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Monday, September 08, 2008

Dinesh D'Souza: Help Obama's Half Brother Move Out His Hut

Dinesh D' Souza: Help Obama's Half Brother Move Out of His (6x10) Hut

The biggest scandal of the election campaign is going unreported, for the most part, by the mainstream newspapers and TV shows. Imagine if John McCain or Sarah Palin had a half-brother who was living in a hut. Imagine if McCain, a multimillionaire, did nothing to help the guy. Imagine if McCain came to the convention and spoke incessantly about compassion and how he was inspired by the biblical mandate: we are our brothers' keepers! This would be the lead story on the evening news.


Now this reminds me of reports that Supreme Ct. Justice Clarence Thomas does not support his at the time welfare receiving half sister. Now we have a Presidential Candidate, A sitting U.S. Senate, a former State Senator, a community organizer, a school board member letting his brother kick it in a 6x10 hut in Kenya. Now unlike the writer, I'm not sending a nickle of Chinese money to this guy and I don't want him to mysteriously show up here and gain citizenship either! So it sounds like either little or big brother Obama needs to find Western Union and get some Kenyan duckets to him...oh wait a minute, he's a U.S. Senate being paid with tax payer funds...

S.O.L. dude!

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