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Monday, September 29, 2008

RF23 - Bailout Denied; Wall Street Falls Over 700 Points

RF 23 - Bailout Denied; Wall Street falls over 700 points

A $700 billion bailout, thats "b" for billion and bailout failed in the house and caused Wall Street stocks to drop over 700 points.


Where does the gov't regardless of what aisle it sits get off taking tax payer funds to bail out banks or companies that either A, made shady deals like the banks did or B, unable to compete for example the auto industry and airline companies? They fail or their shadiness comes to bite them in the ass and we the tax payers have to dole out billions of dollars to keep them afloat..

Hell no! I'm glad the house did the right thing on this matter. Those Democrats and Republicans that supported this bailout ought to be ashamed of themselves. Both Obama and McCain ought to be ashamed of themselves for not "saying what they meant" and not "listening to the American public." This kind of not listening or "We know what's better for the American public, than the American public knows what best for them," attitude seems to be widespread.

Oil prices go up...Representatives say we are dependent on foreign oil and need an alternative. One of the alternatives is to drill in ANWAR or off shore. But that's not what they meant, they want the American public to leave their cars and pile in any bus or train.

And now this bail out...The American people disagree with a bailout and although can feel what some folks are going to lose...Still does not equal the "making new" of an individual or company..Let these companies die of natural causes.

So we dodged a government bullet, but it's not over.

House Ignores President and Congress:

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