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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fanz23 - What's The Excuse Now?

On Friday, I posted on "facebook" an op/ed by Earl Ofari Hutchinson in regard to the fatal shootings in Oakland last week. Hutchinson basically equated the criminal to being a victim of circumstance because of his prior convictions and not being able to find employment.


Who's fault is it that this man was a criminal?


Hell no..

What about him? It's society's fault that this man didn't know right from wrong regardless of the reasons of why he committed crimes. Let me be Frank, I don't think it's fair to continue punishing an ex inmate after he or she has served their time by denying them employment. But right or wrong, it's part of our world and yet not every former inmate goes on a crime spree and kills four officers.

Which brings me to this. The above linked story is about a man who killed two of his sisters. It makes me wonder, if Hutchinson is going to do an op/ed excusing this criminal for being disturbed and also a former inmate.

Oh by the way, did I mention both men were black. You see we wouldn't be reading op/eds if the men were white from Hutchinson and Hutchinson would definitely not be giving us excuses that the white men were former inmates and couldn't find jobs.

Hutchinson Opinion:

Man kills sisters:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Larry Elder: What If

Fanz23 - Race Card Played on "Chopping Block"

Last night on NBC's new reality television show called the "Chopping Block" the lowest but most powerful card was dealt from the bottom of the deck by one of it's contestants after all arguments were dealt with.

On the show, a black contestant with her husband who should have been eliminated last week, was eliminated this week but not before she reached at the bottom of the deck and pulled the lowest card of all time out of the deck.

The race card.

After she could not give a credible argument as to why she and her husband should stay on their team and get closer to owning their own restaurant, she played the race card and accused her white team mates of racism.

It didn't work and they were eliminated.

Let me tell you why they were really eliminated. Last week her husband was head chef, he failed miserably and was the reason why their team lost, mix in the fact that the wife was real weak in the front, along with the other team members. She was a strong personality and rubbed folks the wrong way. So they should have been eliminated, but not for a weaker team who quit.

I don't think race had anything to do with the black contestants being booted off, but attitude and not willing to work with her teammates had something to do with it..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fanz23 - AIG and the NCAA Tourney

This week marks the beginning of the most called in day from work. The NCAA BB Tournament is here and all fans, non fans are setting up their brackets and hoping tha their team makes the final four.

Also marking this week is the AIG bonusus that were given out and grandstanding of both parties about it. And of course Obama seems to be devoid of this situation as well. Now the discussion point is when his administration knew and if he knew as well.

According to the attached linked story, the Obama administration claims they found out this month, the sixth to be exact. The link article and other reports suggest something a little earlier than this month, something like last fall!.

So what are we hit wiith in regard to Obama? His damn picks for the NCAA Tournament, like we give a damn!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fanz23: Veterans, A Word Obama Can't Say

Recently the media selected one, gave a speech to a veterans group, he advocated making employers flip the bill to veterans. Now as a veteran, I am pissed, but what's more appalling is this guy who hates the military establishment is talking to veterans.

Hey Media in Chief, keep the word veterans out of your socialist mouth.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fanz23 - Rihanna sending the message of "So What" to young ladies

I was recently talking to my 19 year old daughter and she informed that she had a boyfriend that she is really diggin'. She told me he's attending school and he spends time in his doh joe teaching young kids karate.

Did I mention she really digs this young man. So obviously I have to spend a few hunnys and meet this young man.

But she mentioned something that one, made me proud of her, she said she was diggin this young man so much that she had to take a break from him cause he was messing with her studies.

Not too many young ladies, let alone young men would take that step.

But that's her, the recent physical attack on pop singer Rihanna by pop singer Chris Brown and their subsequent reconciliation should have folks saying what the fluck?

This boy beat this beautiful young lady like she was a dude and ran like a run away slave. The story hit the main stream media, was talked about on talk and music radio and on blogs.

And what does she do? she says "so what," and goes back with this boy and according to reports are going to hit us with a duet like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston did.

Iknow Rihanna is young, but she is sending a wrong message to young ladies who are in relationships that may one day may turn violent and she could have told Chris Brown to go to hell, this ain't happening. Instead she chose to say "so what" and continue the future terror of violence that may face her.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fanz23 - Media happy T.O. Gone

I have never seen so many media member celebrate that recently released Terrell Owens has been let go and on the street. It's like watching "The wizarrd of oz" and T.O. got water dumped on him.

Well he did, the Cowboys and their management decided to back up the media, Jason Garrett, Witten and pooh nanny star struck Romo and got rid of T.O. And once again the demise of the Cowboys last season was not T.O.'s fault, it was on Garrett and Phillips by putting out old azz Brad Johnson on the field. It's inept defense that was exposed by the Giants by not wanting to tackle and the scoreboard against Philly didn't lie.

Yet, T.O. is shown the door.

My wish for six, especially with the upcoming schedule, doesn't look so good and god help the cowboys if he signs once again in the NFC East

This is some bullshhhh

Larry Elder: It's not the economy, stupid - It's Limbaugh