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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fanz23 - Black Vote..Gay Miscalculation

Black Turnout..Gay Miscalculation.

Well, well, it seems that gays, entertainers and DEMOCRATIC politicians are pissed at black folk. Last week, while a good majority of you rushed to the polls to make your voice heard, your vote count and a chance to have an opinion about politics. You pissed off a lot of folk.

Gay folk

Entertainers who think we actually give a shhh about what they're saying


Politicians who for years have taken your vote or "no show" to vote for granted.

Why are they pissed?

Because seventy percent of us, Black Californians voted "Yes" on Prop 8, which changes the constitution to make marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN, not Man and a Man or Woman and a Woman.


That's a number not counted on by gays and your democratic politicians. They thought you were going to vote lock and step to say no on this proposition and check this out, the reason why you did this..

Wasn't because you have morals, wasn't because you have religious beliefs, no! you are ignorant. Yep..You are homophoebic, You are unwilling to sit down and hear all the wonderful things about a gay person...

And to add insult to injury, they are now comparing you, who voted for the change of the constitution, to white right wing zealots. And your democratic politicians agree with them..

Nancy Pelosi, said that we were illiterate and didn't understand the proposition, yet, ignored us, the voters on illegal immigration and recently this $700 billion dollar bailout. Well Pelosi, the proposition was simple, Yeah, I want my state constitution to say, marriage is between a man and woman or no, I want the constitution to stay the same and not be defined. What's so hard to understand, this proposition was easier to understand than prop 209, that did away with race based preferences. Strangely there was no protest in front of anyone's church from gays, when that passed and what about prop 187, that would have denied benefits to illegal aliens, it passed and not one gay person said shhh about that.

So what do we have here? A miscalculation that blacks would vote with every liberal item or a miscalculation that this proposition came at the wrong time for gays. Who would have thought that on November 4, 2008, a bi-racial candidate would be running for the nation's highest office and bringing with him mostly all of the black vote.

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