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Friday, November 06, 2009

Ft, Hood Tragedy

I only have a few words to comment on the senseless cowardly act that occurred on Ft. Hood, TX., my home for 5 out of 7 years, where I proudly served and where my kids were born. And when it was time for me to go to Saudi Arabia for a cause, I knew little about or of! I -admin edit-! went and fulfilled my contractual obligation! as a man and a proud citizen of THE greatest country on this earth. There is no place on this earth I rather live but here! and based on the numbers of people coming here legally and illegally, they know where to be! But for this animal, this coward! to do what he did to brave men and women preparing to go for the first or third time in harm's way is unmentionable and even appalling! Hell it is! and I agree with the commanding general of that great fort in Central Texas..Mentioning this coward's name should bring a nasty curdling taste to one's mouth...

At this point, I'm praying his ass! ain't a damn terrorist and that he committed 1st degree murder in a state that will put his ass! to death! Please!!! because if he is a terrorist, he shouldn't be allowed to sit in Gitmo and continue trying to be a victim...

If it were up to me..His ass wouldn't had made it to the hospital..-admin edit- being a martyr! You do what you do to all mad animals...

Kill it!

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