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Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Conversation with a Barack Supporter on Black Planet

My Conversation with a Barack Supporter on Black Planet
Posted October 02nd, 2008 at 08:48pm

Recently I shot a note to a black planet member in regard to her page. You see she was rightfully advocating that folks get out to vote and said it was important for folks to vote.

That's cool and I applaud that type of activism, but..and there's always one I have problems with the black planet member.

One, I approached her and expressed my being impressed with her "get out to vote" statement and just asked a few questions about who she was supporting, oh! wait I didn't need to do that because her statement of "we can't have 4 more years of the same administration," was a dead giveaway of her support of Obama. So I asked her, what she thought the issues were and what her issues were and got this:

Me: I get your message (her blog site), but unfortunately a good number of our brothers and sistas are voting for Obama, because he's black and not because of the issues. So having said in your opening that you're voting the issues. Help me out? Prior to housing crisis and financial crisis... What was the issue in the race.. Iraq: The surge has worked and the Iraqis are talking troop reduction.. War on Terror: This country has not been attacked again since 9/11, this is after 70% of the american public thought we would be... So my hopeful new friend..What are the issues?...what are your issues?

Her: I hardly have time to go over the entire list of issues currently going on in our country that need immediate attention, so I will paraphrase.. Iraq was a conflict that NEVER should have happened! Ever! There was NO terrorist threat there my friend. You bought the hype. So since there was NO terrorist threat EVER there why did we risk our troops lives AND spend billions of money we did NOT have? Which btw has helped our economy to get to the awful place it is now... Our economy is at the WORST its been since the depression!!!!! We are at most ONE day away from a depression. Our dollar's value is wayyyy below market. the employment rate is LOWER than its been in yearssss. Food and gas are sky high! And record number of folks have lost their homes!!!! HOW can you say there are no issues? And I have not even begun to really finish the list here, but I have to run... Also I talk to people every day. I wish you had read my blog on this...BUT I have not talked to one person that is NOT voting for Obama. AND the majority of the people I speak to are NOT Black. So Obama will win because he is the ONLY qualified candidate.

Me: Oh this is going to be fun..I have a blog or two and my friend, we disagree. Now if you are a debator, who can be civil and be prepared to take points..we can debate...But from your response, I don't have enough room. But I'll ask you this: If Obama is "qualified" what is McCain? Does he not have enough experience, Does he not or has he not gone against the President and his own party on more than 5 occasions? So explain how Obama is qualified, when he has flip flopped on drilling off shore, waiting to see what the American people are thinking on this bail out. Either he doesn't understand NAFTA or he's saying one thing to farmers and another to suits in San Francisco...Oh! wait he did that. What about taxes? How much more taxes do the rich have to pay? all or half what?!

Her: This is an EASY one. You asked what is McCain???? He is an OLD has been , whose time is longgggggggggg gone. He's a hothead who is known for that in Washington..talking smack loudly without backing chit up! He cheated on his wife, and married the bimbo right after divorcing his long term wife..He is RICH, and that is WHY he is angry about taxing the rich!!!!!!!! He , like his buddy Bush, preach the same B.S. that has landed us after 8 years of a STOLEN , crooked Presidency , is hand in hand with oil investors(which is WHY we are in Iraq!) and is willing to pay 700 cazillion dollars to bail out the financial institutions!!!! When is the LAST time that you got FREE taxpaying help to pay off your BAD debts??? You or I ,my friend would have no option but to file bankruptcy. Miss me with the McCain stance..even HE isn't confident on his own behalf..which is WHY he tryed to "wuss" out of the debate and Obama had to get him to man up!!! And thennnnnn ALL he talked about was things he alledgely did 25 yearsssss ago.No one cares what he did in the past..he better fast forward to what he can do right now to bail this country out of the worst shape its been in since the Depression..And while his thumb is stuck up his azz trying to figure out what he has to offer banks are closing by the dayyyyyyyyyy..

Me: Wow! you said a mouthful and you had me fooled, I thought you were baller, but you are spewing the same leftist talking points without backing it up...

Her: Let me give you a clue because you sound like the majority of probably medicated zoned out zombies that sat idle while BUSH STOLE 2 elections right under your noses and then LIED to you about WHO was responsible for 911 and bamboozled you into believing that Iraq was necessary when now finally folks have awakened from their slumber to realize Iraq was just about Bush padding his and his friends pockets! If a duck walks like a duck..smells like a duck and quacks like a duck what do YOU think it is??? Obama is going to be the next President whether people like you like it or not. And we will finally have a change from this MESSSSSSSSSSSS of a situation our country is in now. Think about it..There is NO part of this administrations affairs that are in order!!! WAKE UP. We are on the brink of a FULL depression. In our adult lifetimes we have NEVER been in this situation. SMART people who want it to end, want a change..and they will ALL vote for Obama. Do YOUR homework you are behind the wrong horse. And I am not wasting anymore BP ink with you. I feel sorry for you. You have nothing to say of essence on this matter..just like McCain doesn't. At the debate McCain showed his true colors. And he took a HUGE hit in the polls. As an American I am ashamed of him and Americans who are so racist they will vote for such an unqualified pair as McCain and Palin. They are a laughing stock in other countries .Shameful.

Me: With all due respect, you still have some homework to do. You're spewing leftist bullbleep and quite frankly it's sad..real sad that a person can be fooled over and over again. Again, I thought you were a baller, someone articulate enough to conversate and back up their point of view. But you're not. But since you're high in the sky over Barack Hussein Obama, let me tell you why he's going to lose this race.. THE HISPANIC VOTE! I could tell you why, but I wasted 2 minutes of my life already.

Take care or do whatever you do for "life"

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