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Monday, August 04, 2008

RF23 - Sad Faces on the Chalk Board

RF 23 - Sad Faces on the Chalk Board.

You know last night and this morning, I had a lot on my mind about the Brett Favre unretirement and the media hoopla about it, what FSN Doug Kriegal called a selfish act by Favre.

Listen, I'm not a Packer fan, and as a matter of fact, couldn't stand them, when I was forced by my old man to be a Vikings fan, going to a Milwaukee public school off of Silver Spring Drive, where Mrs. McCormick, my second grade teacher would have happy or sad faces on the chalk board to signify that either the Packers won or lost. Well in those days, the packers did more losing than winning, so Mrs. McCormick had a lot of sad faces on the board. I think it got so bad, that one of the kids thought about putting up that green poison face sticker.

But back to Favre, I agree with any sports commentator or opinion giver that says Favre is being selfish and should've thought his retirement through.

He didn't.

Instead, he acted prematurely, coming off a bad playoff game loss and decided he wanted to retire. The Packers, knowing that day was going to come, reacted like any other team, who is about to say good bye to someone who was part of a team that brought them a Super Bowl and recognition of being a two or three time MVP.


They had Aaron Rogers, who played his ass off against the Dallas Cowboys (my team) and Packer fan had a glimpse of hope that maybe this kid, who was basically embarrassed in the Draft, by sitting there almost all of the 1st round of the draft, could come in and play good solid football.

The Packers told him he was their starter.

Now Favre, wants to come back and play for Packers or better yet, be traded to a rival team, within the division..


Selfish mofo'.

The Packers continue to show support for Rogers.

Not so quick.

The NFL reinstates Favre and word has it that Favre could win his old job back and send Rogers to the bench, on his last contract year.

I'm sorry that's effed up!

If I'm Rogers, I'll quit playing Mr. Nice Guy in front of the mics and show my mother effen' azz!! and when the year is over...

I'm outey.

Cause we know one thing for sure...Favre is going to retire again and where will that leave Green Bay?

A bunch of sad faces on the chalk board.

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