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Friday, September 04, 2009

Fanz23's Take: What's Missing, Part 2

Just last week, I gave my opinion on pre-season suspended WR, Brandon Marshall and how I felt that if a black owner was there, preferably me, I would have sent Marshall skyrocketing straight back to the ghetto! And although my methods, would have had the players unions scrambling for the nearest United States District Court (Federal) for all kinds of injunctions and lawsuits, my point would have been made. But what do you about the event that happened yesterday in the opening weekend of college football between Boise State and Oregon. Boise State, dominated the Ducks for most of the game and if you played the game, being dominated like that is quite upsetting and if you are truly competitive, being dominated is pissing you the "ef" off. You see the jubilation of the offense or defense of the team your playing, basically telling you, "hey we're kicking your ass!" and to add insult injury, they get you for a safety!

A pure butt whoopin' for all four quarters, season is basically over if you're in the PAC 10, due to media bias for the SEC or BIG 12 or 10. And after you've been beaten, your opponent, for some reason decides to tap you on the shoulder and taunt you. And what happens, you sucker punch the taunting player.

So what's missing?

Well for one, LeGarrent Blount was Jr. College transfer and a senior and all of America saw that punch. and if all America saw it, all the professional teams saw it. Which means that LeGarrent better have a College degree in sight or......back to whence he came. Because the University of Oregon, suspended him for the rest of the year and for him, every Saturday, when he looks at NCAA football, he's gonna think about the day, he threw a punch and lost his mind by going after heckling fans.

Charge that to Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson.

Earlier I had taken the position of canning the kid and straight kicking him out. Oregon is one of the best colleges out there and the classiest. Fan support is great and they travel well for bowl games. But what Oregon is not, is LeGarrent Blount. He embarrassed himself, his family, his team, his school, people who may have looked up at him and unfortunately he will be labeled....negatively. Like I labeled him a "hoodlum." Which is wrong. He was writing his own lottery ticket and yesterday, he called out the wrong number and let Byron Hout take his ticket and throw it in the trash.


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