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Monday, August 18, 2008

RF23 - Kobes "Loves" His Country...

RF23 - Kobe "Loves" His Country:

I am a Kobe basher, admittedly. Oh don't get it twisted, I respect his mutha fuggin' game on the court, but as for the person. I can do without. But when I heard excerpts of his interview with Chis Collinsworth about his playing for the United States, our country. It sounded like the spirit of John Wayne. So, here I am, without quandry, I am about to give Kobe his props for looking Collinsworth in the eye and saying, I love my country, inspite of all her faults. It's like your parents, they're the only ones you got and this country is the only one we got.

No where else can we go, no where else can we be accepted.

Not in any of the countries in Africa!

No not one.

To bad the presumptive democratic nominee can't say that.

Go 'head Kobe and do your thing...and enjoy that gold medal. Now I understand what you meant, when you said that winning a gold medal is worth more than a NBA Championship.

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