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Thursday, February 10, 2011

RF23 - Mubarak Shines..Obama Molded

This morning on Drudge Report and other internet sites, it was reported that the Egyptian president was going to resign and step down amid the protests and talks with other parties in regard to an easy transition. Meanwhile, Obama is in Michigan, looking to take credit for what is perceived as the Egyptian people looking for change and hope for a new democratic society. The White House, long having taken sides against Mubarak and urging him to step down for change, started popping champagne and printing out Obama slogans for 2012 for a hopeful second term. Well, in old school slang, "he got molded!"

Instead of hearing the Egyptian president give his farewell and probable "I'm sorry for being here so long," Obama and his administration got an earful of Mubarak's version of Jennifer Holiday's "I'm not going" and instead of ending it with "You're going to love me." Obama got the back hand of Mubarak and basically told to step.

Look, no one knew what to make of all these protests and surely who, in their right mind, would be pissed at some people looking to fight for their rights and independence. Problem is, from afar, we, as Americans, have our own interests to look after and quite frankly, this administration showed it's hand and no care for our security and oh by the way, we now know what the Obama Administration's foreign policy is when it comes to our allies, even those, who are termed as dictators.

Support the group that hates our American way of life and individual freedoms.

Mubarak and before he lost his freaking mind, Saddam Hussein are and were defenders from radical islamists and they are not alone in receiving US aid or support from past and now this administration. Obama showed his hand and now appears to be weak to our allies. He and his supporters see it as improving our world status, in a way their right, but for the wrong reasons. He's being laughed at, threatened and ridiculed; and in the same, the United States is looking real weak.

Mubarak shined on Thursday, Obama continues to struggle with trying to be great and make his mark with some type of legacy, instead of the guy who was voted in because of his skin color.