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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MSN: VY's Momma: QB hurting inside and out

MSN: Vince Young's mother: QB hurting inside and out

Before I post this article, all I want to say is, is, is


Are you kidding me?! Is this where we are in professional sports? A team is getting blown out and reporters are concerned about the losing team. A NFL running back hurts his knee, practices ALL WEEK! says he can go and play in the most important game of not only his career, but it will get his team over the hump or as they say, the monkey off his back, and what does this star running back do? Plays two series and sits his pun, oh! I'm not going to say it, sits his backside down on the bench with helmet on and watches his quarterback, who was playing after being cut on and doing his best to win.

And now this, A quarterback who came into the league with a chip, or what we thought was a chip on his shoulder can't take being booed because all he can do is "Forrest Gump" [Run!] his way down the field. His passing game is weak and every day it resembles a now jailed quarterback and dog fighter promotor Mike Vick. Reports have it that a team mate of Vince Young said that his [Young] skin is so thin, and this is without the drums, it's onion skin thin.

I don't think Michael Jackson is that sensitive. Come on Vince, shake yourself!

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