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Friday, March 30, 2007

Did You Know?!

Cesar Chavez, Minuteman.

Yeah oh yeah! you are reading my title right. According to Ruben Naverrette, Jr., now of the San Diego Tribune. Union Leader Cesar Chavez was very much against illegal immigration. I'll say it again for those of you who did not read it right the first time. Cesar Chavez was very much against illegal aliens working in the very fields in which Chavez and his group was trying to get recognition as a labor union. Chavez and his group even organized events blocking the very part of the U.S./Mexico border that the Minute Men blocked three years ago.

Quite frankly, Chavez gained one point of respect in my book, including SCLC in their support of Chavez to voice their displeasure of illegal aliens entering the United States. They apparently saw the big picture of what happens when a employer choses to pay an illegal less wages and little or no benefits instead of homegrown american citizens at legal federal set wages.

Ahhh you can bet all of those students, here in California, I believe 4oo of them didn't know that.


AOL's Jason Whitlock Putting It Down

Jason Whitlock Putting It Down regarding Pro Athletes and College Athletes
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Ain't My Problem...Nor Is It My Government's

Talking about a sense of entitlement. Let me get this straight, a potential homebuyer with poor credit, inquires about buying a home from a sub-prime lender. The lender in turn approves a no money down, no points and of course the disadvantage of having bad credit, gives an interest rate at or around 8 - 11 % fixed! with an additional loan attached that is adjustable. The applicant, wanting to get into a home at all cost, signs the documentation knowing that if the interest goes up, that their mortage note that started off at $300 or $400 dollars more than what they comfortable with is going to double or triple.

Whose fault is it? The mortgage lender or the consumer? Probably both, but blame goes to the consumer more than the lender. Yeah, the lender or it's representative could have advised the consumer that the home they are seeking and dreamed about could be a temporary thing if the rate goes up or if the consumer is unable to refinance to a lower rate. Morally if the lender is not looking at the bottom line they could advise of this potential pitfall. Then again, the lender is not responsible if the buyer is seeking and dead set to get in a six bedroom, three bath, 28 or 32oo sq. foot home, starting at $350 to $400, 000 dollars at a monthly mortgage note at $2800 or $3200. As far as the consumer is concerned, they are living large on borrowed time and a ticking interest rate bomb waiting for the inevitable. And in this case, the inevitable has happened, home loans and refinance loans that were on adjustable rates have either increased or failed to drop, leaving home owners, who received sub-primed loans at an already high interest rate having to pay more.

Nevertheless, they can't afford the loans and struggle to meet timely note payments. Eventually the bank issues an foreclosure notice and the dream of owning and staying in their house is over.

Again, who is the blame, the owner or lender?

Buying a home is the biggest investment any american can make. The home is actually your power. It can provide cash in time of need, it allows for improvements to better your chances of a good sell if you plan to move. It gives you a huge overhead, if done correctly, of financial freedom. Folks who buy homes to just floss, need to know that it doesn't matter if the house is being held up on scotch tape and super glue, the land they are sitting on is worth something. The lenders know it and so does any realtor. Most realtors know if a certain area is a gold mine or that certain areas are money makers. Buyers should always be cognizant of where they are buying and damn sure that the property they are buying is within their reach.

Unfortunately, thousands of buyers failed to protect their biggest investment, from day one. The buyer surrendered their power to say no, because the house was in a posh area with a helluva scenic view and over achieving schools. They failed to live within their means and quite frankly who can blame them. Everyone wants something to call their own, but for whatever reason, irresponsibility in paying bills on time or whatever excuse has been disqualified. Folks who get sub-prime loans got them for a reason. They are consumers with questionable financial past, with incomes and it's the business of the lender to make as much money off that consumer.

Who's fault is it?

Is the fault of the lender, who is in the business to service the potential homebuyer, with a home loan that the potential buyer is so happy to get. Or is it the fault of the homebuyer, who fails to make payments at the initial rate they were given.

Let's get this out, no one is entitled to live in a house. You are not entitled to get a home, cause you're american. Now having said that, if you choose to risk your life and your financial stability in getting a home loan at an adjustable rate. Sorry, you picked and signed for your poison. You and only you should walk down your walkway with the last box from your now foreclosed house. Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Johnson living to your right and left should not have their tax dollars spent to bail you out. It's not their fault, nor is it the governments.

LA Times Article:,0,4891093.story?coll=la-home-headlines


"We cannot sit on the sidelines while increasing numbers of Americans lose their homes,"
- Barack Obama

Why not? Barack Obama just provided a good sound bite to boast his presidential bid. Memo to Senator Obama, it's not your money and this isn't a game of "monopoly," where you're the banker. It's not within the scope of the federal government to bail out anyone who fails to perform.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What A Comparison!

Serena, Serena, Serena, girl, I like watching you, while you play tennis...Oh, you're a damn good tennis player and that cat suit! Ahem! as I digress, you had a incident the other day, in which a heckler said something that probably stunned you. He said something to the effect of hitting the net like a negro would and it stunned you. I mean in this time and age that a person, especially a caucasian would use the word, ""negro," I guess is kind of surprising. I think. I'm trying to figure out the racial statement in the whole thing. But anyway, you had a nice response to the media's question about the incident. You compared it to playing tennis in Compton, CA and seeing drive by's. Ahh for some of you not gang affiliated or not savvy to this kind of lingo...A drive by is a term used in gang infested areas that consist of a group of gansters driving in a car an firing their weapons at another gangmember or usually an innocent bystander.

So how you managed to combine someone using the word, "negro" and a drive by's in the same racial category? Is beyond me.


What Does It Cost?

RF23 Commentary: What Does It Cost?

Once again the never ending debate of black churches accepting homosexuality is in the national news. This time it involves the acceptance of some black churches of gays and lesbians in its pews.

So lets talk about this. Put aside all phoebias. Lets put it in all on the table. My take, In reality I don't care what an individual does in the confines of their bedroom. I don't care if they use donkeys or monkeys, just don't have your intimated desires involving a child. Other than that, your home, your privacy and your life. I can't live it for you, nor can they mine. My only problem with it, is that they moan, bitch and whine about not of having basic civil rights, when in fact they do. And when someone, like Tony Dungy, who recently said that he does not support gay marriages and does support the traditional marriage between a man and a woman. His opinion, his right to express himself and what does the gay community do? They counter with, we can't believe someone of Dungy's nature would say such a thing and they questioned where he said it.

Where do they get off telling a grown man who to speak too, where he can speak and what he can say? And this is one of reasons of why Gay/Lesbian groups irk the living hell outta of me. They're just a discrimatory, hateful and bigoted as any other group. They go around flying their rainbow flags asking for acceptance and tolerance, yet, when like most groups are just as non- accepting and non-tolerant.

And now this, black churches in a quandry over homosexuality. It's a big problem and no-one can seem to solve one of the easiest formulas. The formulas?

1. We will follow God's law to the fullest and this church does not support the unification or marriage of same sex partners.

Other words, God's law and we will be obedient to it in the fullest.


2. We will follow God's law to fullest and this church now supports the unification, acceptance and homosexuals in the banner of forgiveness and love.


Who are we to turn away God's children. Even Jesus accepted all people from all walks of life and he walked around, offering salvation and a new road to the heavenly father.

Well, if they are going to use that for a reason to accept individuals who are gay in their pews..Then say so! Unfortuanately the church on the attached NY Times story only accepted gays, when the pastor of the church, son turned up gay. And then all bets are off, the pastor can't turn away his own son, so what does he do, he sacrifices his church.

What does it cost?

A drop in attendance of up to fifty percent of it's regular members. Back talking amongst members of the church who try to tough it out, but can't.

Then we come to this sorry azz reason of why black churches should accept homosexuals and this cracks me up. The reason why black churches or churches in general should accept homosexuals is because of the high rate of HIV/AIDs cases in the United States among Black Americans. Why? because the black community still believe that HIV/AIDs is a gay disease and that blacks have their head in the sand about homosexuality, that most blacks probably think that being gay is a white or latino thing. I would even go out on the limb and say that man on man rape in prison is probably more accepted than a free law abiding black homosexual. Now thats a pretty big limb, but at this point I'm the only one giving reasons and takes on this subject. So what's the role of black churches in the community of whom they serve? Well, obviously to deliver the word of hope and preach the word of love and fellowship. Next, to be the local local community news. During the civil rights era, the black church worked hand and hand to get the word out on peace demonstrations, had shut ins and prayed about their struggle and carried enough faith in believing that the God of hope and Moses would deliver them out of the grips of social injustice, lynchings and hate.

Now it didn't come without a price? The black community had lines upon lines of soldiers willing to take up the banner of hope, freedom and equality when another soldier fell. Unfortunately, the banner of hope, freedom and equality is now available to the biggest hustler and up for sale.

The black church is up for sale, cause theres no direction. Now don't get me wrong, somewhere in the vast forest we call the world is a church built upon a rock. A church that is gonna do what the lord said and accept with open arms an individual who is willing to change his ways. Meaning that person, who claims that they are gay or lesbian, and have not adhered to the word of God can come into the House of the Lord and cleanse themselves of their sins and be forgiven of all sins! And thats your answer to the formula. No church should keep it doors closed to no man cause he's a sinner. If a man is willing to confess with his mouth and accept the lord in his heart. He is a new man! and the slate is clean. No man on this earth has the right, well no man who claims that he is a brother of the new cleansed man, has a right to slap the former sins of another brother in the face.

And that's what wrong with not only the black church but all churches. Is that everyone is quick to judge and not forgive and then ostrensize the one person who is really seeking the face of God. There are a lot more problems in this world, country, state and city in which we reside in, than the issue of a soul who is seeking to be cured and cleansed of his sins, that the church needs to get a grip on.

Churches needs to stop playing games with God's word and start preaching it and practicing it.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Jemele Hill: Image Paranoia Is Getting The Best Of The NBA

Jemele Hill: Image Paranoia Is Getting The Best Of The NBA

Article: Matt Millen's query about the absence of a player's male anatomy was before its time. Millen -- or anyone else for that matter -- should be posing that same question to NBA commissioner David Stern.

There are so many good things going on in the NBA right now, but the league's hypersensitivity makes you forget that Phoenix, Dallas, Detroit and San Antonio have revived the concept of team basketball and what terrific ambassadors Steve Nash and Dwyane Wade have become.

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Walter E. Williams: Apologize for crime and schools, but not slavery

Walter E. Williams: Apologize for crime and schools, but not slavery
Mar 8, 2007 12:00 AM
by Walter E. Williams, The Examiner

BALTIMORE (Map, News) - Both chambers of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s General Assembly passed a resolution saying government-sanctioned slavery "ranks as the most horrendous of all depredations of human rights and violations of our founding ideals in our nation’s history; and ... the abolition of slavery was followed by ... systematic discrimination, enforced segregation, and other insidious institutions and practices toward Americans of African descent that were rooted in racism, racial bias, and racial misunderstanding." The General Assembly also expressed regret for the "exploitation of Native Americans."

Isn’t that nice? (Read More) : paste or click link:

Jason Whitlock Commentary

Whitlock Commentary: Basketball, Football Rotting As We Watch

Hang with me over the next several columns. I'm going to try to define how the overwhelming flood of television and gym shoe money has damaged professional/college football/basketball, their participants and fans and offer my strategy for fixing this problem.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Historic Sorority Group Seeing Pink....

This story was talked about on the Steve Harvey Morning Show last week and until now, I never paid any attention to it. But on the show, both Harvey and his nephew/Co-host, Tommy had a huge problem with a group of gay black men representing a counter to the historic greek sorority group "AkA."

At first hearing about this, I agreed with Harvey and other Greek Fraternity and Sorority members in asking why this group could not make up it's own name and colors. I also agreed that the group was making a mockery of this historic all female sorority. But! according to BETNEWS, this group has been around for almost forty years! And I remembered that Harvey did receive an e-mail from a member of MIAkA, saying he had been a member since ninty something. If you go by the outrage of the Greek frat and Soros, you would be lead to believe that this group just started. This changes my perspective of the whole thing.

The group should be allowed to continue to operate under it's present charter. Sorry frats and soros, but you allowed this to happen in at least two historically black colleges and for the many members and graduates from those schools to pass those halls and not say anything.

Hmmph, continue the silence.


Lets Wait and See First.
RF23 -

With the indictments of the officers involved in the Shawn Bell incident coming down yesterday. One has to take time and let the evidence against these officers play out. And one, has to have an open mind about the facts and illusions of this case. I find that you can't jump to conclusions just because a Grand Jury said that based on heresay evidence and circumstantial evidence that it is the end all tell all of the case. I pray and hope that the citizens, black, white or whatever of New York let the evidence speak for itself and the truth, no matter how painful, is let out.

The one thing, one has to take in perspective is that both sides of the aisle deserve justice. If the evidence against the officers involved is strong and can't be disputed than justice for the family of Shawn Bell would prevail. On the other hand if the evidence and witness collaboration is strong than the officers would prevail and have a right to go on with their lives without the branding of being killers. I imagine it's bad enough to have the blood of any human being on your hand.

The one thing the black community needs to be is patient and willing to accept all of the evidence, whether they like it or not. Next, if the trial does not go towards justice for the family of Shawn Bell and it's proven that Bell or his crew did fire a weapon on police, then the judicial process works, just like it did for Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson.

Another thing that needs to be realized, I along with the rest of country saw in horror as Rodney King was beaten by four officers in Los Angeles. I thought the video spoke for itself and the only thing I wanted to see or hear is "why" and "how." Why would you beat a man who was obviously at that point not resisting? and How could you beat a man with such malice? And trust me, the answers would not be good enough.

The case in New York in which a Haitian man was shot to death by NYPD, inexcusable at best. The brutal attack on another man in NY is unacceptable and who can forget the hanging death of Ron Settles in Signal Hill, CA?

You know one of the premises of being a good, law abiding citizen is that you follow the rules of society. You show some kind of common courtesy, hell live by the "golden rules," and if you can't do that, keep it simple, Don't do to others, that you don't want done to you. Other words if you are rowdy, pants hanging on your thigh thug. And you bring attention to yourself, because you're a vulgar piece of crap...Don't be surprised that peoples perspective of you is negative. If you walk around all tatted and ragged up and throwing set signs...don't be surprised if its your face that hits the hot hood of the city's finest. Same thing goes for the person, who ain't all of the above, but associates with the individual, he or she has known since the days in the sand box. One rival gang does not distinguish who is in or not. You're guilty by association. Is it tragic? yes, Is it sad? yes and the same tragedy and sadness goes for Shawn Bell. Regardless if he was associated with or not, he was in the wrong place probably with the wrong people and it cost him. Now no one should get a medal for getting married and the fact that the media is portraying the whole tragedy as "grooms murder" is irresponsible. And I would back the same statement if it were five gangsters who shot Bell.

Now the community is up in arms and buzzing about another police and black man shooting. Well not that much buzzing, because they didn't get the perfect storm of police involved shooting. It didn't have the right formula for the media to pack the wagon and head east to cover all "white" officers and a black offender/victim.

You can see the disappointment in Al Sharpton's eyes knowing that two of the five officers involved in the shooting were black themselves.

So in an essence, Al is right, we should not treat the indictments handed down to these police officers as a victory...They just may win the war.

2005 Expanded Crime Data:

Quick Note within Crime Data:
Law enforcement reported 533 justifiable homicides. Of those, law enforcement officers justifiably killed 341 individuals, and private citizens justifiably killed 192 individuals.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who We Are...

Who we are.....finally someone has said it....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Issue: First Amendment Rights (Gay Issue)

Issue: First Amendment Rights (Gay Issue)

We're Here To Preserve Democracy...Not Practice It" - Captain Ramsey, "Crimson Tide," played by Gene Hackman

With the latest expression against "homosexuality" and whether gays should be "openly" allowed in the military from General Casey (USMC). One has to wonder whether a man who is serving his country, preserving democracy and defending his nation has a right to express himself in the manner as he did.

General Casey, expressed that he "believed" homosexuality is wrong and it does not serve the best interest of the military to allow openly gay individuals in the military.

Now, does this make him anti-gay? No.

Did he have a right to express himself openly to the reporter? Yes.

Should he have used a different method? Other words, fudge it up with political correct answers to appease the would be readers?

I say no.

General Casey expressed himself as truthfully as he could. He could not fudge it for the would be reader or observers of the interview. Why? because allowing openly gay personnel in the military is a hot button issue, which needs to be addressed as truthful and tastefully expressed.

Theres no doubt in my mind, that if gays are allowed to be open about their sexual choice that it will hurt morale in the ranks. And for the record, save the comparison to blacks being allowed to fight in the military...Sorry, nope, nadda, get outta here with that....It ain't the same sport. For one, blacks were discriminated against because THEY WERE BLACK!!! Gays may claim to be discriminated against, but theres only little problem, gays can disquise or choose to keep quiet their sexual preferences. Other words, we would not know an individual is gay for sure, until the person says so...rumor or innuedo won't do. Now I don't give a flying fig newton, whatcha you say, no matter how articulate, well spoken and educated a black person is...guess what? Their black. No matter how much of what we call "White Music" a black person listens too or chooses to date or marry...guess what? their black. No matter if they are called the Tommest of all Toms, Their black...and if you need proof..all you gotta do is bring up Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson....Those two found out real quick that their backsides were black, once a Superior Court Clerk read off "child molestation" and "double murder charges" on their butts. Only problem is that when they decided to come back to their black world...The doors were locked and they could'nt come back.

And that's what makes this whole gay marriage, gay rights and other gay tolorance stuff so slippery. It can be hidden.

No don't get me wrong...An individual has a right to express themselves through thought and legal action...An individual has a right to basic civil liberties...But an individual or a group does not have a right to censure someone if they express their beliefs that doesn't vibe with theirs.

General Casey expressed his "beliefs" and to him, his beliefs are true...

Now the folks who are so thinned skin might not agree....but

they gotta respect it.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Bitter Harry Back In The News

Bitter Harry Back In The News...

Die O! Die, die O! Die old bitterman and you wanna go to hell!
Let me get this out, If I were walking about in the times that Bitter Harry broke out with that brutal song, Day O..I can safely say I wouldn't like it...Hell it's safe to say that Bitter Harry got over like that the "twister" guy. They have something in common....White folk liked them.
And now bitter Harry has been making the news lately with his socialist rhetoric and basically being the Tim Hardaway of self hate. Bitter Harry hates black people who don't think the way he does. He hates Colin Powell. He hates Clarence Thomas. And he straight despises Condelezza Rice. And he backs up his bitterness, with this latest crack on Secretary of State Rice, as saying "She [Rice] has influence over a nothingness."

Old man would you please hurry up and die....Quite frankly you should have died, when your career ended. And if it weren't for the civil rights movement, you would be in the same category as that "twister" guy, chubby checker? Chubby whatever, you get where I'm coming from....
Bitter Man harry should be an after thought or on .

Do us a little favor?
Bitter Man harry go away and by the way, I agree with your little statement...

You have the influence over nothingness...

Friday, March 09, 2007

RF23 - Commentary: Bring Stephen A. Back!

You know since January, ESPN 2 hasn't been the same around 8 or 9 pm. Not since ESPN2 took off Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith. And quite frankly, I missed the show. Not because Smith is a brotha and damn good NBA Analyst. It's because Smith had a very unique show, which hit sports and social issues. And I must say, it was the only program that I can stomache when he had black liberals on it. Why? because, Smith didn't let them off the hook either! I don't know his political persuasion, but he displayed neutrality better than some of the regular talk show hosts on television.

Another reason why Stephen A. should be brought back is because I miss the hell out of Garry D. Howard. Howard is one of four black sports editors in the country today. When Howard was introduced to the country on Smith's Back Page Panel. It was Howard and Detroit's Rod Parker who made huge impressions me. I became a Garry D. Howard fan instantly. I owe that to Stephen A. Smith. Smith introduced the country and Afamericans to a litany of brothas who are putting it down in our country's newspaper outlets. Before that, you had to catch Jim Rome to see sports reporters that look like me. Hell it was Rome, who introduced the country to Stephen A. Smith. Smith acknowledged that when he last appeared on the "Jim Rome Show," and thanked Rome for giving him just a little light for his career to take off. The brother hasn't disappointed and he is still putting it down on radio and on print.

Cmon! somebody put this man back on television.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Coulter: Shooting Elephants In A Barrel

Shooting elephants in a barrel
By Ann Coulter

Article Quote: "Since Teddy Kennedy walked away from a dead girl with only a wrist slap (which was knocked down to a mild talking-to, plus time served: zero), Democrats have apparently become a protected class in America, immune from criminal prosecution no matter what they do."

Article: It was not a crime to reveal Valerie Plame's name because she was not a covert agent. If it had been a crime, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could have wrapped up his investigation with an indictment of the State Department's Richard Armitage on the first day of his investigation since it was Armitage who revealed her name and Fitzgerald knew it.
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blacks Don't Owe The Clintons a thing....

Quote of the day: "In, Roland S. Martin says Blacks don't owe the Clintons a thing, and after reading the column you know he wished he could have titled it Blacks don't own the Clinton's a damn thing.Whatever has possessed black people to rail against Obama for not being black enough, but give Hillary Clinton a black-for-free card, escapes me. I know there are a lot of blacks who can't help but defer to white over black where there interests are concerned, but this is shameful. If you read the papers, it appears blacks have more of a problem with a black candidate than whites or anyone else.I will give Clinton his due for his presidency and I really like and respect the man now for all the work his foundation is doing. He continues to have a relationship with the community and good for him, but is someone under the impression this was a favor he's been showing us? Blacks are the reason he was elected, so what really do we owe him? And as far as Hillary is concerned, WTF? Last week she goes down to Selma and suddenly picks up her husband's southern accent? Go check for the video on YouTube. It's so embarrassing for her. I'm not saying blacks have to vote for Obama because race is not a reason to vote for or against someone, but we need to stop thinking Hillary is "our" candidate just because you may have thought her husband was down." - Angela Winters

Rolands S. Martin Article:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mychal Massie on Jesse Jackson

Mychal Massie on Jesse Jackson:

Monday, March 05, 2007

RF 23 Commentary: Veteran Care (Reality Story)

RF 23 COMMENTARY: Veteran Care (Reality Story)

From time to time, I will venture to the left, jus' a little to express an issue that I agree with. Most of the issues, are probably where some conservatives will agree with. And such is the one I am about to discuss.

IT IS DOWN RIGHT IMMORAL AND DISGUSTING TO SEE VETERANS EITHER RECEIVED JACKED UPPED (lucky I didn't cuss) CARE; AND TO SEE HOMELESS VETERANS... it ain't right! and it's downright disrespectful to continue treating veterans like crap.

I'm a veteran and I know the kinds of treatment we receive. It's worse enough that our brothers who put it on the line in 'Nam had to kick and scratch the very same government to recognize that they were suffering from "Agent Orange", Post Traumatic Syndrome and other mental ailments these guys came back with. But to give the veterans, bullbleep service and have them laying in our streets is a outright crime and the U.S. government and the people of this damn country ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Lets put it like this, the U.S. Armed Forces is a volunteer force, it means, that Jack (for this story's sake) volunteered and qualified, key word qualifed to enlist in the military. Jack is 17-23 years of age, has received his HS diploma or college degree, passed his aptitude, physcical test and got an all clear on his background check. You see Jack had a future either after High School or college, but chose to serve his country. The country didn't call him, he went to it and basically said, "I will do it" I will defend this country's constitution, I will defend it from enemies, foreign or domestic and Jack has acknowledged that defending this country comes will little ass pay. But he doesn't do it for it for the pay. He does it, cause the person sitting next to him, in his hat and gown won't do it or hasn't considered it. Now Jack goes through basic training and exhibits mental and physical strength to endure 8 - 13 weeks of that. Then Jack trains in the job he has chosen to perform and excels in that. Next Jack is assigned an unit, that unit is either in the U.S. or overseas. Nevertheless Jack goes and reports to his first unit. A year or two goes by and the situation in a country where, the U.S. once was escalates. Jack's unit is given orders to report. Jack is going to war and he is only 20. Now Jack is in the hostile country and everyday is hell. Jack witness his friends being blown up, his buddy has his head blown off by a snipers bullet, right next to Jack.. All of the events happen every day with two to three soldiers being killed around Jack. But he goes on and tries to accomplish his mission. Everyday, Jack is given 120 rounds for his M16 and it seems like everyday, his uses either part or all of his 30 round magazines. Jack has never killed anything, with the exception of insects and yet, if Jack were back in the U.S., he would be considered a mass murderer. Bravely, he carries on, performing his task until it time for him to go home. However, unlike the beginning of Jack's military career, there are no extensive test, no background checks on the mentality and the physical wellness of Jack. Instead Jack is given a outgoing briefing, few hundred bucks and not even a damn salute for honorable service.

A few years go by and Jack is having nightmares, he wakes up drenched in sweat and is nervous. He hopes the nightmares goes away, but they don't. More years goes by and Jack is now drinking in hopes of going to sleep, but the alcohol makes the dreams worse, he can't pop up and just end the nightmare. So he goes to drugs and the same results occur. Another year goes by and now Jack is in deep financial trouble, eviction notices on his door, his job has terminated him for failing his drug tests. Jack attempts to get help from his local VA Hospital, but they give more drugs and hundreds upon hundreds of pages of documents for Jack to get basic help that will occur in 60 - 90 days. Meanwhile Jack is now living in a park not to far from his apartment and days turn into months and months into years and there is little help, but Jack is still homeless and jobless.

Hundreds either walk over Jack or seen him. Hundreds have either laughed at him and brushed right by in disgust. A few years go by and Jack is no longer at the park near his apartment, as a matter of fact, Jack has taken a new residence. A place that is damp in the winter months and dry in the summer months. He shares the residence with a few other folks, who have been in the same Wilderness of Struggle.

As a matter of fact, the place can be found in any county cemetary. Where you can see the hundreds if not thousands of men like Jack, who put it on the line and all he got was damn pauper's grave...

And still no salute or appreciation.

You see it doesn't matter, what freaking side of the aisle you side with...Men, like Jack are out there and they are receiving piss poor care. Men! and women who was just in the freaking front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming back wounded, limbs missing or whatever kind of injuries and they can't even get first class physician and mental treatment. That's bullbleep and


NAACP Continues In Struggle..Not The Civil Rights One

NAACP Continues In Struggle...Not The Civil Rights One...

Word of Bruce Gordons, resignation citing irreconcible differences with the Board Members kind of put a damper on the Alabama Marches this weekend. Gordon, who had served only 19 months said that in addition to fighting discrimination, ahhh black racial discrimination that is, that the group should focus on social services issues. In other words, helping blacks help themselves instead of standing in line for forty acres and a damn mule. The board, thinks otherwise and still want to BMW (Bitch, moan and whine) about issues that are not as prevalent as they were, since the damn group started. Yes, individuals do experience racism and yes, there are some types of discrimination, but when was the last time a Afamerican, was hung or lynched for exercising their fundamental and basic civil rights..And hell, individuals or groups who were responsible for those gruesome deaths are starting to pay the price of their heinous crimes.

So whats the mission statement for the NAACP?

No one knows. Except the fact that they are supposed to fight racism, where they can find it. While, a high percentage of blacks are infected with AIDS/HIV, fifty percent high school drop out rates and of course single parent homes. The group has not responded to or addressed the issue of school choice, research or come up with a comprehensive retirement plan for Afamericans. The group, although has mentioned the problem of gangs, but as of yet have not put the energy into fighting gangs. I assume if the gangs were all white and wearing hoods they would make a little noise...Then why assume, I guess if the gangs were all white and wearing hoods and sheets they would make a little noise.

Mr. Gordon is right, along with looking for racial discrimination and picking what case they want to defend. Oh, wait! ambulance chasing every police brutality, police shooting and oh yeah Tookie Williams. The NAACP should be addressing the issues I just mentioned above. School choice, sex education in regard to HIV/AIDs, weening dependant blacks to self reliance, fighting and aligning themselves with front line police who deal with young black men murdered in our streets, by going after our own who exploit and imprison innocents in their homes in fear of gangs.

Time has passed the NAACP and it needs to fix itself or it will be a ghost of what they claim is still a problem...the past.

NAACP President Leaving: (Paste or Click link)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Saul Alinsky: Mere Tolerance Is Not Enough

Saul Alinsky: Mere Tolerance Is Not Enough

The following passage is from Saul Alinsky...Now for some of you just now reading this, yes it is the same Alinsky that media talking heads and spin meisters are going to be clamoring about in the next year or so in regard to Hillary Clinton. In case you've been the dark, One of the reasons John Kerry lost his presidential bid is because of his actions when he returned from Vietnam. He accused his vietnam brothers of committing war crimes and although the Mai Lai travesty did happen, it did not represent all of the young men who served in Vietnam. Kerry paid for it, because his same brothers came back and bit him in the ass. Now, comes Hillary Clinton, she wrote thesis on Saul Alinsky and one might thing that, "damn that was almost 40 years ago, " but somehow the Clintons managed to get document locked up for eight years and now the document is available at Wellesley College, the school she attended. Surely after the pundits and news get their hands on it...It may be possible that the thesis may come back and bite Hillary in the ass.

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MSNBC Report on Clinton 's Thesis:

Excert from Saul Alinsky:

Thursday, March 01, 2007

RF 23 - Where It Stops

RF23 - Where It Stops

Jason Whitlock has done it again. And it seems that after he broke, "What really happened" in Vegas during the NBA's All Star weekend, Jason is now challenging blacks to "who ride" and blow up, what is called the hip hop culture. Look we're not hermits here, we see the problems within our own neighborhoods. We see the kids, especially boys, with their pants almost down to their ass and calling our daughters, bitches or ho's. We see our girls talking and behaving just as worse as boys. We see both groups act disrespectful to grown ups and ultimately we see the same age group in the news either about to be buried or locked up for the rest of their lives. It's an ugly cycle and when it boils down to the nitty gritty...It's our fault. I when I say our, I mean everybody. The politicians who want to make laws that make no sense, like the war on drugs, disparity in sentencing between crack and cocaine, not one politician regardless of what side of aisle they sit on actually does their damn job. I know we're not suppose to rely on the government, but damn...The government has enacted programs that is easy prey for corruption. How long will they continue to fund public schools without getting the intended results. Education is supposed to award the student with hopes of a bright future, not reward the school board administration for dimming the lights of our future. How long can we continue to see the eroding of our neighborhoods either by neglect by the same government or abuse by the same kids that now terrorize it. How long?
And this is what Jason is talking about...He's saddened and dammit I am too! It doesn't make sense...Where did we go wrong? Did we die with Martin Luther King, Jr., cause it seems like we did. Or, some of us get it and others are still waiting for reparations for a slavery they never experienced. Jason mentioned Rosa Parks, and it's strange that he did, cause this year, I purposely left out Mrs. Parks from my Black History Month. I thought that Parks, Tubman and King get too much play. It seems that I may be wrong, maybe I should've reflected on Rosa Parks a little more, maybe I should have thought about Harriet Tubman a little more and I should've thought about Martin Luther King, Jr.
What was Rosa Parks thoughts of Black America the year she died. Here she refused to give up her seat, so the next generation wouldn't have to "yassa sir, I'm moving boss" to the back of the bus. Most folks think that the deed of refusing to give up her seat, was just that...No, it wasn't. It was the fight for common courtesy and decency. It was the fight to say, dammit, I'm a freaking human being, I'm a lady, and yes, my skin tone does not match yours, but it doesn't mean I'm less of an American and therefore have no rights.
And now we have Jason Whitlock calling a spade a spade. Will he take some for it, you bet. Word has it that Scoop Jackson, the same Scoop Jackson, who told a bunch of school kids that they have a better chance of making the NBA than being a sport editor, countering Whitlock's NBA All Star column.
How ironic....You have Bill Cosby going around the country telling black folk that we aren't doing our part of the bargain and quit blaming the white man for your failures and no sooner than he said it...Michael Dyson dismisses Cosby's triumph of overcoming and becoming a success as "self hate."

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Whitlocks Columns:

Scoop Jackson's Reply to Critics of the NBA All Star Game in Vegas

RF23: Wow Saddam, You Really Showed Us...

Yeah, Buddy Saddam, you really showed us that you were a man's man...I mean by manning up and straight flipping us the bird by not disclosing your weapons program...It cost you, your position as President/Dicatator of Iraq and eventually your life. Now you didn't go out like your sons Uday and Qusay. You went out in this sequence...escorted to the scaffold, where a group of men and a rope is waiting, you are then escorted up the steps, you are then asked if you have anything to say, a bag is placed over your head covering your face, a rope is then placed around your neck, screams are heard, there is a little fidgetting on your part, words are then yelled out and you are pushed off the scaffold, where the rope tightens around your neck, your are dangling like a fish on a hook, feet are kicking and eventually stopped. Your neck is broken and you die, just as violently as the death sentences you put out. Well, no one sprayed a nerve agent in your face, so you got off easy in comparison to the Kurds.

So that's how it ended, and the bad thing about this whole thing is that it didn't have to happen.

Why didn't you just open your books?

Why didn't you just abide by UN 1441 and show the world what you had or didn't have?

It seems to me that the only person who got the message on September 12, 2001 was Mohmar (spelling) Khadifi when he gave up his WMD program...And lookey here, he's still in power in Libya. But no, you had to man up...and look what it got you.