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Thursday, November 19, 2009

L.A. Times: More Regulation!!

More! Regulation!

Black? And You Oppose Health Care? Wrong!!

Well..Well...So now you're not black if you oppose health care reform.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

USA Today Religion Blog: Is Bible Defacing Acceptable Political Statement

Openly gay actor Ian McKellen recently told Details magazine that he proudly defaces Bibles left in hotel nightstands, ripping out pages containing verses which condemn homosexual behavior. USA Today's Leslie Miller picked up on this yesterday for the paper's "Faith & Reason" blog, after spying a blog post by colleague Barbara De Lollis in a November 16 post for her Hotel Check-In blog for USA Today.

For her part, De Lollis relayed the news item and wondered, "Could word of McKellen's habit spark a movement?"

News Busters (Tom Blumer): FOX fair and balanced? Yep!!

Leftists including those in the White House who presumptively and obsessively attack Fox News will not be pleased with this.

Stimulas? New Gold Rush...

Bending Backward...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Cotto Destroyed by Pacquiao

If you would have told me, that Manny Pacquiao would totally destroy Cotto for all but one one round, I would have told you, to go somewhere. But it happened and the fight was a re run, we've seen this kind of fight. We saw him walk down and destroy Oscar De La Hoya, we saw him destroy Rickey Hatton, who by the way has gotten fat and looked out of shape. But for him "to see," what Cotto's power was in the first round, shake it off and commence to beatin' the hell out of Cotto..Man! and but, and there's always a but.

He won't beat Floyd Mayweather.

He'll probably beat Shane Mosely.

But he won't beat Floyd Mayweather for one reason and one reason only. Although the media is clamoring for this fight. It makes for a boring one. You'll have Manny throwing punches at a well defensed and pinned Floyd Mayweather and by the way Manny taking jabs and pop shots by Mayweather and before we know it, twelve rounds would have passed and Floyd wins by decision and takes his money to the Vegas strip.

Step right up! Step right up for that pay per view....!

The Trojan Mystique....who we kiddin', they got beat down like Miquel Cotto did. 55! to 24! That beat down put USC in one of those bowl games, that will be played, while everyone is at work!

Stanford Beatdown...Raider let down: Should I even mention the Raiders. I had them beating, beating! Chiefs.

Celtics v. Lakers in the NBA Finals: Nope, the Lakers and Celtics both got beat down on Friday and the Lakers followed that beat down by Denver, by getting beat by Houston. The Celtics got run out of the gym on Friday by Atlanta and turned around and lost about Nuggets v. somebody in the East.

Fifty / Fifty?: What do San Diego and L.A. have in common? They have owners going through a divorce, but one owner, was probably smarter than the other. The Padres might have to sell it's team because of a divorce, while the Dodgers' Frank McCourt might hold on, the key word is might. According to reports, McCourt might have found a way to keep the alleged cheatin' wife from getting "Half!!" If this is true, Frank McCourt will go down as the man's man, the new New World Explorer! The man who beat his ex-wife from taking all his stuff, well at least half!.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

UK: Bloodless BHO Making Folks Want President GW Bush


RF23 - Something, Somethin'. Somethin' jus' ain't right

Last week it was revealed that former tennis star Andre Agassi used meth, wore a wig and quit in matches. So let's go down this road...

Last week it was revealed that former all star baseball player Barry Bonds, smoked weed and quit in games.

Now, which one would get the headlines, breaking (SEX)ESPN news, top of the news on
C(rap)NN and (BS)NBC. The Barry Bonds story..Not Agassi and it appears that this revelation barely made a blip on the news wires and I'm wondering why.

Could it be that indiscretions by black athletes get more ratings than indiscretions by white players?

Has to.

And it seems that more than white athletes get less play...Although news about Raider head coach, Tom Cable has been in the papers and sports news and although the NFL is supposed to be "controversial" free. It seems that if a black ball player and even a great coach like former NFL Tony Dungy had punched an assistant and his wife said that he beat her...Something tells me, this would be a story that will get more play time than the coward who attacked and killed 13 brave soldiers. And NBC would have fired Dungy and the NFL would have separated itself from Dungy and since Dungy is Michael Vicks overseer, suspended Michael Vick permanentaly. But this is what happened to Cable, anger management and he's still on the sidelines. Adam Jones can't find a team!! because of (SEX)SPN big story that everybody knew in the first place! Footage of Adam Jones in a strip club on the night when gun play happened...and what happened? Jones is out.

Let's go to something happening now...Running back and Free Agent Larry Johnson, expressing himself on his twitter page, wrote disparaging remarks about his coach and homosexuals. Now the disparaging remarks about his coach, experience or lack thereof is his right to question. The proof is in the wins and losses, and there are more losses for Todd Haley as head coach of the Kansas City Chief and there's nothing in his past as coordinater that says he is supposed to be successful. There is footage of him arguing with Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin. So maybe Johnson as a player has a right to question his head coach, just like the media and arm chair quarter back fans. Now the part that was supposed to have got him out, was disparaging remarks about gays.

So calling someone the derogotoary word for gay on his own twitter account is cause for dismissal, but breaking an assistant coach's jaw and alleged acts of brutality on two women keeps a coach on the sidelines?

Something is wrong..

I can't help but think that if the tennis player had been black, used drugs and quit in matches the John Feinstein's of the world would be so forgiving. And if the coach had been black that he would still be on the sidelines.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Ft, Hood Tragedy

I only have a few words to comment on the senseless cowardly act that occurred on Ft. Hood, TX., my home for 5 out of 7 years, where I proudly served and where my kids were born. And when it was time for me to go to Saudi Arabia for a cause, I knew little about or of! I -admin edit-! went and fulfilled my contractual obligation! as a man and a proud citizen of THE greatest country on this earth. There is no place on this earth I rather live but here! and based on the numbers of people coming here legally and illegally, they know where to be! But for this animal, this coward! to do what he did to brave men and women preparing to go for the first or third time in harm's way is unmentionable and even appalling! Hell it is! and I agree with the commanding general of that great fort in Central Texas..Mentioning this coward's name should bring a nasty curdling taste to one's mouth...

At this point, I'm praying his ass! ain't a damn terrorist and that he committed 1st degree murder in a state that will put his ass! to death! Please!!! because if he is a terrorist, he shouldn't be allowed to sit in Gitmo and continue trying to be a victim...

If it were up to me..His ass wouldn't had made it to the hospital..-admin edit- being a martyr! You do what you do to all mad animals...

Kill it!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

WSJ - California Stealin'

And the State is wondering why people are leaving in droves out of California...It's the dust bowl in reverse!

Gay Marriage Rejected by Voters..As the issue should be...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Fanz23 's Sports Take...

Well with the football season almost half done, it seems that for some teams, the more things change, the more it stays the same. And who better to say amen to that than the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders on paper have a talented football team, but that's it. On the field, Gawd!! this teams relies on it's opponents to have a off day to get a victory. Case in point, Philly. Now for some other teams, being bad this season is almost shocking. Tennessee comes to mind, after going 13 - 3 last season, so called experts had them in the mix to challenge the Colts. As usual they were wrong. And let's have a hefty welcome back to the dungeon of losing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it's been a while since you stank, and now that lousy, dreadful smell is back. We missed you! and Raheem Morris, just in case you didn't know this..

You ain't Tony Dungy, hell you ain't Romeo Crennell...

For the past few weeks, I've been neglecting my writing and giving blog takes due to this doggone facebook and sadly, I'm going to limit my facebook postings, so I can get back into politics, since 2010 is so important and state Issues are soooo! important. So having said that, let's talk about "Fraud." We all know the definition of a fraud, the Ponzi scheme from last year was fraud, but I'm talking about propped up champions, fighters like Jermaine Taylor..Taylor is a fraud and in Taylor's case, he probably is a victim of the politics of boxing. As most of you remember Taylor was given Bernard Hopkin's titles after judges thought he won not only one fight, but two fights against the crafty and sometimes dangerous Hopkins. After those fights, Taylor went on to having lack luster fights and trying to defend, how come he ain't knockin' folks out. Well, that's easy, he's a fraud, we just didn't see it until Kelly Pavlik knocked him out and we still gave him the benefit of the doubt, because let's face it, Pavlik can swing!, but Taylor went on to visit the mat more times than Roy Jones, Jr., and in devastating fashion. And most recently, he was knocked out again!

BCS, Oh Well It's Here: In the past, I used to froth at the mouth at the BCS, because they were screwing undefeated teams and my boys, USC. And now with SC having a down year, which is considered a good year if you're a raiduuh or UCLA "Football" Bruins fan. I can't complain about it this year. I think I have succumbed to the realization that the computer and ESPN are never going to like the PAC 10, BIG WEST and other leagues west of TEXAS. But again, controversy is going to show it's head, if Boise State wins out, because they are going to get screwed for the chance to play for a National Championship, while East coast media darlins' will get the nod and jump over Boise State and again one team that lost to Boise State will get leaped frogged, because the only team they lost too, was Boise State and according to it's schedule...Everyone lost to Boise State. I think a playoff system needs to be done for at least the top 12 teams and everyone else play in Bowl Games.

World Series: Since the ANGELS, took one step to get by Red Sox nation, they apparently forgot they were Yankee killas and let them back in the World Series. At the start of the series, I really didn't care who wins and still don't! But if I had my druthers, it was the Phillies until some Philly fan had the nerve to talk smack to a guy wearing Dodger gear in Vegas over the weekend..I instantly changed my choice and now the Yankees are putting foot to azz on the Phillies. Thanks dude!

Charles Barkley: It has been reported that TNT commentator Charles Barkley wants to be a GM in the NBA. So. No!

Magic Johnson: Is still pimpin' Rent a Center and now has a book, where he drops the bomb on Isiah Thomas. According to the World Sex Network, ESPN. Johnson's book is supposed to have the reader searching for a tissue, when the HOF, Guard let's out that he endured jokes from comedians and was hurt when he found out that Isiah Thomas allegedly was spreading rumors about how he got HIV. Strange thing about that, is that no matter how much junk Thomas was spreading..He was rumored to be the guy Johnson was doing...Maybe Thomas needed to clear that up by sexual harassing a female co-worker.

What's the pool on Lebron James blowing Shaq up? I saw the first game against Boston...Well Cleveland was favored..

MVP?: Has anyone noticed that when the media mentions a MVP candidate that person wins...This year's favorite Carmelo Anthony...oh okay...Congrats Melo..

In Memory of James Dauzart

In Memory of James Dauzart, a good friend.