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Monday, October 06, 2008

RF23 - Yay! and Whew!!

RF23 - Yay!! and Whew!!

Ay sports fan, I hope you all had a good sports weekend and if you're up and breathing, you should be blessed to hopefully see another sports night. The sports weekend for the RF23 aka 'The Sarge' was luke warm. So without further adieu, lets get busy!

Los Angeles Dodgers: Props to the "Blue" Crew for getting it done and putting the cubs and that goat to hibernation. If you all remember, I once described the playoffs as a separation between little kids and big kids bedtime. When I described that, I had the Dodgers in the little kids category, ready to call it the season, because at the time they were down 3 or 4 games behind the immature Arizona Diamondback, who got into baseball trouble and got sent to bed early and the Dodgers were rewarded with their hard work and game leadership of Manny Ramirez. Well with all that was mentioned, the Dodgers did the Cubs and they're gulliable fans and advanced to the National League Championship Series.

The playoff series monkey is off the back of the Dodgers. They now have a good series match up with the Philedelphia Phillies. Good Luck Blu Crew!

and now to the...


The Angels avoided being swept from the playoff and is still in critical condition in the baseball playoff ICU. After looking like the "Bad News Bears" in the second inning, they found a little offense, mustered okay pitching and beat the Red Sox. Now if they can, without dumb errors in the field and on the bases do it again, two more times. Right now the Angels look like the Kansas City Royals.


OJ Simpson was found guilty on Friday for robbery and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas. *Editorial - This morning while making my way to work, I heard two women talk about the conviction and one of them said, 'they tapped danced and shouted.'

Why? Nicole and Ron are still dead. And Simpson is not going to prison for their murders. So why? dance a jig or tap dance as they put it.


Because thirteen years ago, a good number of blacks danced a jig, shouted and tapped dance because he was acquitted of those two murders. So we thought. It wasn't until Johnnie Cochran died, that the real reason, why black folk shouted, danced and partied, was because of Johnnie, not OJ.

"No disrespect to you, OJ, but we wasn't shouting and dancing because of you..It was because Johnnie Cochran exposed years and years of misjustice on African Americans and he beat them at their game." - Al Sharpton (Cochran's funeral)

I guess that's nice to know..So when the attorney for Michael Jackson dies, I wonder if Al is going to say the same thing. What about R-Kelly?

So why dance? There was no justice for Ron and Nicole. There was no justice for their families. None, but yet you want to dance as if it had healing powers. I get joy, that an alleged killer is off the street. But who does that benefit?

OJ! All he had to do was "go away" not be seen, not been heard from, show a little remorse or just be angry like Fred Goldman! that someone, if it wasn't him! killed the mother of his children while they were upstairs sleeping! that's all he had to do. But this wasn't OJ. He had to be seen, he had to be heard from and he showed no remorse or grief that a good majority of people, black and white! thought he killed two people, 13 years ago! So him going to prison for 15 years or life is what he needed..

Why?, National Enquirer, NY Post, EXTRA do you see where I'm going with this? It's print and it's camera and OJ is for sale to tell his story, give his documentary and get fan mail from even sicker people.

Still want to dance and sing?

Now that the Yay and Whew is done, lets get to the "Man!"

Kimbo Slice: On Saturday, MMA superstar, Kimbo Slice was beaten in 14 seconds, by a stand in, after MMA legend Frank Shamrock couldn't go because he had a cut on his eye. Slice unprepared, but got his reputation for taking all comers in backyard and warehouses, got beat when he charged the understudy and was caught with a short right and down he went, all 265 pounds fell to the mat.

Quick Hits:

SC went up one place, after beating Oregon. UCLA did what they were supposed to do by beating Washington State. The Raiders looked good, oh wait! they had a bye. The Chargers fell to the Dolphins, I blame Tomlinson for not having the spunk and drive to get just one doggon' yard. Rivers should have faked it to the fullback and took it himself. The Cowboys got by the Bengals, The Seahawks were mugged by the Giants, The Redskins triumphed over the Eagles. Is Herm Edwards still pulling a check? KC got beat down. Pittsburg beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville and if you didn't see, the Colts with help of the Texans back up quarterback came back to beat the Texans, after two back to back Rosenfeld fumbles. The Colts are not a good football team.

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