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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jason Whitlock: The Story ESPN Doesn't Want You To Know

The Worldwide Misleader doesn't want you to know about Ball State. Well, Jason Whitlock wants you to know ESPN is a joke.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Claremont Parents Clash over Kindegarten Thanksgiving Customs

Political Correctness going bad. How many of you remember dressing up as a pilgrim or indian for thanksgiving. What's next, not depicting a cooked turkey?

Monday, November 24, 2008

L.A. Times: Liberal Hollywood ponders next step in fight for Same Sex Marriage

L.A. Times: Liberal Hollywood ponders next step in fight for Same Sex Marriage


The above story is about "boycotts" "black listing" and other ways opponents of recently passed Prop 8 are now implementing to show their "Tolerance." Angry at a few Mormon Churches, businesess and calling black folk out of their names under their breath, Gays and Lesbians are now practicing "McCarthy-nism." Firing people who either supported Prop 8 or donated funds to the less financed Yes on Prop 8 campaign.

Boy that saying, "People who ask for tolerance are often the most intolerant," rings true for Gays and Lesbians.

To this date, not one protest has been staged in the black communities. So I'm thinking, maybe we, the black community should bring the protest to the gay community. Listen to their reported racial comments at blacks, who were there! to support them. And by the way, how can you say your plight is the same as the black civil rights movement, when you are still prejudice and bigoted towards blacks? I guess the advantage of being white and in the closet, works when you are calling a minority a derogatory racial slur. I guess, while in the closet, you're putting on the robe and hood that fits so well.

But maybe all black churches should "Get on the bus" and see if the gay community would be willing to say:

1. They were uneducated.

2. They were lied to by their preachers.

3. They're racists and more bigoted than Nazi Germany.

But I have a funny feeling, that if such an event were to happen....Gays would then see, their so called civil rights plight haven't scratched the surface, when they see LAPD or the Sheriff's office practicing racial profiling....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

L.A. Times: Prop 8: Gay Marriage Ban Considered by CA. Supreme Ct.

REPORTING FROM SAN FRANCISCO -- The California Supreme Court agreed today to review legal challenges to Prop. 8, the voter initiative that restored a ban on same-sex marriage, but refused to permit gay weddings to resume pending a ruling.

Meeting in closed session, the state high court asked litigants on both sides for more written arguments and scheduled a hearing for next March. The court also signaled its intention to decide the fate of existing same-sex marriages, asking litigants to argue that question.

Blog: Black Informant: Some Events Should Not Be Forgotten

I'm guilty of this, because I knew yesterday was the anniversary of one of the most horrific days in history. People from all walks of life, followed a man who they thought was their saviour. And it cost them. The Jonestown tragedy should not be forgotten as a mass of stupid people. They were murdered. They were victims.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joseph C. Phillips: Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy the Play?

If, as the essayist wrote, 'irony gives birth to a deeper and less friendly understanding', then here is a real mother for ya.

In the days following the election of Barack Obama as our nation's 44th president, my email in box was filled with notes proclaiming "another bold step for black mankind" and asking for my reaction. "Are you not moved?" asked one. "As a Black man with Black sons can you appreciate the historic moment?" queried another.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fanz23 - Not One More Dollar!

I'm tired of this shhht, throw tax payer money on this or that, save jobs, save assets, save retirement accounts! I'm tired.

Now before I go on this little tirade or hissy fit, let me get this out, I feel for folks who may lose their jobs in the auto industry and other places, but! (you knew doggone well it was going to be one) I don't support the federal gov't jumping in and bailing businesses out for failing to put out a good, innovative product or failing to make good sound financial decisions in regard to these financial institutions.

It ain't right! I'm tired of getting the L.A. Times local page treatment equivalent to making us feel sorry for the big 3 automakers, hell! one of them owns a football franchise and it's crap! Is the federal gov't going to jump in and give the Lions the first 5 draft picks, so the playing field will be even or made whole..Let me stop, someone might actually do it.

According to analysts, 1 in 4 people will lose their jobs in the auto industry, either by actually working for them or indirectly in regard to auto parts. Again, heartfelt, but (there it goes again) it does not equate to my or any other tax payer's money going to it. Not unless they are builidng more armor covered humvees, tanks, or a sporty jeep. Then and only then, will I not object.

Republicans looking to get back to their values..Need to stop this free cash giveaway and tell those who are failing to go pound sand and let someone else take their place. It's only natural, like these So. Cal fires, old trees and brush burn up for new ones to take its place.

L.A. Times: Report to Congress: Gulf War Syndrome is real

Well somebody point me to the nearest VA Hospital, so I can get my disability...or service connected disability.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Larry Elder: They Shilled for Obama


One of the nation's premier newspapers fesses up about allegations of pro-Obama bias. The Washington Post's ombudsperson, Deborah Howell, tracked its presidential campaign stories, front-page coverage and use of photos covering the period from Obama's nomination on June 4 to Election Day. The result?

Howell writes: "The op-ed page ran far more laudatory opinion pieces on Obama, 32, than on Sen. John McCain, 13. There were far more negative pieces about McCain, 58, than there were about Obama, 32, and Obama got the editorial board's endorsement. …

"Stories and photos about Obama in the news pages outnumbered those devoted to McCain. Reporters, photographers and editors found the candidacy of Obama, the first African American major-party nominee, more newsworthy and historic. Journalists love the new; McCain, 25 years older than Obama, was already well known and had more scars from his longer career in politics.

Congressman calls Obama "Hitler" and says sorry?

Why apologize? Noone apologized for calling the President "Hitler" "A Nazi" and so on. The media needs to let this boy fend for himself.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fanz23 - Maybe the GOP Should Protest The Election Results

Across the almost broke State of California. State, County and City officials are joining the protests of gay advocates who want to keep the state constitution as read, and unclear in regard to the definition of marriage. Today in the L.A. Times, officials from L.A. County Board of Supervisors and the City of Los Angeles expressed support for overturning the will of the people who voted to change the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and woman. Strangely, I don't recall anyone from the City of L.A. or the County of L.A. ready to overturn the same people's vote when it came time for them to be in the position their in.

So having said all that, maybe GOP supporters should take up protest signs and protest all across the country, especially in Pennsylvania, to protest the Presidential election. Maybe they could site to the Washington Post now admitting that their paper was overly bias against John McCain and who can forget what the Los Angeles Times did leading up to the elections, by withholding a tape showing Barack Obama toasting and laughing his azz off as someone ridicules Israel and jews..

I mean those are two right there. Now I know this sound ridiculas, but look at what's happening for real. Gay folk who are equating their whatever choice or plight to Black American Civil rights struggle, are not showing tolerance in accepting the will of the people. Strangely, had it gone the other way, how many of us would be out there protesting and bitchin' about election or two looneys?

And by the way, the papers are calling it a narrow win for yes on prop 8, last checked it was 52% to 47%...What was the popular vote for Obama/McCain? 52% - 48%?

L.A. County Officials:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fanz23 - Black Vote..Gay Miscalculation

Black Turnout..Gay Miscalculation.

Well, well, it seems that gays, entertainers and DEMOCRATIC politicians are pissed at black folk. Last week, while a good majority of you rushed to the polls to make your voice heard, your vote count and a chance to have an opinion about politics. You pissed off a lot of folk.

Gay folk

Entertainers who think we actually give a shhh about what they're saying


Politicians who for years have taken your vote or "no show" to vote for granted.

Why are they pissed?

Because seventy percent of us, Black Californians voted "Yes" on Prop 8, which changes the constitution to make marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN, not Man and a Man or Woman and a Woman.


That's a number not counted on by gays and your democratic politicians. They thought you were going to vote lock and step to say no on this proposition and check this out, the reason why you did this..

Wasn't because you have morals, wasn't because you have religious beliefs, no! you are ignorant. Yep..You are homophoebic, You are unwilling to sit down and hear all the wonderful things about a gay person...

And to add insult to injury, they are now comparing you, who voted for the change of the constitution, to white right wing zealots. And your democratic politicians agree with them..

Nancy Pelosi, said that we were illiterate and didn't understand the proposition, yet, ignored us, the voters on illegal immigration and recently this $700 billion dollar bailout. Well Pelosi, the proposition was simple, Yeah, I want my state constitution to say, marriage is between a man and woman or no, I want the constitution to stay the same and not be defined. What's so hard to understand, this proposition was easier to understand than prop 209, that did away with race based preferences. Strangely there was no protest in front of anyone's church from gays, when that passed and what about prop 187, that would have denied benefits to illegal aliens, it passed and not one gay person said shhh about that.

So what do we have here? A miscalculation that blacks would vote with every liberal item or a miscalculation that this proposition came at the wrong time for gays. Who would have thought that on November 4, 2008, a bi-racial candidate would be running for the nation's highest office and bringing with him mostly all of the black vote.

Supporting articles:

Politicians writing letter to Supreme Ct.:,0,2507607.story

Pelosi says voters didn't understand Prop 8:

Obama on Prop 8:

Letter as mentioned on No on Prop 8 website:

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Football Star Faces His Mom's Killer

In his memoir, “Running for My Life,” NFL running back Warrick Dunn shares his journey as a football star. In this excerpt, he writes about making the emotional decision to speak to the man who's on death row for murdering Dunn's mother.

Brooklin Marine and Wife tortured and slain; 4 of his men are arrested

"Don't the Marines screen out people like this?" she said. "Didn't they know they had murderers under their roof?"

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MSN: Porter is damn right on this one

Ahh, why is Matt Jones still playing football after pleading no contest on a cocaine bust. Dude was cutting the caine with a credit card!

WSJ: The Treatment of Bush has been a disgrace..

WSJ: The Treatment of Bush has been a disgrace..


Earlier this year, 12,000 people in San Francisco signed a petition in support of a proposition on a local ballot to rename an Oceanside sewage plant after George W. Bush. The proposition is only one example of the classless disrespect many Americans have shown the president.

According to recent Gallup polls, the president's average approval rating is below 30% -- down from his 90% approval in the wake of 9/11. Mr. Bush has endured relentless attacks from the left while facing abandonment from the right.

This is the price Mr. Bush is paying for trying to work with both Democrats and Republicans. During his 2004 victory speech, the president reached out to voters who supported his opponent, John Kerry, and said, "Today, I want to speak to every person who voted for my opponent. To make this nation stronger and better, I will need your support, and I will work to earn it. I will do all I can do to deserve your trust."

Those bipartisan efforts have been met with crushing resistance from both political parties.

L.A. Times: At 114, a daughter of former slaves votes for Obama

L.A. Times: At 114, a daughter of former slaves votes for Obama

Gertrude Baines' 114-year-old fingers wrapped lightly over the ballpoint pen as she bubbled in No. 18 on her ballot Tuesday. Her mouth curled up in a smile. A laugh escaped. The deed was done.

A daughter of former slaves, Baines had just voted for a black man to be president of the United States. "What's his name? I can't say it," she said shyly afterward. Those who helped her fill out the absentee ballot at a convalescent facility west of USC chimed in: "Barack Obama."

Baines is the world's oldest person of African descent, according to the Gerontology Research Group, which validates claims of extreme old age. She is the third-oldest person in the world, and the second-oldest in the United States after Edna Parker of Indiana, who is 115.

Fanz23 - On My Vote - No Mea Culpea

Last night I purposely didn't take calls from folks who knew I was voting for Sen. McCain. Why? Because one, I didn't want to hear all the told you so's and two, I wanted to enjoy this historic moment on my own. You see while everyone came out to vote it was saddening to know that all those people went out there, let me correct myself, some of those people went out to vote for Obama "because he's black." Never mind not knowing the issue, what the man is all about, it was about getting "whitey" and showing them. Sadly, some of those comments came from so callled educated folks and helluva lot more from uneducated ones, like Rodney. Rodney was a young man, standing in line with me to vote for the very first time. He was in his mid twenties and was excited about the Candidate Barack Obama going to be president. I asked Rodney this:

Me: So you're voting for Obama?

Him: yeah, man, we need to get our folk up there.

Me: Oh okay, what do you mean? our folk.

Him: Black people. We need to get black folk in the white house after years of white rule.

Me: Dang man, there are lot of white folk supporting him also and you know he's bi-racial..

Him: One drop makes him black..

Me: one drop also makes him white..Tell me Rodney, what about Obama and the issues that are making you vote for him..

Him: You some type of reporter? why you asking all these questions...the economy man, it's effed up..

Me: that's fair, we are in a recession and the economy is sputtering right now..So do you think raising taxes is the right thing to do..

Him: look, all I know is, it's effed up and we need some new blood...

Me: one drop of black blood, huh?

Him (laughing) yeah..

Me: So the economy is the reason and you haven't answered the question in regard to raising taxes, but we need new "black" blood..

Him: Yeah...white folk has been running this thing for years, it's time for black folk to have a share...

Me: So you're voting for him because he's black..

Him: and McCain is too old...

Me: and now you're discriminating against old people...I can't talk, I'm about to vote "hell" yeah on the eight.

Him: you want gay people to marry?

Me: No, Rodney, Prop 8 is to deny gay folks to marry...Didn't you read the booklet..(I already knew the answer to that question)

Him: Nah (surprise) I thought no was to deny the sure?

Me: yeah yeah on eight..and we can discriminate together...Let me ask you something Rodney, If elected, what does this say about our country?

Him: it says alot, but I don't think it'll erase racism, that still exists.

Me: interesting. we elect a man of color

Him: black!

Me: Cmon' Rodney, he's going to Hawaii to bury his white grandmother, who happened to be the mother of his white mother. You can deny his other half?

Him: one drop...that's all I gotta say.

Me: Rodney, tell me what his issues?

Him: What?

Me: his issues, his platform? what he campaigned on?

Him: I can't tell you, but he's gonna be change..

Me: Change?

You see, Rodney isnt alone, a lot of black folk did a huge disservice to Obama by voting for him based on race. Sadly, not only black folk did it, but white folk did it also.

Look, I'm just a proud at where our country is today, It says alot about our country that after two hundred odd years, we've done something no other "free" country has done in their thousands of years of existance. And that's the difference between most of you and Obama. You think of yourselves as "black", "opppressed" and "doused" dreams.

Obama thought of himself as a man, with dream wider than the horizon and deeper than the deepest galaxy. You only shouted, "yes we can" but as I watched Jesse Jackson stand in Grant Park in Chicago, I saw a gleam in his eye, a reddening of those same eyes and I think in his head, he finished his famous shout of the 70's and 80's..

I am sombody..and Yes we can.

So I won't apologize for disagreeing with the new president elect..Why should I? I believe the same man, who I saw in 2004, is the same superstar, I said he was. He echo'd those same sentiments again last night. I didn't do him a disservice. And that's what makes my vote different, and my night more historic to watch and celebrate on my own...It's because I believe in this country, because I've been outside her..I've seen other conditions and I appreciate her more for what she is and what she's become. This country ain't perfect and with all the talk of her being so racists and evil...I always see folks coming and no one leaving.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fanz23 - It's Almost Over

Well, after 22 months of bickering, name calling and finger pointing, the close of the elections are here. First, let me give my thoughts and prayers to the Obama, Ng and Dunham family for the loss of their grandmother today.

Unfortunately she will not be on this earth to probably witness the icing on the cake of this history making event, if her grand-son Barack Hussein Obama wins the election.

And having said that, although I may not agree with Obama in regard to his policies, politics and what have you, I, along with other Black and African Americans will be rejoicing if he were to win. Those of us, who actually give a damn about our history and where we came from if it's from the long family chain of slavery or in the depths of Africa escaping all that is hindering that continent. We all Black Americans, African Americans should be proud and although we shouldn't need this, but it tells the next generation, hell our generation, it shouldn't stop if he comes up short.

Personally, I like Obama, I thought he was a superstar in the 2004 Democratic Convention and I think he's a superstar now.

So win or lose, Obama finished painting the bridge and is standing on the other side of hope, change and dreams.

We need to cross with him.

Fanz 23 - We're Gonna Win This One

Today as I walked back to my car, I passed an elderly white lady, who was slowly making her way to her car. No doubtly I beat her to mine and she came up a few minutes afterward, as I was fumbling with my cell phone to see who was blowing me up. As I looked up to see her standing by the rear of my car, she said, "Well, we're gonna win this tomorrow."

I replied, "well it's gonna be close, I'll tell you that." she looked, had a grin on her face and said, "well eight years of republican rule is enough." and I replied, "well two years of congressional grandstanding by the democrats should be enough also."

And there it was, a look on her face like she's seen a ghost or I guess she was thinking, of all the black folk around here, my azz talks to a black republican. I imagine that's she was thinking, but since she was old, I was going to let her enjoy her day and not talk politics.

So I told her to have a nice, safe day and we'll see.