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Monday, August 24, 2009

L.A. Times: Utopia Is A Hard Sell In Jordan Downs (Los Angeles Housing Projects)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fanz23 - Do As We Say, Not As We Do..

Let me tell you something, I'm really shocked at the reactions of some liberals, when it comes to these town hall meetings and when they get opposition, questions and protest about, fill in the blank. They're shocked! It's like they can't imagine people not falling for their liberal ideas and attempts to void this nation of what it's founding fathers imagined for this country. I mean really, lets look at it. If the founding fathers wanted a country that provided for everything for it's citizens.

Wouldn't they put it in the Constitution...yeah, I'm sure there were a few yayhoos from New York who wanted that, but no! what they did was put this little thing in there that says "Right to Pursue Happiness", America is, what you make it, if you chose to be a bum, be the best bum you can, but don't expect your neighbors to make you whole. If you chose to be a high school drop out, don't expect to get a phone call from a job saying you're hired, when candidate B has one. And don't expect the gov't to rip of his tuxedo and top hat, run into a phone booth, a come out as Super Gov't when a disaster happens. Now I realize that the gov't has provided and made programs to help out the less fortunate and although the intentions were good, the execution and the will of some of the individuals receiving the aid has backfired. Recipients of the War on Poverty has surrendered to a deeper force...


So excuse Mr. Senator if I don't have zero confidence in you or any politician when it comes to things like health care or illegal immigration. You've shown so far, you'll muck it up and it looks like if this thing does pass, it'll join past failures, you know Social Security, how's that working? Look Mr. Senator, I'll accept this healthcare if EVERY BODY is on it, including B. Hussein's daughters, his wife, his American side of the family. And until someone says that, and it's on paper for all to read and all to vote on...I'll half way take it.

Now, the fact that you are now calling dissenters of this bill, un-American and racists is funny. It seems not long ago, you people were bitchin' from the number of clouds to how many gold fish are in the zoos. And got up in arms when someone said that some of your protests bordered on violence and outright ridiculas. And oh, by the way, does anyone remember the saying of history repeating itself? Well it looks like it did, when a black man who is in opposition to the health care was attacked by democrat supportin' union members. Kinda of reminds of the old days, when republican congressmen were beatin' up on the floors of congress for wanting to abolish slavery, the days when klan members, who supported the democratic party used to wake up out of their beds, blacks who wanted vote and spoke up on the injustices of Jim Crow. And now this, a black man who is in opposition was not being a good n-word, and guess what..He got beat up for not being a good n-word and staying in his place. Mind you, the irony of the whole thing is that one of the thugs was black and the other thug was white...The victim got a double whammy, beat down for being a uppity n-word and beat down for being an Uncle Tom (n-word).

So it's do as we say and not as we do..Never mind the democrats and a few whacko groups or individuals like Cindy Sheehan roamed our country like the buffalo used too, and hailed as heroes..No, if you don't want the gov't controlling your life and in your pocket...Well, well, you're just wrong! and un-American.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Nate Smooth: No More Taxes

Hat Tip to Booker Rising, Thanks Shay!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Taxing Only The Rich? Won't Work.

The Joker!

Posters like these are popping up in Los Angeles and no one seems to know who put them up...Kudos (Hat tip: