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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fanz23's Take - Finally A Pulse in the WNBA

Fanz23 - Finally! A Pulse in the WNBA

If you think I'm going to hem and haw and be repulsed that there was fight during last nights Sparks/Shocks Game. WRONG! I think there ought to be more, until someone body slams another player like PJ Brown (Miami) did John Starks (Knicks). The WNBA needed that fight like the heavyweight division in boxing needs a dominate champion. But what I don't need is Lisa Lesilie telling me, she is a role model and mommy.

Role model? for who?

Mommy? congratulations to the birth of your child.

One out of two is not bad. Look Lisa, I have problems with your quote:

"I don't even know why (Mahorn) was pushing me down. I'm a role model and mommy. I wasn't swinging or hitting anybody. I was just going to help my teammate up."

Alright Lisa, we went through the role model and mommy thing and we're straight, what I'm having problems with, is you not knowing why you went backwards when you ran into Rick Mahorn's hand.

So help me out, better yet, let me help you..The reason why you ran into Mahorn's hand is because you were coming to the aid, like you should have, of rookie sensation Candace Parker, who at the time was surrounded by Shock players after she reacted to being shoved to the ground by a Shock player.

Are you with me?

Of course you are because at the end of your quote: "I was just going to help my teammate."

So in your effort to rightfully have your teammate's back, it was Mahorn's job, along with the referees and the coaches to bring order back to the most fundamentally sound boring game. And based on videos and highlights shown over and over again, Lisa, if Mahorn really wanted to push you..I'm sure your husband would have been on the court so fast and went man to man with the 6'11 - 300 pound Mahorn.

So here's a suggestion for the WNBA, enjoy the moment of being shown on ESPN and ESPN News. Because theres a pulse in the WNBA.

So tighten up the uni's, fix those faces and hairstyles and lets have more dunks.

Until then, I'm good with scuffles. Heck, I expect at least two more tonight!

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