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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fanz's Sports Take - HB -Booo!!

Hey sports fans, this commentary is going to be short and hopefully sweet and I want to start with boxing. So lets get started.

Boxing: Shocked, awed, dismayed, I'll be damned were words described of the feeling of some "expert" analysts and boxing fans. And so they should be, if a heavily favorite boxer is beaten so bad. But for the second time in as little as 6 months, HBO's boxing crew has shown their willingness to be so biased and so wrong. In case you guys didn't catch it, on Saturday, Miguel Cotto, the favorite and champion defended his title against Antonio Margarito and Cotto basically got his azz kicked! So here's the problem, besides the fact, that no-one should have been surprised by Margarito winning:

HBO's side judge: Had Cotto winning the fight, as much as 2 rounds, when in fact, after the first 4 rounds, the fight was even. By my and other observers of the fight, had Margarito winning the 8 rounds to 2. But HBO's fight team, had their noses so far up Cotto's backside, and hell bent on giving up punch stats, as if the Judges need this to determine, who's winning.

Next, Emmanuel Steward, is supposed to the technical expert, he's supposed to tell us the mindset and strategy of each fighter. Well, anyone who watches boxing, saw that Margarito hit Cotto, with a vicious body shot to the left side of his ribs in the 4th round. After that no one on the team noticed that Cotto was basically fighting to survive the constant pressure and protect his ribs from further injury.

Margarito maintained his pace and pressure all freaking night and yet HBO had Cotto winning the doggone! fight or even. Folks, rounds 3 thru 11 were exactly the same, with Margarito chasing and cornering Cotto in the rounds, pounding away and doing heavy damage, until in the 11th round Cotto and his corner had enough.

Either HBO changes it crew or allow radio play by play announcing, these guys are brutal and biased.

Baseball: Congratulations to Goose Gossage for making it to the Hall.

Baseball: BOSOX looking to run Manny, congratulations to the NL team that gets him. Look I get that Manny is out there and dances to a different drum from other players, but to trade him for his outbursts. If the BOSOX's do that, they deserve to go another long stretch without a pennant.

NFL: Training camps has begun for some teams and I'm a little concerned about the press coverage, the Dallas Cowboys are getting, without even being defending World Champs. I think there might be a little let down.

NFL: I'm tired of talking or hearing about Brett Favre. But since it's the news, oh well, Hey Brett, if you still wanted to play, then why retire. Why waste all the press coverage and articles talking about you! you conceited bas-terrrr!! Look! admit you made your decision coming off a disappointing showing in the NFC championship and you didn't' think thing through. Next, if you really are a team player, you should say something to the effect, that Aaron Rogers is our quarterback and based on me quitting, cause that's what you did, he should get his shot of being at the helm.

But you didn't say that.

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