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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fanz23 - Just Keep The Damn Score

Fanz23 - Just Keep The Damn Score!

I can list a few things about liberals that make my skin crawl, about the latest of things these cowardly people impose on us. Once again it involves a child and since they're liberals and they're always looking out for the minority, more specifically blacks. It involved one.

For those of you who are not sports knowledgeable, because a, you sucked at it. b, you were not coordinated to play hop scotch, let alone be the first kid in the history of "kick ball" to actually strike out. Let me tell you a story about this nine year old, who happened to be, at his age, a helluva baseball player.

Apparently, he was so good, that the parents of the opposing team, refused to have their punk azz kids play against him.

Thank You, Liberals.

Look, I get your taxing the rich, redistributing wealth and hugging trees crap, and I'm cool with it, but when you sludge your way into our homes, our cars, our diet, our trash! and in our sports..Enough! is Enough!

I can't let you ruin, youth sports!

If your kid sucks, in sports and sits the bench. Don't complain! You knew he sucked, before you paid the fees for his/her sorry behind in the first place

If your kid is part of a team, and the team sucks! Sorry, get better. It's not the other team's fault if they have athletes and kids that have the will to win.

Somebody has to lose, this not keeping score, crap has got to end. And don't tell me the kids ain't keeping score, because they are!

And teach your kid how to take up for themselves, I know we had this discussion before, but I present to you "Andy Griffith" when Opie was being bullied. The fact that one kid got chased home, picked on and crammed in a locker, is not the other kids fault. Well maybe, but it's like the WWE, in the end, the good guy wins. Teach your kid, how to "Ack a foo!" or as an episode of the Bernic Mac Show, when his nephew Jordan was being bullied...

Teach your kids to scream, "don't mess with me, I don't play!" but for God's sake..

Do something and quit the "wussifying" of our children and our future.

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