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Thursday, September 24, 2009

RF23 - Rethinking About Health Care Reform

Maybe, maybe just maybe I may be a caring individual and not so black and white. Last night I was in the ER with the wife and although I can go on a litany of blasts on Emergency Rooms, I won't. But what I will write about is the controversy of elderly care.

At what point do we, as relatives or children of our aging parents or grandparents let go?

One of the points about the health care bill is that the Obama Administration is pulling the plug on granny, determining if an elderly person should die because of their age and obvious condition.

I found myself asking the same, when I saw a ninety year old woman, brought in by her own senior citizen daughter. The woman was non-responsive, because she was deaf, and in the hospital to get a blood transfusion. The daughter thought, all she had to do was bring her in and mom will get a transfusion and be done. So as the hours went on, finally a doctor asked the daughter if the daughter thought about hospice care, the daughter replied that she promised she'll take care of her mother and one more note, the mother's order was to have doctors do what they can to keep her alive. I remember the controversy of a politician, saying it's the elderly's duty to die. The comment has since been recanted and clarified, but is he right? You see the one thing, we hate to talk about is death, we as Americans are afraid to die, don't want to talk about death and damn sure don't want to talk about what happens when you die. The process the morticians do, the process if given, what an medical examiner does..We cringe that our blood, will be drained and replaced with a chemical to preserve you.

As I was looking at the woman, and it was hard to do so, because of her condition, I couldn't help but wonder, why continue? Let nature do it's course. Continued blood transfusions and monthly visits by a doctor only prolongs the inevitable.

So is the gov't right to include the limit of how much care doctors should give the elderly or should it be left up to God?

Either way, we as relatives have to face that death happens and we have to think about the person who lived a full life would want. For me, in that condition that lady is in or was in..Someone have mercy and let me go...

Larry Elder: The Letter Joe Wilson Should Write

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


For women, who have problems with jealous husbands or boyfriends.."You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me," God (10 Commandments)

Are you going to drop God? and say he's limiting your life....

Monday, September 21, 2009

L.A. Times: Union, charity paid thousands to firms owned by relatives

Beauty Pic of the Week

School Bus Beating

I haven't heard too much commentary on this matter, where a white student was beaten on a school bus, by two black students in Illinois. Initially, the police thought it was racially motivated, but changed it's mind. Also, this incident has now caused a bus driver to lose his job, after it was said he followed protocol during the incident. I recently posted on facebook, I thought this was a perfect example of bullying.

This just shows how cruel, we, as people even kids can be to one another. And, how disappointed I am to say this was bullying and not a racial incident. Unfortunately for the victim, he and his family are going to be hit with discrimination twice. Once, by being denied a seat on a bus, next by being denied a headline in the news.


Wrong skin color.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Larry Elder: Jimmy Carter and the Elvis Factor

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fanz 23 - Hard Knocks

At the season finale of this years installment of HBO's Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals, DT, Tank Johnson was given a little air time lamenting that he was on last years Hard knocks: Dallas Cowboys and now this one and he wanted to pitch a show idea. What was his idea? Cribs, yep, you may have heard of such a show, but this one had a spin...

He wanted to show, people who live in, in his words, "shitty ass houses." And then the show went off. Now I didn't think much about it, because probably Tank was kidding and trying to be funny, but then last night after the Patriots - Bills game. ESPN switched over to Oakland - Alameda Stadium and bam! it hit me. Tank Johnson wanted to do a show on jacked up cribs. The Raiders, who are a team of years past, still plays on a baseball diamond shared by the Oakland A's. The stadium is right next to another dinosaur, Oakland Arena, in which the Golden State Warriors play. Both facilities are old and out dated.

So the question is why? Better yet, if Tank wanted to do a show, his first episode would be visiting the old, out of style, years behind in technology Oakland - Alameda Stadium. In an era where most teams have moved into new stadiums. The Raiders are still stuck in the 70's. This is a team that could have had at the time, a brand new stadium in Hollywood Park, when they were in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, could have been the only team in town, because the Rams upped and moved to a new crib in freaking St. Louis! But, unlike the Rams, the Raiders upped and moved back to the same old stadium, where they have to share the field with A's. Tank had a good ideal, unfortunately, that's only one show.

And speaking of Hard Knocks: Hard luck was the call of the day for the Bengals, after driving down field to score what was supposed to be a game winning touch down. The Broncos were a little more lucky, after a pass by Kyle Orton to Brandon Marshall was deflected into the air, WR, Brandon Stokely caught the ball and ran it in for the game winning touchdown. And speaking of the Broncos, former QB Jake Cutler stunk up Packer stadium with 4 INTs, while his replacement, Orton got a win...scoreboard Denver.

Oh, how many teams are now kicking themselves in the ass, by not signing Michael Vick. You think Carolina would like to have Vick now. Jake Delhomme is what we thought he is. The only person now wishing the opposite is Donovan McNabb. McNabb was injured in the Carolina game and probably saw his Philly future go before his eyes. You see, looking at him roll on the floor in pain, was Michael Vick, with 2 games before he is eligible to play. McNabb is going to try to play injured with two QBs who are looking to take his job..The Eagles just signed Garcia, the same Jeff Garcia, philly fan picked over McNabb.

I saw a lot of posts about last night Patriots - Bills game, and folks saying that the Bills loss, was heartbreaking..No it wasn't, the Kick Returner fumbled the freaking ball and their defense couldn't stop "The Purple Hat" club.

I've posted many times that my eyes have been spoiled and soon my butt will be after seeing the new Cowboys stadium. It's hard to watch games after seeing the Jer-Mahal.

Beauty of the Month...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fanz23 - I'll Never Love Again...

These past few days, months and almost year has been tumultous for me, I don't think I mentioned it on my blog, but after ignoring my doctors to watch my weight, eat right and just get off my butt. I was diagnosed with diabetes, at first type 1 and then improving to type 2. During that time, my marriage fell apart and caused my wife and I to separate. Although fault can be made for both parties, I took the brunt of all the blame and accepted my faults in our marriage. You see this was my third marriage and after marrying for the wrong reasons two times, I thought this marriage was right on..I made sure, the feelings I had for this woman were real and that she is someone I want to be with. And although, I was living off good intentions and what my heart wanted, my head and actions looked differently. I had issues that I didn't resolve from marriage one, and issues from marriage two that took my trust issues to uncharted heights. My fault not hers. But we all have a past and although mines might seem big to me, hers were bigger and although I knew of her past and pains, I tried not to dismiss, but I wished she would.

You see I love my wife and still do and after recognizing my faults for our separation, I made it a point to see if we could try again. If we could find what we saw in each other in the first place, which was enjoying ones company and doing things, we like..which are, if any hangin' with good friends and family. The first part has been difficult because my friends are in different states and hers at the time was in a different city.

So after accepting my apology and looking to try again, my wife and I decided to try again and this time, I was different, I wanted our marriage, I wanted her and didn't ignore her and most importantly, I love her immensely and without fault. So you can imagine my shock, when I was told that she wasn't happy. That she wasn't happy with her life and maybe, all the time she thought she was supposed to be married.

Maybe not.

I'm hurt and angry. Because of a litany of things, one, when I asked for a second chance, instead of looking at my health situation, and "feeling obligated, other words sorry for me." She could have said no, because the life she was living when we were separated was the life she wanted to live. This past week, I've seen that life and painfully, I don't know her anymore. Her whole demeanor has changed, she goes out practically everyday and she's living a life that is secret to me. And in that, I suspect other men are involved. And it's killing me. It is literally killing me.

All, All I ever wanted this time in my life was to be with a special woman, one who loves me despite my faults and quirks..I'm not unbending and I'm not stuck up to do things differently. I do have my morals and maybe those are unbendable.

I don't know, I just don't know. Where and what do I do now? It's obvious marriage is not in my cards, after failing three times. There's no way I could look at a woman in the eye and ask her to be my wife with three strikes on me..I want to walk right with God and now in just a few words..I'm back bedding down women to satisfy my sexual needs..Not for love, but to fulfill that need. I don't think I'll never love again...I don't think anyone will ever love me...


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fanz23's Take - It Wasn't That Bad.

After all the ho hum about Obama's speech to school children, some people ought to just chill out. But it's hard to do, when the same outrage and disgust was displayed before by opponents of whatever party happens to be in the White House.

According to the Washington Examiner, democrats called then George HW. Bush administration members to The Hill to investigate if the president had done something out of the ordinary. Strangely there were no cries of racism or anything else lobbed at the democrats and the media seemed to back the whole investigation. So democrats waste taxpayer money to investigate President George HW Bush of saying...Well the same doggon' thing this president has just read to students.

But republicans and parents who don't support this president is wrong for not wanting their kids to even listen to this president.

Isn't that their choice? Schools in Texas and this president's home city even didn't allow the teleprompter read speech to be seen and some schools sent home "Opt Out" sheets giving the parents the choice of whether or not they want their kid to hear this speech. Maybe, study and work hard message is already the central theme for their household and don't need someone else who just says those things, but doles out millions, if not billions of taxpayer money to those who chose not to work hard, study hard and finish school.

Nevertheless, it's part of politics and no one is going to be happy about anything.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Fanz23's Take: What's Missing, Part 2

Just last week, I gave my opinion on pre-season suspended WR, Brandon Marshall and how I felt that if a black owner was there, preferably me, I would have sent Marshall skyrocketing straight back to the ghetto! And although my methods, would have had the players unions scrambling for the nearest United States District Court (Federal) for all kinds of injunctions and lawsuits, my point would have been made. But what do you about the event that happened yesterday in the opening weekend of college football between Boise State and Oregon. Boise State, dominated the Ducks for most of the game and if you played the game, being dominated like that is quite upsetting and if you are truly competitive, being dominated is pissing you the "ef" off. You see the jubilation of the offense or defense of the team your playing, basically telling you, "hey we're kicking your ass!" and to add insult injury, they get you for a safety!

A pure butt whoopin' for all four quarters, season is basically over if you're in the PAC 10, due to media bias for the SEC or BIG 12 or 10. And after you've been beaten, your opponent, for some reason decides to tap you on the shoulder and taunt you. And what happens, you sucker punch the taunting player.

So what's missing?

Well for one, LeGarrent Blount was Jr. College transfer and a senior and all of America saw that punch. and if all America saw it, all the professional teams saw it. Which means that LeGarrent better have a College degree in sight or......back to whence he came. Because the University of Oregon, suspended him for the rest of the year and for him, every Saturday, when he looks at NCAA football, he's gonna think about the day, he threw a punch and lost his mind by going after heckling fans.

Charge that to Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson.

Earlier I had taken the position of canning the kid and straight kicking him out. Oregon is one of the best colleges out there and the classiest. Fan support is great and they travel well for bowl games. But what Oregon is not, is LeGarrent Blount. He embarrassed himself, his family, his team, his school, people who may have looked up at him and unfortunately he will be labeled....negatively. Like I labeled him a "hoodlum." Which is wrong. He was writing his own lottery ticket and yesterday, he called out the wrong number and let Byron Hout take his ticket and throw it in the trash.


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Larry Elder: Shocker!