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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RF23 - Something, Somethin'. Somethin' jus' ain't right

Last week it was revealed that former tennis star Andre Agassi used meth, wore a wig and quit in matches. So let's go down this road...

Last week it was revealed that former all star baseball player Barry Bonds, smoked weed and quit in games.

Now, which one would get the headlines, breaking (SEX)ESPN news, top of the news on
C(rap)NN and (BS)NBC. The Barry Bonds story..Not Agassi and it appears that this revelation barely made a blip on the news wires and I'm wondering why.

Could it be that indiscretions by black athletes get more ratings than indiscretions by white players?

Has to.

And it seems that more than white athletes get less play...Although news about Raider head coach, Tom Cable has been in the papers and sports news and although the NFL is supposed to be "controversial" free. It seems that if a black ball player and even a great coach like former NFL Tony Dungy had punched an assistant and his wife said that he beat her...Something tells me, this would be a story that will get more play time than the coward who attacked and killed 13 brave soldiers. And NBC would have fired Dungy and the NFL would have separated itself from Dungy and since Dungy is Michael Vicks overseer, suspended Michael Vick permanentaly. But this is what happened to Cable, anger management and he's still on the sidelines. Adam Jones can't find a team!! because of (SEX)SPN big story that everybody knew in the first place! Footage of Adam Jones in a strip club on the night when gun play happened...and what happened? Jones is out.

Let's go to something happening now...Running back and Free Agent Larry Johnson, expressing himself on his twitter page, wrote disparaging remarks about his coach and homosexuals. Now the disparaging remarks about his coach, experience or lack thereof is his right to question. The proof is in the wins and losses, and there are more losses for Todd Haley as head coach of the Kansas City Chief and there's nothing in his past as coordinater that says he is supposed to be successful. There is footage of him arguing with Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin. So maybe Johnson as a player has a right to question his head coach, just like the media and arm chair quarter back fans. Now the part that was supposed to have got him out, was disparaging remarks about gays.

So calling someone the derogotoary word for gay on his own twitter account is cause for dismissal, but breaking an assistant coach's jaw and alleged acts of brutality on two women keeps a coach on the sidelines?

Something is wrong..

I can't help but think that if the tennis player had been black, used drugs and quit in matches the John Feinstein's of the world would be so forgiving. And if the coach had been black that he would still be on the sidelines.

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