wants a trade. But come on! Mike, this is the time before you are sentenced that you show the judge that you made a very big and costly mistake for the charges you plead too and to show that you are a good citizen. This is not the time to for you to do your best "I'm Rick James, B#@ch!" and smoke the mary jane! And by the way, I guess it's safe to say that Mike didn't ask himself, what would Jesus do? cause if he did...he would not have rolled the zig zag and burned tree.

Now heres my question for the apologists for Vick, did the white man make him burn the chronic? That's all I wanna know, cause I got the feeling that a good quantity of folks feel the white man made Vick fight dogs, have rape stands and kill them in the manner he did. It's just me and my opinion, ya'll. And what about this? He had plans to return to the NFL eventually, Is it safe to say that those plans are up in smoke?

Look, I get the feeling that he's stressed about the unknowns of what a known to be tough judge is gonna do...And I get that he's got added stress with Surrey County, VA now going after him. But again, burning blunt is not the best way to show your modesty and humbleness. If anything it shows that you don't give a damn and.......


Fanz23 aka The Skipper....The Skipper Report, Vol 3

At work, I was given another alias, besides Fanz, Repfanz or what have you, there, I'm called the Skipper for my hard hittin' sports take and sports news reports in my special way. So for the first time and hopefully not the last, here is Volume III of the Skipper Report.

Well, the skipper is back from the basement and feeling a little better. Of course while I was out a lot of things happened over the weekend and at the end of last week. So lets get it started.
O.J. Simpson: Besides Satan being banished from the heavens to hell. Is there anyone else who has fallen so far? Yeah, we can think of Michael Vick, but in Vick's case, he has a chance to redeem himself and probably rebuild his image. Simpson? I don't think so. No, scratch that, I know so! This guy is gone and minds well be dead to me. By now you all heard the tape of him and his friends busting in a Vegas hotel room and demanding that he get his stuff back. OJ? you were a great running back at SC, you were great in the NFL...Jesse James you are not! Lets file this in the "despicable" file.

The Dodgers: Next.

The Angels: Congrats to the Angels for either looking like the Braves or hopefully having their own identity. Memo to the Angels: You only won your division. Feel free to stop celebrating a division championship. Besides this is your third...Act like you won it before.

Mike Tyson: Earlier I asked the question of anyone falling from public grace...Well, of course Simpson was the main subject, but what about the person who was supposed to fall? Well as scheduled Mike Tyson finally gave in and granted the public its wish. He plead guilty to drug charges and is looking at three years in prison. Congratulations to Teddy Atlas, you can feel free to not be so bitter.

San Diego Chargers: Is it bad team or bad coach? And after winning the MVP award last year, someone might want to nominate Ladainian Tomlinson as "Cry Baby of the Year." After pouting and complainin' about the lack of class the Patriots have and reiterating it on ESPN, 710. Tomlinson might want to check himself and remind himself that the one rule that everybody, well, lets make that two, that everybody believes, in all sports is one, SCOREBOARD and two, WINS AND LOSES. And according to the last two scoreboards, where your team was on the LOSING end of. You need to remind yourself of that and get some wins or have the coach fired...I go for the latter.

Chicago Bears: Finally benched Rex Grossman....Next.

Oakland Raiders: Trust me, the keyboard is melting while I type. But props to da Raaayders for ending an eleven game skid, by beating Cleveland. Now can we all go back to regular programming. Raider lose.

NCAAF (UCLA): Saturday's win still doesn't get Karl Dorrell over the hump. I still say fire him and end the experiment. He may have beat Washington, but he still lost to Utah. Badly.

USC: Next, well maybe not so fast, Notice should have been served to LSU, Oklahoma and all other East Coast Media biased favorites. And the notice says, "Pick your poison," do you want SC to kill you with the run or is it an aerial attack you prefer?

Cinncinnati: Not the Bengals! But the Bearcats! After knocking off Syracuse, they knocked off highly touted Louisville. Ahhh for Big East fans, that thud later in the season will be the Bearcats.

Boxing News:
Taylor vs. Pavlik: on HBO, Pavlik by way of tearing down and spitting out Edwin Miranda bounced him at the dinner table of Undisputed Middleweight Champion Jermaine Taylor. Taylor who has been, well, bad is in for a fight that might test his resolve or have us looking at Edwin Miranda a little bit more. The reason why I said that is because Pavlik beat the hard punching Miranda so badly that fight fans demanded a Pavlik / Taylor fight. If Pavlik is KO'd by Taylor, we can all blame Miranda.

Soccer News: I know, I know some of you heard my takes on soccer and with horror ran away from the subject. But I might change my stance. Some "one named" guy got a contract that will pay him over a hundred mill, to run up and down a field and kick a ball. And oh yeah, roll on the ground like a fish when someone brazes against them. I might have been wrong about the sport and obviously threw my boys in the wrong sport. Maybe I should have let them keep their tails (a piece of hair that is braided in the back) put them on the soccer field! Pulling a check like that, just put soccer player one step ahead of "cheer leader " dude.

Well that's it...Until Next Time...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Jena 6 Stuff...

Locals Dispute Growing Story of Jena 6

It's got all the elements of a Delta blues ballad from the days of Jim Crow: hangman's nooses dangling from a shade tree; a mysterious fire in the night; swift deliberations by a condemning, all-white jury.

And drawn by this story, which evokes the worst of a nightmarish past, they came by the thousands this past week to Jena, La. — to demand justice, to show strength, to beat back the forces of racism as did their parents and grandparents.

But there are many in Jena who say the tale of the "Jena Six" — the black teenagers who were charged with attempted murder and conspiracy for attacking a white classmate at Jena High School last December — is not as simple as all that.

Black and white, they say that in its repeated retelling — enhanced by omissions and alterations of fact — the story has taken on a life of its own. It has transformed a school-yard stomping into an international cause celebre, and those accused of participating in it into what one major Southern daily came to describe as "latter-day Scottsboro Boys."

And they say that while their town's race relations are not unblemished, this is not the cauldron of bigotry that has been depicted.

To Ben Reid, 61, who set down roots in Jena in 1957 and lived here throughout the civil rights era, "this whole thing ain't no downright, racial affair."

To Read More:

Fanz23 Commentary: Two Sides of Michael Vick

Fanz 23 Commentary: ESPN Townhall Meeting, "Two Sides of Michael Vick"

Well I was going to chill out and just post some parody or something until I caught this town hall meeting held by ESPN in regard to Michael Vick. The meeting was held in Atlanta, where Vick is..well...was the King of the City before he plead guilty to dog fighting charges and animal cruelty last month. I dunno, it seems that every crime committed by an athlete or a black person is a racial thing. And we don't have to look no further than the subject of this blog entry. Before Vick manned up and plead guilty for the charges against him. The racial line was already drawn between black folk and white folk. Charges of racism and media bias was heard from coast to coast. And yes, even I had my fill of media bias when it comes to reporting the off field troubles, black athletes get into. I also held and maintained like everyone else, who took the position that the sports media in this case was biased, is that, if true Vick deserves to be punished and deserved the full blast of the media scrutiny. Jail? No. Probation? probably. Remember, they were dogs and dogs are property.

But back to the town hall meeting, there were a lot things to point out in this meeting and I guess the end result was, well, as predicted. Folks are taking sides along color lines. Most black folk support Vick and think the charges were bullbleep and that the Federal Gov't were only going after Vick because he is black. Whites are appalled by the crime and disgust that Vick fought "pit bulls" to the death, want Vick locked up as if he killed a blond- haired white woman named Nicole. Of course there are some white folk who stand by and support Vick, just like there are black folk who think that Vick did kill a blond haired white woman.

Another thing about the show is a comment made by former Atlanta Falcon Terrance Mathis. He said that he spoke with Vick and ensured the audience that Vick is sorry for what he did and is holding on to his [new found]faith. But there was one comment made that really stuck out. Mathis said that Vick told him that he didn't think this whole thing would blow up to this. That I believe, and have said in private to friends and family. I don't think Vick thought that fighting dogs, was a big deal and despite knowing he was breaking the law...He probably thought he would get off with a slap on the wrist and him scratching a check to PETA or the Humane Society. Mathis also stated that Vick promised his "boys" or his crew that if he blew up (got successful) he would share the wealth. What kind of friendship is that? That's socialism and communism at it's best. You mean to tell me in Vick's world he believed that if made it to the NFL, that not only did he make it, but his friends also. And when he signed that $120 million dollar contract, that it was for the crew! Are you kidding me? Which brings me to this, someone find Duane Cooper and tell him, he owes me, Tony Barrios, Bryan Williams, Termel Phillips and my brother Troy some money for playing basketball and football with him. And since he made it to the NBA and played for the Lakers, he should have broke bread, when I saw him almost ten years ago at a night club! I guess in all fairness, I gotta put in that Mathis also said that Vick only went into the dog fighting arena to pay his boys, so he wouldn't have to pay them every month....There you go again! Where do his friend get off by requiring this man who worked on his playing skills as a running back err!! quarterback pay them for being his boys? And if Vick is offering that as an excuse for his breaking the law...Sorry. Not buying it.

Wow, folks there was a lot talked about in this meeting, for instance, everytime someone had an unpopular opinion about Vick, they got booed and most noteably was the Atlanta Journal Constitution Sports Columnist, Terrance Moore. Black folk was booing this brotha for saying what Vick did was wrong. Former Atlanta Falcon Defensive Lineman, Chuck Smith was booed for saying Vick was wrong and I won't even mention the guy from the Human Society.

"Stop Snitching" Was an Issue

You know the one thing that upsets me more is this "Stop Snitching" business that is practiced in our inner city neighborhoods. The refusal to assist law enforcement in solving murders and other crimes because of fear or straight ignorance is mind boggling to me. But guess what showed up in the town hall meeting..."Stop Snitching." In the audience Q&A session, one brother from South Carolina, asked Terrance Moore if Vick chooses to tell on everyone else involved in dog fighting will that get him off or back in the league and when asked to clarify his question, he simplified it by saying, If Vick snitches on his friends, will he get back in the league?

So Vick's street cred and ghetto pass is in danger of being revoked. Well, since mine was took for not seeing "The Wiz, " I guess Vick's pass is intact and why is that important!!? Who gives a damn!? Pursuant to Vick's plea agreement he agreed to assist and testify against other individuals or groups participating in this underground sport. Vick's boys didn't leave him much wiggle room after breaking their "word" to Vick and turning on him faster than an indy car going left and left on a race track!

Look the attempt to get a good rating and by the way, not mentioning the medias share in this was noticeable, for ESPN. But the town hall meeting didn't solve anything. When folks left, it was still split on racial lines......

White and Black....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Funny RF23 parody

Here is one of my parodies, titled: "Political Jerry Springer"

Paste Link:

Friday, September 21, 2007

Race Hustlelateers!!!

Cue Music: The "Original" Batman Theme Song.....

Announcer: On tonights episode of the Race Hustlelateers...We find our race hustlers bogged down in racial issues in the suburb of a Chicago city.

Jesse: No fun with guns!! We need to draw ire on racial issues, not fire on gang issues.

Al: There are no ooozies made in the hoodsies!!

Judge Greg Mathis: George Bush is responsible for guns being in our neighborhoods, and the gov't ought to pay reparations for the bloodshed in our neighborhoods caused by guns only...

Jesse: Yeah!

(just then, the hustlelateers light shines)

Al: Holy racial discrimination, Jesse...the hustlelateer light!

Jesse: Quick! to the Hustlelateer caddy!

(Al, Jesse and Judge Mathis jump in a pink cadilac and as soon as the car is started, loud music sounding like James Brown's "Big Payback" is heard)

Jesse: Greg, call the Hustlelateer cave and ask Steve Hovey (Harvey) where we're headin'

Greg: Alright Shakedown Man! Yo, Steve! Greg here, ay check this out, where is the scene of the crime? aha aha, wha?! man you bullshhh-

Jesse: Brotha!

Greg: Sorry Rev.

Al: What did he say?

Greg: He said it's a small town in Jena, LA

Jesse: Where?

Al: Lets check out the hustlelateer map and get some information...hustleputer, we need information on the town of Jena, LA...

Hustleputer: What up, niggas, what the ef, is a Jena, LA...for a minute, hustleputer almost thought you was talking about vag-

Jesse: Hustleputer!!

Hustleputer: Now Shakedown, you know you like you some vag-

Mathis: Ay puter, Jena, LA!

Hustleputer: Jena is located a few miles away from Alexandria, LA, it has a population of three thousand people with whites being over eighty percent of the population, with black making up 8 percent..

Jesse: Whites!! Yes, yes....eighty percent is white folk, my shakedown senses are telling me that blatant racism is alive and well, whatcha say Al? where's Al?

Mathis: You know Perm-Man thinks he's the star and you should be the sidekick, he jumped out of the hustle-lac and jumped in his own ride...

Jesse: Driver, follow the perm oil...

(We now find our racial crusaders standing in the middle of Jena, LA)

Al: I know there's some racism going on here, we got a call and signal, now racism show yourself!!!

Jesse: We're not here to pout, but to shout!! Lets erase! race!

Mathis: Lets erase race? Rev you okay..

Jesse: Yeah, I'm cool, I'm cool, how i'm doing?

Mathis: Oh you bad, and theres money in this here town...look at those houses..

Jesse: yeah, heh heh, don't tell Al.

(both gigling and Al turns to see why they're gigglin')

Mathis/Jackson: shhhhh, heh, heh.

(just then a black man walks up to them)

Man: Howdy, I'm Michael Bell's pa. and I called see my boy and his friends got themselves arrested for beating a white boy...but check this out, the DA charged them with attempted second degree murder and they kids, man....and check this out, my boy already had a trial and he was found guilty by an all white jewelry.

Mathis: Jury..

Man: Dat's whut I says..

Mathis: You said Jewelry.

Man: I know.

Mathis: Sir! I know you said jewelry, but the correct word is jury!

Man: that's what I said...

Al: Never mind, (looking towards Mathis) stop it! you knew what he meant! you always do this mess! that's why I dont' roll with you two!

Jesse: Sir, you mentioned, all white...all white what?

Man: Jewelry

Mathis: sir!

Al: Greg! let the man alone! go 'head

Man: all white jewelry, a white judge, a white Deyay.

Mathis: D. A., sir just say district attorney

Jones: Dwistic aptornee

Mathis: (laughing) are you high? drunk? or should I say dwunk?

Al: Dammit! Greg! let him alone! I'm sorry, Mr. Bell, who was his attorney?

Man: Some brotha...he didn't do the way my name is Marcus Jones.

Al: He was black...oh lawd, I'm getting CNN! we can't let the truth about the boys attorney and someone divert the fact that this man ain't married to Bell's momma. We need to keep the media focused on the racism. Where's Jesse?

Mathis: He went to the ATM, here he comes now.

Jackson: Whew! for a minute I was scared out of wits, when these young black kids were behind me pointin' and laughin at me....If not for that white man over there, I dunno what would have happened...

Mathis: There you go again, always thinkin' black folk gonna rob you...

Jackson: well, numbers don't lie....

Sharpton: Stop it! both of you! we need to concentrate and find out how much money is in this town so we get a big donation to our generl fund...

Marcus Jones: What fund? You mean your going to bail out my boy?

Mathis: Hell naw, hey look at this tape, Is that your boy beatin' the mess out of that white boy, dayum!!!

Jones: A simple school yard fight, a simple school yard fight, oooo! my boy got a left don't he..

Jackson: Nize. Real nize.

Mathis: Jesse stop lookin' at the teacher's boodie...

Sharpton: We need to concentrate!!

Jackson to Sharpton: he just mad, cause you never see him with no woman. Hey Al, don't ask don't tell, huh?

Sharpton: That's it, I can't take it! I'm done! you make me sick! we're done...

Announcer: Is this end of the Hustlelateers? Will Al's hair survive the Louisiana humidity?

Will Marcus Jones pronounce jury correctly? And is Jesse still looking at the teacher's boodie on the video? Tune in next time for another episode of the Hustlelateers!!!!

Fanz23 Commentary: Respond? React to What?

I, like a few other opinion givers, have been asked to give my opinion about the March on Jena, LA, yesterday. Well, my opinion is still the same and I still have unanswered questions about the incidents which ultimately led to the arrest and conviction of one of the boys involved in the heinous beating of a white student. Now as of this writing, Mychal Bell, one of the six boys had been charged, along with the other five with attempted second degree murder. Since then, the DA has reduced his original charge to aggravated assault and wanted to try them as adults. Most recently, a judge overturned the conviction of Bell, saying that Bell was a minor at the time of his arrest and he should not have been tried as an adult. With me? good...hang in there.

Now with the above story, more things have happened. For instance, this type of event that involves white folk doing something that is perceived racists to black folk, make good news and put race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson back in business. Sometimes I wonder if those two just sit back in their posh houses, sitting in the "Al - Room" or "Jesse Cave" waiting for someone to shine the "Race Hustle" light, like Batman is summoned. I guess the light has the word "racist" in it with a compass pointing the direction of the perceived act. I dunno, I hate to make light of this situation, where the possibility of someone is actually being discriminated against. You know like those three Duke Lacrosse players. Their story had the perfect mix in it too, and like the Jena, LA case someone shined the "Race" Hustlelateers light for Al and Jesse. In this case you had a black college student/stripper claim she was raped by three white boys and all hell broke loose. Now what made this story interesting is that the DA pressed this case and tried to get a fraudulent conviction. And we all know how this ended. Charges dropped, DA fired, civil suits to follow and the "race" hustlelateers moved on to fight the stupid, idiotic words of rambling old man named Imus. Of course after their wake of destruction, three young men were put through hell and labeled rapists and since the victim was black...racists. As of this writing..No apology or offer to pay for these young mens college expenses.

But back to Jena, LA, I didn't wear black yesterday, I wore blue. I need to have the truth and not just half truths or just go with the flow. I guess there is some unwritten rule that all black folk have to stick together, whether or not we're right or wrong. Problem with that is noone says shit, when we're wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in justice and if born years earlier than I was, I know for a fact, I would have marched for my civil rights, sat down in "sit in's" for common decency. Instead, my generation and my kids generation are tasked for carrying out the dream. Are we at the mountain top?, depends who you ask....but all I know is we've been knocked down a few times.....

by ourselves.

Article from: Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock: Lessons From Jena, LA.

Now we love Mychal Bell, the star of the 2006 Jena (La.) High School football team, the teenage boy who has sat in jail since December for his role in a six-on-one beatdown of a fellow student.
Thursday, thousands of us, proud African-Americans, expressed our devotion to and desire to see justice for the "Jena Six," the half-dozen black students who knocked unconscious, kicked and stomped a white classmate.

Jesse Jackson compared Thursday’s rallies in Jena to the protests and marches that used to take place in cities like Selma, Ala., in the 1960s. Al Sharpton claimed Thursday’s peaceful demonstrations were to highlight racial inequities in the criminal justice system.
Jesse and Al, as they’re prone to do, served a kernel of truth stacked on a mountain of lies.

To Read More:

UPDATE: Bail Denied to Mychal Bell; He's going back to jail...

JENA, Louisiana (CNN) -- Mychal Bell, the sole defendant who remains behind bars from the group of teens known as the "Jena 6," will not be released Friday, a court decided.
Bell, 17, has been in jail since his arrest more than nine months ago.
It was not immediately clear what happened in court Friday, where Bell's attorneys had planned to push for his release.

"It is our understanding that the judge refused to give bond or bail to Mychal Bell today," the Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist who traveled to Jena for Thursday's rally, said in a written statement.

A source inside the court said the issue of bond was not discussed at the hearing. Attorneys did not immediately comment. The proceedings, involving a juvenile, are not open to media.
Bell's mother left the courthouse in tears.

Article Quote: "He [Bell] has been in prison since his arrest. The judge has refused to lower his $90,000 bail, citing the teen's record, which includes four juvenile offenses -- two simple battery charges among them.

To Read More:

Response: Mother left the court in tears. Why? what's she crying for? Isn't she the reason or part of the reason of why this young man is going to spend some of his life in jail. I mean, damn this isn't his first walk in the park, in regards to the law. This is his fifth offense! third having to do with putting his hands on someone. And, and! lets get this question out!! out of those three assaults..Was it three azz whoopin's for white boys or was it two azz whoopins for blacks. Which means that he's part of the problem Jesse and Al only speak about, when no one is asking for the "Race" Hustlelateer light to be put on!

And this is for folks who think the gov't should be involved in our lives or dependent on the gov't..You see what happens when the gov't takes over the child discipline and child rearing...

Hey Mike! ass to wall, man, ass to wall!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fanz 23 Commentary: We The People...Find.

That short little phrase was heard over ten years ago, when Orenthal James Simpson, aka OJ Simpson was found not guilty of two counts of murder in the first degree by a jury that is still questioned today. Now today the same defendant is now sitting in a Las Vegas jail for armed robbery. Simpson's defense is that he was getting his stuff and that the memorablia was in fact his. Well, that's the problem right there for Simpson, he's wrong. The memorablia is not his and it hasn't been his since being found liable for the wrongful deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Both the Goldmans and the Browns were successful in getting a $33 million dollar judgment against Simpson and most recently a judge said that the plaintiffs are allowed to use Simpson's image to collect on the judgment.

So having said all that, any and all memorablia worth a dime does not belong to Simpson, but to the Goldmans and Browns. But that's neither here or there. Simpson committed a crime, one armed robbery and two, based off the tape, false inprisonment by telling his boys to not let the victims out of the room.

Now either Simpson has lost his freaking mind or he's not being intellectually honest. I go for both! How do you in your right mind, knowing that next to Michael Vick and Barry Bonds, you're the most hated man in America. A huge population is either convinced you killed two people or changed their minds within the last ten years. Those who changed their minds are the black folk who proclaimed your innocense. How stupid can you be, when you know the police, the same police who shares a nationwide fraternity is looking to have a case put on you, try you in court in hopes of getting a guilty verdict and having that huge population that is convinced you killed two people, take solace that you're locked up. And instead of saying your locked up for armed robbery...they'll do what they did when they replace your liability of wrongful death in a civil lawsuit for guilty.

You know, the one person in that large group, if he'd been alive to see and listen to that tape, would be laughing his backside off at you would be Ralph Wiley. It's no secret that Wiley disliked OJ, stemming back to their NBC Sports days. Wiley wrote a great piece on Simpson and I know you read it Simpson. It had to sting. Another person, who would be enjoying this would Robert Kardissian and Johnnie Cochran. Cochran's reaction and Kardissians facial expression, all but showed great disbelief of your verdict. You can thank the LAPD and a slow jury for that one...

Now comes the...We the people's third bite of the apple. Will it be that the three's the charm or will the Juice juke the people one more time?

I hope for his stupidity that he's hit harder than Jack Tatum hit his running through the airport azz!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dog Fighting, Barbaric! Woman held hostage for a week?

Talk Radio Host Larry Elder brought up an interesting point in regard to the case of a black woman being held hostage for a week and the reaction to Senator and KKK member Robert Byrd to now suspended Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick's conviction for dog fighting.

The Grand Kleagle said this:
"Hundreds of thousands ? if not millions ? of dollars are often at stake in the breeding, the training and the selling of fighting dogs. How inhuman, how dastardly!" "The training of these poor creatures to turn themselves into fighting machines is simply barbaric." (x4)

Now it's no secret that the Kleagle is a dog lover, but Elder brought up an interesting point. When it comes to dogs, Byrd said the word barbaric four times and each time the word was mentioned it got more forceful. Now the case of the West Virginia woman, in Byrd's home-state. Byrd had the following comments....

(Now if you read the above and saying, hey there are no comments...well you just figured out, his comments).

Monday, September 10, 2007

E-Mail to Steve Harvey Morning Show

Steve and morning show crew: Caught the interview with Theo Shaw's attorney and with Jesse Jackson this morning in regard to Jena, LA incident. This will be the second interview that I've heard in regard to that situation and the second time I heard "softball" questions to the guests. Now, I thought the point of this whole thing was to at least get the facts and not just the ones, we heard. No one asked Mr. Tucker, to at least give the facts of the case or what the DA's facts of the case were or allegations. If so, I stand corrected, and if this is read, please accept my apology.

Next, the interview with Jackson was whiffle ball. Jackson said he talked to the mother of the beatdown victim (Barker) and tried to get her to see this as some type of school yard fight! Are you kiddin' me?! Would you or anyone else in this listening audience treat this matter as one, if the shoe were on the other foot? What about if this were a six white boys who beat down a black boy? I'm 100 percent sure Jackson and Sharpton would be there claiming that it was racist and shows that little black children can't even go to school with white children without being harrassed.

So why the soft questions? How come no one, and I could be wrong, mentioned that Bell has been arrested before, he's no choir boy! he's got a violent past of beating people up and! I'm sure some of his beat downs weren't only on white boys. Next, can someone tell me about the shot gun incident. Who confronted who? did the group Shaw was with confront the boy or did the boy confront them? If you factual evidence for that, please present that. Next, how come no one mentioned that forty witnesses, white and black who testified and said that assault on Barker was not related to the tree noose incident? And! if Jackson is appealing to Barker's mother to treat this as boys being boys, then the noose incident should be treated as a sophmoric prank of immature boys. But enough of that how about the investigating Attorney General report? Are there any transcripts of the Bell trial? What about the jury notification? Jury notices went out and not one black prospective juror showed up for jury duty?

There's more to this case that meets the eye. I think we should let the facts play out before we start singing, "We Shall Overcome."
JCMoreno Valley, CA

Fanz23 Commentary: Still Unanswered Questions About Jena 6

Fanz23 Commentary: Still Unanswered Questions About Jena 6

I'm still in the dark about the situation brewing in Jena, Louisiana. I still have questions and concerns about this case and basically, what I want to know is....What the hell is going on?

I know about the tree, the nooses, the convenient store confrontation, the high school beatdown of one boy, the arrest, the original charge, the alleged threat of the deputy district attorney for the Parish, the reduction of the charges, the public defender, the all white jury, the judge and the verdict.

Did I miss anything? Oh! the report of witnesses saying that the beat down had nothing to do with the noose incident, that no one of black persuasion showed up for jury duty, that one of the Jena 6 beatdown crew has a violent history himself, the public defender is black, One of the Jena 6 beatdown crew is now facing a long prison term and that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jacskon are planted in Jena, LA with sympathic, condescending white liberals on their side.

And by the way!

The Steve Harvey Morning Show, this time with Steve present, just received strike two and three. This morning they had the attorney for defendant Theo Shaw, one of the Jena 6 beat down crew and part of the three boy crew that either confronted the one white boy with the rifle or was confronted by the white boy on the show. Either way, that question was not asked by Harvey, nor a simple question of:

"Mr. Defense Attorney (Tucker was his name) what are the facts of the case?"

Then we would have more information to the case besides what I listed above. But somehow all that Harvey, Baisden, Jackson, Sharpton and others are pinpointed on, is, well, getting the boys off with a slap on the wrist and the 'ol saying of boys will be boys. Well, if the fight was one on one, two on two or a straight white black throwdown like the ones latinos and blacks have in Southern California schools. I might buy that argument. But this wasn't the case, the video clearly shows, six boys beating the mayonaise out of this one white boy and continuing the beat down after he was allegedly laying motionless and unconscious on the ground. I guess the one thing I can applaud these apologists is that no one is disputing the beat down didn't happen.

Strike three came in the form of Jesse Jackson via phone call from Harvey to the reverand of the rainbow push coalition victicrat baptist, christian, buddhist of mosque 666 in Chicago. Jackson, who came on after Shaw's attorney, was asked by Harvey what can be done to change the situation. It seems that Harvey and Jackson are interested in getting these boys no jail time for the crime that they did and let me state something else. Jackson said he tried to talk to the victim's mother to persuade her to look at this thing as a simple fight in school. Well, that would be fine if the parents in the black community would take the noose incident as a stupid sophmoric prank. My question would be to Jackson if the shoe were on the other foot and it was a black student beat down by a white beatdown crew, would he be persuading the parent(s) to let this go as a simple school fight? And before I get all kinds of e-mails or replies, the Jena 6 beat down crew should go to jail, especially repeat offender Mychal Bell for some length of time for aggravated assault. Not second degree attempted murder, although one can argue that their intent was to kill the white victim (Barker) by continuing to beat on him after he was unconscious. Also, they can move this case to Los Angeles and give them the OJ, Robert Blake and Michael Jackson jury and I'm confident that these boys will be going to jail. Hell, they can give them the judge in the Long Beach, CA Halloween beatdown of three white girls by a gang of blacks and this guy will throw the book at them.

So until all questions are asked and more about this case is made to the public. This matter is still a mystery shrouded with one sided stories. Meanwhile, as black folk start to beat the drum of racism and bigotry and bitch, moan and whine about how racist this country is and continues to be as Harvey intimated. Maybe he should take his act to the mother land. But I got a funny feeling that hell will freeze over before one black victicrat screaming racism every time a false allegation of rape is made or two beatdowns of whites is done by so called "not my baby" black kids are held accountable for they do.

Until then Hell will remain the same descriptive dark place with a lake of fire, with heat indexes unmeasurable.

Thursday, September 06, 2007



"If Michael Vick never returns to the NFL, he needs to rent himself out to TV and radio talk-show hosts as a prop

The latest person to cash in on Vick's misfortune is Whoopi Goldberg, the newest member of "The View." Whoopi played the "cultural-upbringing card" when trying to explain (not excuse) Vick's involvement in dogfighting.

Here's my problem with the "cultural-upbringing card" as it relates to Vick and dogfighting. It used to be part of Southern culture to hang black men from trees because there was a rumor that we may have made eye contact with a white woman. It used to be part of Southern culture to burn crosses, torch churches and kill black people because black people wanted to vote, sit in the front of the bus, take a sip of water and a shot at a decent education.

No one I knew was all that interested in understanding that part of Southern culture. We just wanted it to change. Vick's culture needs to change. I'm not comparing dogfighting to the mistreatment and abuse of human beings. There's no comparison. I'm saying you don't need to understand someone's culture to recognize and reject cruel/criminal behavior."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yahoo! Charges Reduced in Jena 6 Attack

Yahoo! Charges Reduced in Jena 6 Attack

JENA, La. - Prosecutors on Tuesday reduced the attempted murder charges against two more teenagers among the "Jena Six," a group of black high school students who were arrested following an attack on a white schoolmate.
Five of the teens were originally charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, carrying sentences of up to 80 years in prison. The sixth faces undisclosed juvenile charges.

Civil rights advocates have decried the charges as unfairly harsh.

On Tuesday, charges against Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw were reduced to aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy. That same reduction was made earlier for Mychal Bell, who was tried and found guilty and could be sentenced to 22 1/2 years at a hearing Sept. 20.
Also awaiting trial are Robert Bailey Jr. and Bryant Purvis, who still face attempted murder charges, and the unidentified juvenile.

To read more:

My Response: "Just drop all the charges and let us go on with our lives," said Theo Shaw, one of the ruffians of an unprovoked attack on a white student. Apparently young Mr. Shaw is now willing to take the medicine of which he must be held accountable for. And I'm not looking to hear, "well it's payback for years of slavery and racial discrimination." Because that argument is a slap in the face of Martin Luther King, Jr..who practiced non-violence and advocated peaceful ways to get the rights that Theo Shaw and his buddies are spitting on. No, Theo, charges were rightfully reduced to what they are...if found have to pay it.

First Amnesty....Now Bailout?


Is it me or is the president grasping for a lasting legacy besides his the war on terror. I'm starting to think he doesn't believe in his cause of securing our nation from terrorist threats. I think and I've seen firsthand the threat of terrorists attacks. I believe these rogue countries truly do believe that their cause or ideology is the correct one. For that matter, so do I. I believe in our constitution, it's not perfect, and it has it flaws, but to me it's the best thing yet.

But the President is looking for history love in all the wrong places. First, he abandoned the notion of some type of social security reform. I think some type of privatization is needed in regard to a broken system. It doesn't pay enough for our retired now and unfortunately not everyone, keeps a nest egg for retirememt or hiding cash in the freezer. No! for whatever reason to themselves, most folks depend on social security and the cycle of that behavior will continue. So what's wrong with fixing a problem in which a person who bust their azz for over 30, 40 and maybe 50 years, can have a nice nest egg and actually have something to show after all those years. Politicians, gov't workers are afforded nice retirement pensions after they leave their jobs, why not the people who actually pay their salaries? What about black folk? just four or five years ago, the life span of black men in particular was around 65, 67 years old. I know someone who worked all his life, retired and died just two months after his 65th birthday. All the monies taken from him and for what? Now if had a private social security account equivalent or better than a 401K and worked all those years...and died, his family would have something better than the measely burial payment and monthly payments given. Surely the president and congress, especially a democratic congress thats supposed to be looking out for the little man could work out a reasonable social security reform bill....

But instead, the President concentrated on reforming immigration by way of amnesty. Going against the emotion and the will of the American people regardless of what political background. The president and few president wannabees, decided to ram down our throats ten to twenty million illegals down our throats and kicking real law abiding, standing in line immigrants in the backsides by putting them in the back of said illegal aliens. The president stood by that underestimated the will of the people and he's not alone, any politician that stood in the way of the people found out, how unforgiving and unforgetful we are.

So do you think the president, concentrating on other biting issues such as education reform? No. Instead after saying he won't support a "bailout" of individuals who willfully signed home loans with the notion that the interest rate will rise and their payments will balloon to something they couldn't afford because they bought a half million dollar home, when they really could have afforded a home for hundred grand. I guess "if" should be in that last sentence. So after the president says he won't support a bailout, he's looking to take money out of the tax payer's pocket and give it to the same people who messed their own selves up. How is that the fault of the american people? How is it mine or your fault. But yet the president is thinking that since the populus thinks he's a dullard, then the rest of nation is dumber than he is.

Mr. President, I know you are a lame duck president and the only legacy is the war on terror. I suggest you let this play out. If the next president decides to withdraw troops and implement Dr. Spock with terrorist nation and it blows up in their face....Your legacy is that you were right and the war needs to be fought....You'll be right and they'll be explaining to the American people on why they listened to the likes of Cindy Sheehan and why they voted for it and then changed their minds and now regretting they didn't support it.

Article from Booker Rising:

Bush To Outline Aid To Mortgage Holders
Offering federal aid for strapped mortgage holders, the White House outlined proposals today to help borrowers hard hit by credit problems and the housing slump.

It was the Bush administration's first efforts to deal with an expected wave of mortgage defaults fueled by the subprime-mortgage crisis.White House press secretary Tony Snow said he could not provide an estimate of how much the proposals would cost taxpayers or what affect they would have on the housing market. He bristled at questions about why the measures had not been taken sooner. "I'm sure we'll have plenty of time for backseat driving," Mr. Snow said. The White House said the plan was not a bailout for lenders or speculators.One of the key elements of President George W. Bush's plan would allow homeowners with a good credit history, but who cannot afford their mortgage payments, to refinance into mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration to keep from defaulting. However, he rejected any direct government aid to homeowners losing their houses to foreclosures, saying he only supported federal government help that would encourage refinancing and educate prospective home buyers about risky mortgage terms. Today, the conservative Republican president planned to urge Congress to pass legislation that would give the Federal Housing Administration more flexibility in assisting mortgage holders with subprime mortgages; pledge to work with Congress to reform the tax code to help troubled borrowers rework their loans; call for rigorously enforcing "predatory lending" laws and strengthening lending practices.Foreclosure and late payments have spiked, especially for so-called subprime borrowers with blemished credit histories or low incomes. Higher interest rates and weak home values have made it impossible for some to pay or to keep up with their monthly mortgage payments. Some overstretched homeowners can't afford to refinance or even sell their homes. Mortgage foreclosures and late payments are expected to worsen. Some 2 million adjustable rate mortgages are to reset to higher rates this year and next. Steep penalties for prepaying mortgages have added to some homeowners' headaches.

Moderator of Booker Rising response: This is a bailout. The government is only encouraging risky behavior in the future - as it has done in the past - with this move. Mortgage lenders loaned to risky buyers (who knew they were risky prospects), so it is these two entitities - and not taxpayers - who should shoulder the burden. Question: if the homeowners who President Bush wishes to target truly already have good credit histories, why can't they refinance on their own - as others do - without government help? Why were they in an ARM - i.e., a risky mortgage - in the first place? I don't own a home yet, but no way would I enter a contract where there is a penalty if I prepay on my mortgage so I can pay it off faster.