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Monday, November 03, 2008

Fanz 23 - We're Gonna Win This One

Today as I walked back to my car, I passed an elderly white lady, who was slowly making her way to her car. No doubtly I beat her to mine and she came up a few minutes afterward, as I was fumbling with my cell phone to see who was blowing me up. As I looked up to see her standing by the rear of my car, she said, "Well, we're gonna win this tomorrow."

I replied, "well it's gonna be close, I'll tell you that." she looked, had a grin on her face and said, "well eight years of republican rule is enough." and I replied, "well two years of congressional grandstanding by the democrats should be enough also."

And there it was, a look on her face like she's seen a ghost or I guess she was thinking, of all the black folk around here, my azz talks to a black republican. I imagine that's she was thinking, but since she was old, I was going to let her enjoy her day and not talk politics.

So I told her to have a nice, safe day and we'll see.

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