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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

RF23 - Black Lives?

RF23 - A Nation Divided...A Community Lost

In all of my 29 years as an adult, I have never seen this country so divided.   Racially.   I don't think in its prime, segregation, Jim Crow and slavery had this country so tied up with political correctness and racial divide.   Why did I slip in "political correctness?"  Because in my opinion, it plays a key role in what divides a great, young nation like the United States.

This country is divided, and this is with Barack Obama as president.   And I like to say it, but he's the cause of the racial rift, the over-political correctness and he and his party are the blame for the current state of this country.


The one who gets picked on.

The one who gets the "kick me" sign on their back.

The one who is denied seating on a bus.

The one who runs home from school after refusing to stand up for themselves.

You get my point?

This country is so divided, that we're willing to accept social wrongs and reject moral rights.   This country is so divided that "stick and stones" bounce off, but words, normal words are ridiculed as spears of hatred.   

Last week a sitting Missouri University President stepped down because of allegations that he ignored a couple of liars.   I can call them liars today, because each victicrat black, who claimed that something or another happened to them was a lie.    For almost a week, one of the most dumbest domestic terrorists groups have been going around saying "Black Lives Matter" and still continuing to ignore the actual black lives being taken by other blacks.   This week in Minnesota, blacks are clamoring and protesting the death of yet another criminal and nothing on the deaths of innocent black adults and children.   The same domestic terrorists who made demands to have "silent space" or whatever they're calling it are now practicing racial discrimination by cutting off the wallets and purses that fund their dumb cause.   That's right, the slaves have told their paying masters that they can't join in their meetings and play in their hood rat games.   I expect this movement to end like the Soviets did when we played big bank, take little bank in the Cold War.    However, unlike the Soviets, who are making a come-back, groups like black lives matter will not.  They won't even get mention in our history books. 

Everything about this groups smells like shit...Bull to be exact.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

RF23 - No, You Don't Do More...

RF23 - No, You Don't Do More...

If it ain't the idiots in Missouri, it's the lazy, no planning, not going anywhere workers who, apply to work at a fast food restaurant, wait on a phone call from said fast food joint, and if the fast food joint calls you and offers said applicant a position at the fast food joint.  The offer usually goes something like this:  Hi Ty'Detroit (Could be black male or female) This is Roger Nance, District Manager at Bucky's Chicken Joint, I'm calling to let you know, that we would like to offer you a position as a working in Bucky's.   The job is part time as discussed, and it the pay is $8.00 with benefits, such as company paid health and dental (which by the way is part of your salary).  Will this work for you?  AND THIS IS WHERE YOU SAY YES I WILL TAKE THE JOB OR NO, THANK YOU and hang the hell up.  

Now some of these people would have you believe that one day, they was walking down the street, minding their own business and daydreaming of how great their life is.  When one day, a white van pulls up besides them, the side door opens up and out comes four hooded and white robbed people!  You attempt to run, but one of them has great ninja skills and lasso's you with a rope, knocking you down to your face.  They tie you up, throw you in the van and bring you to Bucky's Chicken.  There you are told you will be paid slave wages to work 4-8 hours a day and they might pay for your health and dental. 

Look at what Lakecha Jackson says, when asked why should she get paid more than paramedic?  and her answer is...We do more.

Hey Lakecha, last checked, there are studies upon studies saying that restaurants such as Mickey D's are bad for people's health, thus, watch this Ms. Jackson, eating your food will cause said paramedic to rush to one of your customer's residence or place of work to save their life, because they ate your unhealthy foods.

Now last checked, the paramedic has to be certified in a lot of things.  You only have to be certified in one thing..Food handling.

Next, Lakesha, if you are receiving benefits such as I dunno, welfare, food stamps, I dunno, section 8!  you can kiss that good bye.