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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fanz23 Commentary - Keeping It Real with No Testimony

Contrary to another poster on a different blogsite, I was the first to talk about the Michael Irvin Show on ESPN 103.3 (Dallas) and I was the first to say, that his show is not like any other show.

Don't believe me...check out this quote from the Hall of Famer, when asked about his past by one of the callers..

"Look, I don't mind talking about my past, because it happened. To me, it's when they stop talking to me about my past, because it stops the testimony that God has given me to show where I came from and where I am now. AND I DON'T WANT TO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!"

You see, men, like Irvin and Sanders, got it and owned it. I imagine down the road, Moss and Owens will do the same in regard to their actions or inactions as representative of the NFL, but mainly role models to their communities.

However, unfortunately, there will be guys who will never own up to their own demons. Adam Jones is one of those players. He missed or may miss a golden opportunity to soak in and listen to the testimony of players who were down his road. He missed the opportunity to be a living example of a man who got 1 through 13 chances to prove his naysayers wrong.

Like an incomplete pass. Jones is incomplete in life.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't expect him to talk about politics, the environment and so on. But what I do expect from him is some accountability and at his age, recognize right from wrong.

And today on the Michael Irvin show, fans from ALL OVER!! the world were calling in to express their support: Because if the brother has an alcohol issue and he's sick. Then by all means, he should get the help needed to exhaust himself of those demons, but fans called in to express their disappointment and anger at a guy who wasn't really playing well, didn't dedicate himself to the playbook to make himself the shut down corner, we all thought he was/is and seemingly can't control himself in public.

Maybe Jason Whitlock was right, he is out of control and maybe going down the path of Tupac and not Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskin safety, who was murdered last year. Taylor got it, Taylor prioritized his life in this order: God, Family and Career.

We all thought, Adam Jones would see the picture for his own child and woman who chose him to spend her life with.

The Michael Irvin Show is known for being "Real Talk" Radio. Keeping it real and talking about your past, so it will be testimony for God to see where you come from.

If given another chance. Jones, needs to grasp his testimony and tell somebody, anybody about the chances and give it to God!

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