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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fanz23's Sports Take

Fanz23's Sports Take

Hey all, since I post most my takes on other blogs and my own, I decided to just title it with my online tag name and be done with it. For those of you, who have never seen this tag name of Fanz23, well it's simple..I'm a sports fan and in honor of one of the greatest basketball players on the planet, the number 23 is for Michael Jordan. So there you have it, Fanz23. Let's get into so we can begin yet another week of sports talk and cryin'.

U.S. Open: I know "Major Lefty" is geeked about this, and I hope he chimes in on this, but the U.S. team beat the Euros and in honor of the T.V. ratings getter (Tiger Woods), wore red/burgundy shirts to signify victory. Props to the U.S. team for coming together and obviously having a good time in beating back our Euro enemies.

MLB: I don't know what it is about "fresh" not "retreads" managers that succeed in a long, long, long gruelsome season of baseball. First Mike Scioscia leads the then Anaheim Angels to a World Series win over the Dusty Baker's Giants and then Jack McKeon is at the helm as the Florida Marlins win their second WS in 7 years. And now out of nowhere and I can admit the Tampa Bay Rays surprised the hell out of me, by having the season they're having and they are doing it with a "fresh" manager in Joe Maddon. So what's the take...Teams should stop hiring retreads that were fired for not winning enough games or having ran its course with the team and hire fresh new blood. Period.

NFL: Week 3 will be wrapped up tonight when the Green Ba err!! New York Jets take on the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers look like they are going to play without LaDainian Tomlinson and while that is not breaking news, since Tomlinson sat his soft backside on the bench in the AFC championship game last year. (it seems like the bench is the best place for him) And can we stop dubbing him as "LT" isn't that a slap in the face to "LT" Lawrence Taylor, the hall of famer and bad azz line backer for the New York Giants. That LT played hurt, that LT didn't BMW about the play callin' or his quarterback, let alone his coach. When Tomlinson can just play football and show enough balls to play through pain and really support his quarterback. We might can revisit the "LT" dub. Until then he's just Tomlinson or PAB.

Miami v. New England: Remember that saying "fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice so on, so on." Well apparently, the Patriots didn't get the message, because they got fooled on one play, not once, not twice, but four freaking times. And while being fooled, they made Dolphins' running back Ronnie Brown look like an all pro. Brown ran for 3 TD and threw for one, while the Dolphins made the Patriots surrender up their 21 regular season game winning streak. Way to go Fish, but remember no one else is going to be fooled by that play. Not unless you got the Raiders on your schedule..and speaking of the Raiders.

Oakland Raiders: According to Chris Mortenson (ESPN) the Raiders are going to fire Lane Kiffen today, Hey Lane, why wait until the sweat suit fires you, walk up to his dimly lit office and slam your playback down his desk and tell him to (rhymes with Chuck) off! and die already. Better yet, take your playbook and sling it from 50 yards out and plant it in the sweat suits chest. That way he can go out the way he likes his offense...the deep ball baby!

NFC "Not So Easy" East: The NFC East is so far the best division in the NFL, the Giants and Cowboys are undefeated, the Eagles and Redskins both have one loss and that's to a division team. I think if they continue to play ball like they're playing the winner of that division is the winner of the Super Bowl because...

AFC "is looking real easy to beat:" New England, down, Indianapolis, down, Pittsburgh is probable. Baltimore is probable. Tennessee is probable. San Diego is probable. And the only team that is showing something, is Buffalo. 'nuff said. Oh, throw Jacksonville as probable too!

and now this:


USC didn't play this weekend, but they should have had a live scrimmage or something, cause it getting hard to defend, why this team is ranked number 1, when the conference it plays in..well quite frankly..Sucks! I tell you if LSU bitched, moaned and whined about not being number 1 or campaigned to play in yet another BCS championship game..I can't say anything. After week 1, I thought the PAC 10 had at least 4 or 5 teams to be in the top 25 and maybe two teams playing in a BCS bowl game...Not anymore...

UCLA: Last week, all but gave excuses as to why they were going to lose this weekend, no quarterback, no offensive line, defense is dinged up and the coach's throat is messed up. I guess they played improved ball, they only lost 39-10.

Arizona State: What was that? I know at least two high school teams that could have played better ball than what you did against Georgia on Saturday, pathetic!

Oregon: Well you survived, last weekend but playing catch up ball finally caught up with you and you got done in by Boise State.

California: I'm still reeling over your lost to Maryland.

There you have it, 4 out of 5 teams, I thought was going to ball this season, and now since the PAC 10 is (rhymes with "hitty) it's hard to justify why coaches are voting SC number one.


Did anyone catch Josh Howard's act last week..talking about not celebrating the "Star Spangled Banner" at an event hosted by Allen Iverson. Howard said during the playing of our national anthem, that he ain't celebrating this (rhymes with "hit) cause he's black and one of his homies yelled out, Obama Oh-8! Like Obama needs this attached to him. Usually we try to get athletes to opine about certain subjects besides the sport they play, cause we wanna know what they think or feel about certain situations. For instance, Allen Iverson, when he was "Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith," I though Iverson had a lot to say and I was interested in hearing what he thinks about the world, life and the inner city. He gave great points and a different perspective and when the interview ended, I felt like Smith should have had a part 2 of Iverson's interview. But when you have a-holes like Howard walking around dissing the national anthem, freely I might add, it makes me want to rethink if I really want to hear Vladmir Guerrero give an interview. Or, interested in what Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan really think about our world or any other subject. I rather keep the high opinion of them, as I do and not have to cringe when they say something as idiotic like Josh Howard continues to do or say.

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