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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fanz23 - Good Intentions. Bad Results

Fanz23 - Good Intentions. Bad Results

I was talking to our office administrator, who is a Republican and he made this interesting analogy, that I just had to write about. The thing is trying to get my point across in relation to my title.

So I'll give it a try.

Prior to this interesting analogy, we were discussing a joke, I received from a former co-worker. One of the people standing around listening, was this young attorney and he of course commented that the joke could have been funny regardless the punchline subject.


But the joke was on Obama and the Democrats.

What else is new?

Anyway, when the attorney walked away, the office administrator made his interesting analogy about liberals and when he was talking, I was saying to myself, "I'll be damn!" that's it, that explains liberalism and I'll take it even further, it explains white guilt.

Now on another web discussion board, I come in contact with a few white guiltist, who happen to be mostly liberal and they argue up and down, that the reason why some minorities can't do, can't be, can't have is because of their past and of course it's all mixed with white guilt.

Here's what he said, "I can see why guys like him, do and say the things they say, it's because they want to do their part, they want to make things right and even. So if having a bunch of programs available, they support it, cause it's doing their part." and he went further, "You see, they see it as, they're helping the little guy, and the other party, well..they're not."

Now I know this isn't a lightening bolt moment, but it's an eye opener for me. In my mind, it's saying white liberals are telling some minorities that hey, forget all of your mistakes, it's not your fault, you were brought into this world disadvantaged. So therefore, we'll house you, give you free (tax payer) money and food subsidies, gov't healthcare and so on.

And while saying this, they're pointing out to some of these people, that other party, that mean white man, who's saying, get a job, better yourself, take advantage of a free education, be responsible and work hard. Well he's racist, he's bigoted, he's trying to turn back the calender year to the mid 1700's.

Who is that mean white man? Conservatives.

Now I know I might get some flak over this, but hey we're supposed to be conversating...but could white guilt come from good intentions with bad results? I give you welfare, I give you public schools, I give subsidized housing. In return, they got back years of dependancy and entitlement, sub par graduation rates in some inner city schools and high crimes in those subsidized housing.

Good intentions...Bad Results.

So what do you say about the minorities, who pulled themselves out of those situations?

They're the exception to the rule. And when some of these "exceptions" say, hey I got here through busting my hump in school, sacrificing and making sound decisions in regard to when I bring children into this world.

The reply?

Oh, he/she has forgotten where they came from..

They're disconnected..

and dare I say..

Uncle T and Aunt J

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