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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

RF23 - Only The Blind

Last week as reports of boxing legend and champion Muhammad Ali health was declining and his eventual death over the weekend.   The boxing world and so called leaders came out and spoke great words about the man known as "The Greatest,"  and he was.   The younger generation didn't see this magician in the ring, they didn't see the humor and his "float like a butterfly"  poems.  

I get right now that the media, the sports media and Ali's allies are going to be on sports-radio stations telling the viewers, some of them, who could care less about his Ali's actions against Frazier.  Or, his insult of another historic boxing legend, Joe Louis.   I'm going to paste portions of my earlier blog entries on the so called greatest:

1.  February 24, 2008 -  "No Longer The Greatest"  

Joe Louis, along with other black fighters who paved a way for Ali to be even called champion, make the money he was able to make and be conned by Don King, was insulted by a loud mouth kid named Cassius. 

I get that during the comment, Ali, along with other superstar athletes were taking a stand for civil rights during that time, but to insult and criticize men and women who had to put up with all the bullshit of being called nigger, spook or jiggaboo or asked to turn around by foreign women so they can see their tails is not only ignorant but they're guilty of what some liberal blacks say about blacks who don't agree with their politics or social stances...

"Forgot where they came from and how they got there."

You can't imagine my anger, when I saw a man who befriended and kept the religion of anti Semitism talk about a man who had to grin on cue, act on cue, not show emotion or celebrate after a victory over a white man, volunteer to fight in a war where the country he comes from won't let him sit in a diner, sit anywhere on a bus, get equal education, get paying jobs, denied the right to vote via intimidation or lyching and a helluva lot more denials a country where freedom and equal rights were promised...Yeah Ali lived in that era, but that era was ending and the country changed. It changed too late for Louis, but it changed at the right time for Ali, where his purses could have paid off Louis' tax debt...

It changed enough for Ali to be given forum after forum to discuss issues that Louis could only dream about.

So this is where I'm at, disdain for a man some called the greatest. And after seeing the documentary, the title was correct...

Joe Louis is and was an American hero and he was betrayed.