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Monday, November 03, 2008

Fanz23 - It's Almost Over

Well, after 22 months of bickering, name calling and finger pointing, the close of the elections are here. First, let me give my thoughts and prayers to the Obama, Ng and Dunham family for the loss of their grandmother today.

Unfortunately she will not be on this earth to probably witness the icing on the cake of this history making event, if her grand-son Barack Hussein Obama wins the election.

And having said that, although I may not agree with Obama in regard to his policies, politics and what have you, I, along with other Black and African Americans will be rejoicing if he were to win. Those of us, who actually give a damn about our history and where we came from if it's from the long family chain of slavery or in the depths of Africa escaping all that is hindering that continent. We all Black Americans, African Americans should be proud and although we shouldn't need this, but it tells the next generation, hell our generation, it shouldn't stop if he comes up short.

Personally, I like Obama, I thought he was a superstar in the 2004 Democratic Convention and I think he's a superstar now.

So win or lose, Obama finished painting the bridge and is standing on the other side of hope, change and dreams.

We need to cross with him.

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