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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


UPDATE: Since this post, Stephen A. Smith can be heard in NY on ESPN 1050 and in L.A., on ESPN 710 a.m., however, The 2 Live Stews has heard their show reduced in hours and off on Sporting News Radio. Irvin continues to be heard in Miami and on the TV circuit. Al "Race Hustler" Sharpton is on MSNBC, hosting the Race Hustle Show and long time Los Angeles radio talk show host, Larry Elder is back on KABC..In short, we got a lot of work to do..

I have had enough of this mess, I mean really! While catching the last segment of the Stephen A. Smith Show, I thought I heard him say, he's going to talk football and a lot basketball since, December 23, is the last Stephen A. Smith Show. I was thinking that maybe since time was running out from his last interview that he didn't have time to qualify his statement, with last Stephen A. Smith Show of the year.

Well, it will be the last show, period and now we're back to being on sports talk radio, all white...all night and day. According to the news, Smith will be an NBA analyst for Fox Sports...hooo hum, so freakin' what! If memory serves me correctly, that was what he was supposed to be doing in ESPN after they chopped his "Quite Frankly..." and his ESPN radio shows in New York and all of sudden...he's gone from ESPN altogether.

I don't agree much with Jesse Jackson, but during the Imus incident, Jackson said that TV [radio] airwaves needed more minority shows, and still after his statement and the Imus incident, Imus is back on the air! and I still can't name one minority that has their own lead show on the TV or radio in the big markets.

Something has got to change, I can't think of one reason, except the bullbleep reason of he's doing NBA analyzing for this man to be off the air. He's done everything asked of him; he toned down after being criticized for being too loud and abrupt and after appearing on a few FOX News Network Shows, he was even asked to tone down his independent political thoughts. For the short time he's been on the air, Smith once again proved like his shows in the past, that he has something to say, his thoughts are different from usual takes on certain subjects and he's fresh! and now his show is gone!

Another black radio show host, Tavis Smiley is losing his gig with KCET or whatever public television channel in your city and last checked, Smiley was with NPR, the same NPR that recently fired Juan Williams a few weeks ago for partly agreeing with Bill O'Reilly's "muslims were responsible for the 9/11 attacks."

So where does this leave us? lets see we have nationally..The 2 Live Stews? nope, although they are on Sporting News Radio Network, they can only be heard locally in Atlanta. Michael Irvin? nope only in Florida.

I think maybe it's time to rethink my position on the "Fairness Doctrine." Not for less conservative talk radio, but to end the all white..all night and day radio and television talk shows.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


So this is how it ends for the Dodgers, a once proud organization, full of history and a very important first. The Dodgers are now community property to an owner that should have never been. Oh! nice try by Frank McCourt to say that the Dodgers were gushing money prior to his multi-loan ownership bid. I'm going to say this, say what you what about the late George Steinbrenner, but he turned the Yankees around, we may not liked his initial methods of how he did it, but still today, the Yankees are still as historic and relevant as they were in any day of their history. And what are the Dodgers left with? History and a very important first. Dang.


Okay, I've had enough of this continued bashing of Michael Vick from people who simply needs to get a life. About two weeks ago, Vick played the game of his life, that will never be duplicated. Football fans and so called analysts praised his play over the Washington Redskins as one of the greatest games witnessed and for me a little bit listened too, as I was driving home when the Eagles took on the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. It was a great game, but all of it was lost on the fact that Vick was convicted of cruelty to animals and served 15 months in Ft. Leavensworth Prison in Kansas.

Let me say that last part again, Vick was convicted of cruelty to animals and served 15 months in PRISON!! He served his time and after initially lying about the situation, admitted too and too his punishment. The crime also cost him millions of dollars on and off the field for doing what he did on the football field against Washington. Exactly how much ridicule should he take? Should he be tarred and feathered, branded with a "D" on his forehead, what?! Because I thought, once a person serves his time in jail or prison fully, he should be able to go on with his life and mind you, Vick has a talent, that talent is playing in the NFL, and so far since he took over, he's done that well. Apparently too well, after the game against Washington, the L.A. Times, posted letters from apparent dog lovers, folks who are missing a life or unable to have normal human relationships with us humans or future mass murderers in waiting, who were literally pissed off that Vick is receiving praise for his football play.

Meanwhile these may be the same people who have no problems with murder, rape and mayhem of other humans. What world are we living in, when a famous director, who continues to be on the run for date raping a teen, and just because he wins an Oscar, he deserves to be absolved from his crime. Meanwhile, I'll say this again, a man is convicted of dog fighting (animal cruelty), serves his time and we're supposed to hate him...Please!


Oh Cam Nah!

I'm sorry, but if I had a vote for the Heisman, Cam Newton, wouldn't be my choice..sorry, but if I have to think about whether he knew or not his old man was pimpin' him out to colleges and I knew he was thrown out of Florida for being arrested and cheating. I'm sorry his redemption is being able to suit up and play again at that level. Not Heisman trophy winner. There's no doubt this young man, can play football, well he can execute it, but I don't see a NFL future for this kid. Sure, he'll make his money, but I don't think his future is going to be bright. I hope I'm wrong, but where's Vince Young?