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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fanz 23 - Hard Knocks

At the season finale of this years installment of HBO's Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals, DT, Tank Johnson was given a little air time lamenting that he was on last years Hard knocks: Dallas Cowboys and now this one and he wanted to pitch a show idea. What was his idea? Cribs, yep, you may have heard of such a show, but this one had a spin...

He wanted to show, people who live in, in his words, "shitty ass houses." And then the show went off. Now I didn't think much about it, because probably Tank was kidding and trying to be funny, but then last night after the Patriots - Bills game. ESPN switched over to Oakland - Alameda Stadium and bam! it hit me. Tank Johnson wanted to do a show on jacked up cribs. The Raiders, who are a team of years past, still plays on a baseball diamond shared by the Oakland A's. The stadium is right next to another dinosaur, Oakland Arena, in which the Golden State Warriors play. Both facilities are old and out dated.

So the question is why? Better yet, if Tank wanted to do a show, his first episode would be visiting the old, out of style, years behind in technology Oakland - Alameda Stadium. In an era where most teams have moved into new stadiums. The Raiders are still stuck in the 70's. This is a team that could have had at the time, a brand new stadium in Hollywood Park, when they were in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, could have been the only team in town, because the Rams upped and moved to a new crib in freaking St. Louis! But, unlike the Rams, the Raiders upped and moved back to the same old stadium, where they have to share the field with A's. Tank had a good ideal, unfortunately, that's only one show.

And speaking of Hard Knocks: Hard luck was the call of the day for the Bengals, after driving down field to score what was supposed to be a game winning touch down. The Broncos were a little more lucky, after a pass by Kyle Orton to Brandon Marshall was deflected into the air, WR, Brandon Stokely caught the ball and ran it in for the game winning touchdown. And speaking of the Broncos, former QB Jake Cutler stunk up Packer stadium with 4 INTs, while his replacement, Orton got a win...scoreboard Denver.

Oh, how many teams are now kicking themselves in the ass, by not signing Michael Vick. You think Carolina would like to have Vick now. Jake Delhomme is what we thought he is. The only person now wishing the opposite is Donovan McNabb. McNabb was injured in the Carolina game and probably saw his Philly future go before his eyes. You see, looking at him roll on the floor in pain, was Michael Vick, with 2 games before he is eligible to play. McNabb is going to try to play injured with two QBs who are looking to take his job..The Eagles just signed Garcia, the same Jeff Garcia, philly fan picked over McNabb.

I saw a lot of posts about last night Patriots - Bills game, and folks saying that the Bills loss, was heartbreaking..No it wasn't, the Kick Returner fumbled the freaking ball and their defense couldn't stop "The Purple Hat" club.

I've posted many times that my eyes have been spoiled and soon my butt will be after seeing the new Cowboys stadium. It's hard to watch games after seeing the Jer-Mahal.

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