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Monday, August 25, 2008

RF23 - Obama Picks Veep, Nice Knowing Him.

RF23 - Obama Picks Veep, Nice Knowing Him.

Over the weekend, Presumptive Presidential Nominee Barack Hussein Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate.

Nice knowing you Obama, feel free to run again, under the premise of "Some 'Ol Changes." Because with your pick, you picked a guy, that you identified, what was wrong with Washington politics.

Nice knowing you.

Obama, you picked a guy, who said, you were smart, articulate and smelled good, what the hell is that?! When we know, your wife in an interview, said that due to your cigarette smoking...

You stank.

You obviously picked a politician, but somewhere, somehow, this sounds familar..Who picked a old time Washington guy, with good foreign experience? Who was that? Oh!!

The President! That's right the same president, you are basically running your campaign against, instead of John McCain, picked Dick Cheney, an older, experienced running mate, with foreign policy experience.

Hmm, I wonder if, elected, if folks will say that Biden is your puppet master. I guess you'll have something in common with your ancestors, who were brought from Africa to be slaves.

Biden will be your "master." or as he said to Secretary of the State Rice in regard to President Bush, "Boss, whatchu want?, Boss, whatchu mean?

Well anyway, good luck with your pick, quite frankly, I thought it made a helluva lot more sense to bring in Hillary, with her baggage and Bill of course. I mean, she did have a hold of a good percentage of female voters. But what the hell, I guess Joe Biden, can reel that in. I mean, he did so well in all of the primaries, that he had to quit, so he couldn't show the world that he is da man, your soon to be puppet master.

Oh by the way, Obama, if you're looking to get out of Iraq, and your platform is anti war and soldiers are wasting their lives. Then Biden doesn't roll with you, he, along with Chuck Hagel wrote an op-ed, saying that we are going to be Iraq for ten years. You want us out of Iraq, ten years ago!

What gives? Did you all of sudden change your mind and support Bidens opinion?

Well anyway, interesting pick, especially with Hillary still on nomination list. I'm hoping that delegates get over your snake oil salesmanship and nominate the right person.

Nice knowing you.

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