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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fanz23 - Sports Take

Hey Sports Fans, I know the Fanzster did not post my weekly sports report and I apologize, but my paying occupation took a lot of my time. Of course there is a lot to cover and I won't hit on every item, but these are my takes that I thought of, on the top of my head. So without further delay, lets get to it:

ALCS: Did I or did I not mention that I love the Red Soxs and their "Heart of a Champion" mentality. The Red Soxs forced a game 7 and made the Rays step up and prove to the former WS Champs that the AL Representative, won't be the scrub team the NL sent up last year. Yeah, I know I picked those same scrubs to be in this position earlier in the year, but I'm only human. It could be worse, I could've picked the Detroit Tigers.

Oh, excuse me..

Me: Hey baby, huh? what?! you bullshhh 'in? Show me! oh Lawd!

Okay, I'm back, I was just told by one of my Fanz Mates, Beyounce. That I did pick the Detroit Tigers. Anyway, props to the Rays for showing some heart and go get 'em and good luck in the World Series

and speaking of the World Series:

World Series: This years World Series better have some pop to it, because, yeah everyone feels good about a team that lost 96 games last year and now playing in the WS, does not mean that everyone is feeling that good to see Philadelphia and Tampa Bay in the WS. Trust me, a few boob tube executives was licking their chops to see L.A. v. Boston or L.A. v. Rays or Philly v. Boston.

The Game: Last night Game 1 was played and I'm looking to see what the ratings were. Anyway Chase Utley found a way to stop the noise in Minute Maid Park. Blast a bomb over the wall and send your shut down pitcher in there to keep the fans sitting on their hands and cow bells. Philly up one.

Boxing: 'Ol Man River...

On Saturday, Bernard Hopkins did what I thought he couldn't do and beat a favorite boxer of mine in Kelly Pavlik. If you all remember, I was questioning why such a fight was happening, since the last few opponents Pavlik fought, came into the ring on two feet and left needing assistance. Hopkins found a way to beat Pavlik and made what should have been his last fight, a boring one. Thanks Bernard.


You all remember the BMW'ing I was doing last year about the BCS and polls. Well, this year, don't expect me to do the same. There is no argument I can make to counter Les Miles and other coaches campaigning for bigger BCS Bowls. So if Texas loses, they'll have a valid argument as to where they're placed. If LSU loses again, they might have a valid argument since they got beat by Florida and if they lose to Georgia this Saturday. But if USC loses again, what argument can they make?

There used to be a time, when SC fan can look at the schedule and go, win , win, win, tough one, win, win, oh oh CAL. But based off losing to Stanford last year and now losing to Oregon State. SC fan can't take for granted a sure enough win. Now when SC fan looks at the schedule, its Washington? Win. Washington State? Win, UCLA? wait until the fourth quarter.

The Trojans could win out, but I don't think there's enough wins to get them in the BCS Championship game. Not when the Big 12 and SEC is battling within it's own division with 3 or 4 top ten teams.

Mixed Martial Arts:

Kimbo got sliced in the ring a few weeks ago, but CBS executives sliced all of ELITE XC, leaving two err! one big name fight out there. Slice losing was the swan song for the ELITE XC, but I don't think it's the end of Slice. Because regardless of his weakness on the ground game, folks will pay duckets to see this man fight. Don't believe me, let Mike Tyson come back.

NFL: "Momma, Don't Let Your Baby Grow Up to be a Cowboy"

Because they're breaking my freaking heart! The Cowboys, who were Dennis Green annointed to play in the Super Bowl is imploding in front of our very eyes. Losers of 2 straight, the Cowboys find themselves with a depleted defensive secondary, a quarterback not playing because of his pinkie, a volatile wide receiver and a coach who is chillin' like a villain. Meanwhile, while he's chillin', the owner is sharpening his axe. The Cowboys better find a way to get it together or..."Turn off the lights...The party is over."

Raiders: Next

SF 49ers: It's been a while since, well, I've never talked about the 49ers. Well anyway, they fired Mike Nolan and hired on a Interim basis, Mike Singletary. I guess on a interim basis, I could say I'm happy about that. But memo to Singletary, feel free to not yell out, "Now That's the Kind of Party I Like" out loud. Remember you are in San Francisco.

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