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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fanz23 - Not One More Dollar!

I'm tired of this shhht, throw tax payer money on this or that, save jobs, save assets, save retirement accounts! I'm tired.

Now before I go on this little tirade or hissy fit, let me get this out, I feel for folks who may lose their jobs in the auto industry and other places, but! (you knew doggone well it was going to be one) I don't support the federal gov't jumping in and bailing businesses out for failing to put out a good, innovative product or failing to make good sound financial decisions in regard to these financial institutions.

It ain't right! I'm tired of getting the L.A. Times local page treatment equivalent to making us feel sorry for the big 3 automakers, hell! one of them owns a football franchise and it's crap! Is the federal gov't going to jump in and give the Lions the first 5 draft picks, so the playing field will be even or made whole..Let me stop, someone might actually do it.

According to analysts, 1 in 4 people will lose their jobs in the auto industry, either by actually working for them or indirectly in regard to auto parts. Again, heartfelt, but (there it goes again) it does not equate to my or any other tax payer's money going to it. Not unless they are builidng more armor covered humvees, tanks, or a sporty jeep. Then and only then, will I not object.

Republicans looking to get back to their values..Need to stop this free cash giveaway and tell those who are failing to go pound sand and let someone else take their place. It's only natural, like these So. Cal fires, old trees and brush burn up for new ones to take its place.

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