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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fanz23's Take - It Wasn't That Bad.

After all the ho hum about Obama's speech to school children, some people ought to just chill out. But it's hard to do, when the same outrage and disgust was displayed before by opponents of whatever party happens to be in the White House.

According to the Washington Examiner, democrats called then George HW. Bush administration members to The Hill to investigate if the president had done something out of the ordinary. Strangely there were no cries of racism or anything else lobbed at the democrats and the media seemed to back the whole investigation. So democrats waste taxpayer money to investigate President George HW Bush of saying...Well the same doggon' thing this president has just read to students.

But republicans and parents who don't support this president is wrong for not wanting their kids to even listen to this president.

Isn't that their choice? Schools in Texas and this president's home city even didn't allow the teleprompter read speech to be seen and some schools sent home "Opt Out" sheets giving the parents the choice of whether or not they want their kid to hear this speech. Maybe, study and work hard message is already the central theme for their household and don't need someone else who just says those things, but doles out millions, if not billions of taxpayer money to those who chose not to work hard, study hard and finish school.

Nevertheless, it's part of politics and no one is going to be happy about anything.

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