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Thursday, August 23, 2012

RF23 - How Much Is Your Name Worth?

RF23 – How Much Is Your Name Worth?

Breaking news tonight, was that cyclist, Lance Armstrong, had opted to not challenge USADA for doping allegations.   This is on the heels after an United States District Court Judge dismissed Armstrong’s suit to demand that the USADA dropped it’s doping allegations against him.

Got it? 

Okay, lets tackle how we got to this point with a man, the world, the United States and cancer patients all over called….

A hero.

We all know the story, Armstrong battled testicular cancer only to win the Tour De France, seven times, the same Tour De France, that produces more PED users per annual race.  A sport that everyone knows that there is a chance that everyone is doping to get an edge, so if the sport is dirty, why would we assume that Armstrong is clean.  And why does he get the benefit of the doubt? This evening on my drive home, the news broke out that Armstrong decided to drop his fight againt USADA and right off the back the paid sports opinion givers, asked for evidence and called everyone who testified that Armstrong was and is a cheat, liars.

I’m sorry, but frauds are frauds.  And if the media can blast Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons for alleged steroid use and not give them the benefit of the doubt.  I can’t do the same for Armstrong.  I refuse to do the same. 

So how much is Armstrong’s name worth to him?  If the allegations are false..


I would go effin’ broke to preserve my name.  Let me ask, how many times has Armstrong sued any of his accusers for defamation?  Zero!

Each time, Armstrong responded or refused to respond to ridicules accusations and each time, each accuser added wood to a soon to be fire.   Well the fire has started and Armstrong’s legacy

Is now a smoldering heap

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RF23 - If It Ain't One Thing

RF23 – If It Ain’t One Thing…

I’m only going to opine about the idiotic statement made by Todd Akin one or two times and that’s it, but my opinion is this:
I agree that the statement made by him was straight up dumb and unfounded, but I disagree with him resigning from the campaign for the senate seat in the State of Missouri and calls for him to do so.
After realizing, that his statement was dumb, he immediately apologized on the Mike Huckabee Show and now two times on the Sean Hannity Show and in spite of jabs to announce his resignation from the campaign, Akin stood steadfast and said no to resignation. 
I agree.
How is it that every time a republican candidate, a conservative supporter or what have you says something or does something, they immediately have to resign or do the fill in the blank liberal talk show perp walk to profusely apologize.  Meanwhile, any and all statements said by the democrats, or progressive supporters go unchallenged and at times unreported.  Last week, Biden said this about Romney and banks:

"[He] going to let the big banks once again write their own rules - unchain Wall Street!" adding, "They're going to put you all back in chains."

Did anyone call for the obama to denounce those statements?  Were there cries for biden to resign?  This isn’t the first racial blast for biden:.

Who remembers this little blast made by biden ? and this ?

Yet, Obama rolls right along, had enough of biden?  How about the keynote speaker of this years democratic convention, bill clinton.  According to the late Senator ted kennedy, bill clinton was looking for support for then candidate hillary clinton for president.  Kennedy said that obama would be serving us coffee and the only reason kennedy is supporting obama is because he's black . 


And this is same bill clinton that was impeached for perjury and accurately charged with a list of inappropiate advances and sexual harrassment .

But it’s Akin that has to resign from his campaign and it’s not democrats calling for it, because this for some reason is the lightning rod, the smoking gun if you will, that republicans hate women, women who abort babies and like to under pay them in the job force.   It’s the republican base that is requesting that Akin end his campaign and I’m going to say this.  Memo to conservative talk show hosts, get your big mouths from the safety of a radio studio and run for office, if you have the answers.  Yesterday, national conservative radio host Mark Levin, said he wasn’t calling for the resignation of Akin, but thinks he should and today, all but implored the congressman to do so under the guise of the need of the country.  Levin said Akin let the base and the country down, with his statement. Regardless of his multiple apologies, Akin believes he can win, because the state of Missouri is a pro-life state.  Akin also immediately got to the issue of what’s really hurting the country, starting with the current administration in the White House and the current incumbent representing the state of Missouri.

And how does this hurt Romney?  Romney already expressed his disagreement.  He should move on and continue being on the offensive and deflecting the obama regime’s request for more tax records.  And while I’m on this, hey obama, the day Romney discloses more of his tax records, is the day you disclose your education records.  You have got to be the only president, whose intelligence is word of mouth and not backed up by, I dunno, education transcripts!

Here’s a question, does everyone in the democratic party support abortions and the tag of being the party of abortions.  Probably not, jimmy carter recently opined about abortions on his book tour. Carter said he thinks the party should curb its opinion on the subject and maybe it’ll bring back conservative democrats who believe abortions are wrong, which includes if the mother was raped.  Look I believe every male and ugly female sex predator should be hung until dead, but I won’t judge the woman, who exercises her decision to terminate a pregnancy because she was raped.

My closing opinion is to let Akin continue his campaign run and let him dig himself out of his gaffe.  The base should continue denouncing the statement, but support the campaign based off the issues, not emotions.

Monday, August 06, 2012

RF23 - Crip Walk and Hair?

RF23- Crip Walk and Hair..

Last week and this weekend was a good weekend for the United States in London.  It was like, the United States returned the favor to the brits for the Revolutionary War and the Beatles and invaded England.  That’s right it’s the late Monday sports edition of my sports report so lets get at it:

Gabby Douglas:  First, congratulations to Ms. Gabby Douglas for her winning two gold medals in womens gymnastics last week.  With that, you would think that the joy of winning a gold medal at the young age of 16, with possibly more on her horizon in future Olympics, but it wasn’t.  As soon as she won gold in the individuals in gymnastics, blogs, tweets and facebook posts lit up about her..


Apparently a certain portion of our community disregarded that the Douglas became the first young lady of color, black, to win individuals, since its inception.  It didn’t matter to the  ignant few, which on other occasions, I would be proud that the fact that Douglas is black wouldn’t be an issue, but I imagine, I’ll be good and dead when and if that’s a non-issue.   Really folks, hair?

Serena Oh Serena:  After using Maria Sharapova as a lawn mower and straight chucking her to the side, Williams finally gave a shout out to all her peeps in the C P T, and hit them with a crip walk after her beat down of Sharapova.  I’m going to surprise ya’ll and say so what!  That’s right, so what, it’s only a dance and I see nothing wrong with it.  Ay Serena, text Tiger and show him how to do it, so when he passes Jack, we’ll have something to talk about.

Greatest Olympian:  On the sports radio wave, the debate was, who is the greatest Olympian between Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps?  And since we’re talking sports radio and their overwhelming demographic of White Americans, you should have figured where the sentiment went.  Look, if the argument is because Phelps is American, okay, I get it, but you can’t just put Bolt in the freezer and use him as a side note.  This dude, is the fastest man on the freakin’ earth! He is the second thing or person you can’t mess with.  Can you imagine, some idiot pick pocketing this cat and trying to run from him?

Please! I’m going with Bolt, hell even his last name is cool.

NFL:  Sniff, Sniff, can you smell it?  Yeah, boy!! It be coming around the corner, when it comes, it be coming around the corner when it comes and it’s the NFL season.  The Hall of Fame game returned after being skipped last year and if you’re Cardinal fan you might be a little worried.  I know it’s the first preseason game and all, but dude did not look good.  And I know I can’t put him in the same sentence as Drew Brees, but damn Brees missed all the off season workouts and he still dealed on Sunday.  Two words for the Cardinals.

Waiver Wire (Yeah, Biden, it’s two words)

Oh No. T.O.: What are the Seahawks thinking?  If they want to fire Carroll, just do it, don’t put dynamite in the locker room and put him out like that. If you haven’t heard, the Seahawks are looking to sign Terrell Owens.  I guess to counter the 49ers signing of Randy Moss.  Either way, Seattle use him for the season, don’t get sucked in by the good season and numbers.  Run ‘em as soon as your regular season is over.

Oh When The Saints, Ain’t All Marchin In:  I saved this for last and hopefully, I’ll be able to convey my points to step on all the toes of Saints fan.   I’m tired of your quarterback.  I think he’s disingenuous and if I hadn’t said it..a liar.

How hard up is the league to place someone in the limelight as the be all; tell all, of the league.  Yeah, he got his ring and it was a big bo-zak to the Chargers, but folks he only won, one damn time! and he did spend some unappreciated years with the Chargers and got escorted out when his wing got turned every which ah way on the last game of the season.  But folks, he’s only important to Saints fan, by now everyone who is not a Saints fan is tired of looking and hearing about him.  It’s time like these, I miss the overdosing of Peyton Manning commercials.  Where’s Tim Tebow?

More Saints:  ESPN is trying to break news that the NFL may look to reduce the suspension of Jonathan Vilma from the whole season to only eight games.  Bullshit! After suspending damn near everyone, but Hurricane Katrina, the league is going to turn tail and reduce Vilma’s for his alleged role in “Play to Injure” aka Bounty Gate.  I don’t believe it! And ESPN needs they ass beat for planting that mess, it doesn’t make sense and quite frankly, Vilma may have something.  He’s suing the league for defamation of character and with other lawsuits being lobbed at the league, this is one thing they don’t need or ef around and lose.  Did I mention the case is venued in New Orleans?  And speaking of lawsuits, why in the hell is Johnnie Morton’s ass suing?  Dude had the nerve to sue the NFL for concussions, really, Johnnie?  Because I’m guessing you should be suing Mixed Martial Arts for this devastating knockout .

Anyway enough fun and games, lets continue.

Last week I hit Raider fan with a good question of who they rather see start as quarterback.  Good friends answered Palmer.  I reasoned, that since the Raiders are brand new in the front office, wouldn’t it make since to start Terrell Pryor ?  Anyway, who am I to tell Raider fan, about a damn quarterback, while my beloved Dallas Cowboys are being not lead by Tony Romo, but every year so far I don the Dallas Cowboys cap and get my cheer on. 

NBA:  Hey Laker fan, what number is Dwight Howard going to wear?  Tahee!

MLB: I’m not talking baseball until the Angels and Dodgers are in first place and giving me and real So. Cal fans, our damn freeway series!  Who wit me?!