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Monday, November 02, 2009

Fanz23 's Sports Take...

Well with the football season almost half done, it seems that for some teams, the more things change, the more it stays the same. And who better to say amen to that than the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders on paper have a talented football team, but that's it. On the field, Gawd!! this teams relies on it's opponents to have a off day to get a victory. Case in point, Philly. Now for some other teams, being bad this season is almost shocking. Tennessee comes to mind, after going 13 - 3 last season, so called experts had them in the mix to challenge the Colts. As usual they were wrong. And let's have a hefty welcome back to the dungeon of losing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it's been a while since you stank, and now that lousy, dreadful smell is back. We missed you! and Raheem Morris, just in case you didn't know this..

You ain't Tony Dungy, hell you ain't Romeo Crennell...

For the past few weeks, I've been neglecting my writing and giving blog takes due to this doggone facebook and sadly, I'm going to limit my facebook postings, so I can get back into politics, since 2010 is so important and state Issues are soooo! important. So having said that, let's talk about "Fraud." We all know the definition of a fraud, the Ponzi scheme from last year was fraud, but I'm talking about propped up champions, fighters like Jermaine Taylor..Taylor is a fraud and in Taylor's case, he probably is a victim of the politics of boxing. As most of you remember Taylor was given Bernard Hopkin's titles after judges thought he won not only one fight, but two fights against the crafty and sometimes dangerous Hopkins. After those fights, Taylor went on to having lack luster fights and trying to defend, how come he ain't knockin' folks out. Well, that's easy, he's a fraud, we just didn't see it until Kelly Pavlik knocked him out and we still gave him the benefit of the doubt, because let's face it, Pavlik can swing!, but Taylor went on to visit the mat more times than Roy Jones, Jr., and in devastating fashion. And most recently, he was knocked out again!

BCS, Oh Well It's Here: In the past, I used to froth at the mouth at the BCS, because they were screwing undefeated teams and my boys, USC. And now with SC having a down year, which is considered a good year if you're a raiduuh or UCLA "Football" Bruins fan. I can't complain about it this year. I think I have succumbed to the realization that the computer and ESPN are never going to like the PAC 10, BIG WEST and other leagues west of TEXAS. But again, controversy is going to show it's head, if Boise State wins out, because they are going to get screwed for the chance to play for a National Championship, while East coast media darlins' will get the nod and jump over Boise State and again one team that lost to Boise State will get leaped frogged, because the only team they lost too, was Boise State and according to it's schedule...Everyone lost to Boise State. I think a playoff system needs to be done for at least the top 12 teams and everyone else play in Bowl Games.

World Series: Since the ANGELS, took one step to get by Red Sox nation, they apparently forgot they were Yankee killas and let them back in the World Series. At the start of the series, I really didn't care who wins and still don't! But if I had my druthers, it was the Phillies until some Philly fan had the nerve to talk smack to a guy wearing Dodger gear in Vegas over the weekend..I instantly changed my choice and now the Yankees are putting foot to azz on the Phillies. Thanks dude!

Charles Barkley: It has been reported that TNT commentator Charles Barkley wants to be a GM in the NBA. So. No!

Magic Johnson: Is still pimpin' Rent a Center and now has a book, where he drops the bomb on Isiah Thomas. According to the World Sex Network, ESPN. Johnson's book is supposed to have the reader searching for a tissue, when the HOF, Guard let's out that he endured jokes from comedians and was hurt when he found out that Isiah Thomas allegedly was spreading rumors about how he got HIV. Strange thing about that, is that no matter how much junk Thomas was spreading..He was rumored to be the guy Johnson was doing...Maybe Thomas needed to clear that up by sexual harassing a female co-worker.

What's the pool on Lebron James blowing Shaq up? I saw the first game against Boston...Well Cleveland was favored..

MVP?: Has anyone noticed that when the media mentions a MVP candidate that person wins...This year's favorite Carmelo Anthony...oh okay...Congrats Melo..

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