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Monday, October 13, 2008

ESPN: Fallout over 91-0 Final Score affects two Florida High School Teams

After Reading: This is a place where wussifying lives. The losing side, is cracking jokes, while the winning side, is receiving e-mails from parents who are angry that the score was so high or why their kid was taken out. If I'm on the end of such a beating, I'm padding the stat book in regard to penalties, until ejected. There's no way, a football team that is supposed to be playing for team pride and get beat like eggs. Quite frankly, as a coach, I would take my starters out, because of people like me, who will be looking to hit someone hard enough, that it would like a felonious assault. But if the losing team couldn't stop the scrubs, the coach should have forfeited the game due to lack of performance. If you're a parent of the child who was on the losing team and you're e-mailing the coach...stop. hit delete and send one to your child's coach, athletic director and principal and get his backside out of there! Unbelievable.

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