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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Whitlock: Time for NCAA to stop pimping Black Athletes

Whitlock: Jennings may just be a pioneer for "student-athletes"

In all likelihood, Brandon Jennings won't be the last big-time basketball recruit from the 2009 class to choose overseas money rather than the stereotypical, under-the-table college package.

Why risk being the next O.J. Mayo, the USC one-and-done-er who was done in by sloppy ESPN reporting, a former, opportunistic friend/ex-drug-dealer and antiquated NCAA rules?
For talented, teenage basketball players, a slow boat to China is a better option than being the victim of award-winning gotcha journalism.

We all (know) assume that big-time basketball and football recruits receive "illegal" benefits for pretending to be student-athletes at America's institutions of higher learning. We also (know) assume that journalists and news organizations can make names for themselves by exposing the fact that the kids and their parents/guardians are just as greedy as the constantly renegotiating coaches we put on pedestals.

Brandon Jennings, a former Arizona commit, is smart. Why play the silly game? Why pretend to be a college student for one semester when he can't even "pass" the SAT or ACT? Why let a jealous member of his posse do what Louis Johnson did to O.J. Mayo?

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