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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fanz's Sports Reports (with a little twist)

Another "Non" Story Sport Report:

From time to time, well most of the time, we're hit with unimportant, none of our business, just plain bull bleep non sports story. A "So What" kind of thing if you will. And like a well scheduled commuter train, we get one here.

"Police summoned to help look for "emotionally" unbalanced Vince Young"

Now when you read that, you automatically think of Quentin Jackson, the *MMA (UFC) former lightweight champion, who took police on a high speed chase after leaving a scene of an accident. Vince Young, who was injured on week 1 of the NFL season, is now apparently emotionally gone and according to reports of the media, physically gone.

So after reading the sensationalized story, we find that VY was at a friends house, watching Monday Night Football and throwing back hot wings.

Yet, this story warrants, coast to coast, internet to internet coverage. And oh yeah, Why did Vince Young, leave his house to go over his friends house to watch a game and eat hot wings?


*MMA = Mixed Martial Arts

Next Story: Professional Wussification?

Last night on the second game of a Monday Night Football double header, the Denver Broncos put hands and feets (I put "feets" down on purpose) on the Raiders, and by the way, this is not the Raider team I saw this pre-season. Anyway the Broncos were up big and the game for all practicality was over, until the Broncos scored again, late in the fourth quarter, when the subject of pouring it on came up. As you all know Mike Shanahan used to coach the Raiders and was unceremoniously fired after two seasons. Well after winning back to back Super Bowls and numerous playoff runs with the Broncos, it's nice to know that Shanahan is still miffed at the Raiders. But back to the subject, we talk about the wussifying of our children, when it comes to team sports, and it almost showed up last night.

One of the announcers, named Mike Greenburg, co-host of the Mike & Mike (Golic) Show mentioned that the Broncos were pouring it on and at some point, the Broncos should let up. Fortunately for all of us, "We gonna punch in the nose and hit 'em in the belly" Americans, Mike Ditka chimed and said, "No, if you don't want to be scored on or embarrassed, the solution is simple. Stop them." Ditka also said the Raiders should be playing for pride.

Story: Bikers, Roids, Lance?

According to ESPN, 7 time Tour De France Lance Armstrong is making a come back. Yawn, although Armstrong's feats were incredible compounded with his overcoming testicular cancer. I don't think his coming back is going to change the collective minds of sports fans like myself. I'm convinced that Armstrong took some type of steroid, but until I have concrete evidence, he's in Barry Bonds category. "Maybe he did - Maybe He didn't." Anyway, if Lance wants to inspire me some more, do what "Forrest Gump" did. Get on your bike and ride to the city's limit and ride some more until you get past the county limit and ride some more until you enter the next state and ride some more until you reach (fill in the blank) ocean. And if you're not tired, ride to the next (fill in the blank) ocean.

Now that's inspiration.


Story: The [Williams] Sisters, You love to hate and watch

Fans of that brutal show "Big Brother" were shocked to see women's tennis on in place of that bad show, but not CBS. And lets get this out, Golf and Tennis, more specifically, ladies tennis, get a booster shot in ratings every time Tiger and the Williams Sisters are playing in the final rounds of their respective sport. And Monday's match with Serena Williams capturing her third US Open title showed that CBS got more ratings than the pre-empted reality show "Big Brother." Say what you want about the Williams ladies, they fake matches, they're uppity and you don't like them, whatever! Somebody does and apparently the haters are watching.


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