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Friday, July 11, 2008

Fanz23 - (TV) Bring "Jericho" Back

Fanz23 - (TV) Bring "Jericho" Back

One of the things that gets my goad is when networks pull good shows in the spirit of ratings. I get it's a "what you done for me lately" business and it's sponsored driven. I get that. But what about the fans who set aside a hour or thirty minutes to enjoy a show they really like. Are we not consumers? Are we not viewers? or is the definition of viewers consist of folks with the ratings box? I'd like to know.

There are few unknowns in the world and one of them is: Just who in the heck are "Nielson" Families? Who are these people? and can we at least get an interview or two with them to see, why in the heck did they not like "Jericho."

Jericho is/was a good show that aired on CBS and was canceled, not once, but twice. The first cancelation, caused fans to send "nuts" to CBS and with heavy support, the show was brought back. Now the fans didn't change and neither did the writing. The show was just as good as the other seasons and while it's on my mind...I can't remember a show where two of the major characters are mysterious in regard to their background and what they experienced. Robert Hawkins and Jake Green are the trunks of the show and kept loyal viewers coming back. The townspeople were intriguing, hard working folk who after the bomb wanted life back to normal. And the new gov't, who attacked us, why? were never given the chance to be found out.


Because CBS canceled the show again!

Now I don't know how many of you took a look at the upcoming fall season, but CBS is going to showcase "Dogs" and this is after a kid version of "Survivor." None of the shows on all the networks jump out and say watch me! well maybe one, "The Unit" after that, all the good shows are on cable, which brings me to this, CBS and NBC are showing some of those shows to boost terrestial t.v. ratings. Cable TV is kicking regular TV booty, with good, well written, well thought of shows.

Jericho comes to mind when you think of well written and well thought of shows. It seems to me that the networks want to dumb down the TV audience and not make them think. And it's a shame, because a show like Jericho, did that, it made you think, it put you in the situation the townspeople were facing and although they weren't popular, even the town of Jericho's enemies you understood.

Networks like CBS need to either catch up with cable shows or just show cartoons.

and for ratings, I suggest Looney Tunes..

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