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Friday, August 08, 2008

RF23 - It's Just Sex..

RF23 - It's Just Sex..

Clinton supporters are still hoppin' mad about the former president being impeached for lying under oath. What did he lie about? He got his saxophone blown by Monica Lewinsky.

Why? It's only sex.

Then you have this senator who was playing footsies with an undercover police-man in a men's restroom.

If the cop wasn't a's only "gay" sex.

So why lie about it, when there are teen-age boys going around ruining some teen-age girl's life by lying about "having" sex with the girl to his friends. I guess as you get older, more prominent and famous, you have to lie about "not" getting any.

Why? According to Clinton supporters and non-supporters....

Who cares? What are they trying to protect? The integrity of the White House?, The House of Representatives?

And now we get this, John Edwards is the next prominent person to get busted for laying his expensive hair-do on someone elses pillow. The National Enquirer of all bathroom reads broke the story earlier this year, but after being told they were a piece of crap fishwrap, they got pissed and put their story, where John Edwards mouth is.

They proved it. Edwards lied. and then after more mounting evidence..

He gave ABC his Jimmy Swaggart..He admitted to sleeping with another woman and he apologized to his family and the American public.

So apparently it not just sex...If you have to lie about it.

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