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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RF23 - In The Name of Integrity

RF23 – In The Name of Integrity..

I often wonder if we didn’t know that the referees were replacement referees, would we or I know the difference.   We often complain about the calls or no calls on the field with the regular referees so what would be the difference if the cast of usual characters are being played by understudies? 


Everyone is in the uproar over the replacement referees and now longing for the same old refs to come in and muck up the game.  These are the same referees that sent a letter to the Seattle Seahawks for blowing the Super Bowl.  These are also the same referees that messed up a coin toss and San Diego is still fuming at one referee for blowing a call.   So why the need to bring back the old crew, when the new crew is doing the same thing?  Oh! it’s all about integrity..It’s in the name of integrity, the product, the league or shield.

I call bullbleep on this?  And like I posted on my facebook page, fans should look at why their teams lost instead of blaming the striped shirts and last night’s game is one of those examples.

Packer fans could be up in arms all they want, but the bottom line is that Packers stank up the Seattle joint in the first half and decided to play ball in the second half.  They also benefitted from questionable calls as well and if the shoe were on the other foot and the call was reversed.  Packer fan would take the victory and point out their improved play in the second half as to why they won.

The only thing the replacement refs are guilty of is losing control of the game.  The games are too long and the coaches are doing their best to intimidate the referees with their on television reputations.  And since we’re talking coaches, Bill Bellichick decided to reach out and grab a referee after his team lost to the Ravens on Sunday night.  Bellichick wanted to know if a field goal that looked good and was not that quite too far right, was, well good.  Maybe the Patriots coach should have wondered why he left the Ravens with so much time to drive down the field and kick said field goal.  It wasn’t the referees that left time on the clock and it damn sure wasn’t the refs that kicked the screwy field goal. 

While I’m still on coaches, the Denver Broncos called themselves being miffed at the referees from last Monday’s game.  Do I need to remind them that Peyton Manning threw three interceptions and Atlanta did what they were supposed to do.  Score and by the way, win.

I guess the one thing that bothers me about the call for integrity is from so called sports analysts and now sports columnists to accuse the league of doing something underhanded.  Last checked the NBA had a referee who was essentially dirty and fans til this day believe the NBA is WWE fixed.  It’s a subject that Commissioner David Stern abhors as evident as this run-in with Jim Rome, when Rome asked him if the Lottery was fixed.   So you have to excuse my dismay when Boomer Esiason expressed that since one referee was found out to be a New Orleans Saints fan and about to call a Saints’ game.  Esiason intimated that the referees calling the Denver/Atlanta might be a Falcon fan and thus the reason why the game got out of hand.   First, Esiason is paid to give his opinion and so called insight of the game he played for a number of years.  There are times, when he played I thought he was on the take or his in game integrity was in question.  See how easy that is?  Anyone can cast aspersions.  Especially when looking for integrity.


Sunday, September 02, 2012

RF23 - It Wouldn't Be Me

RF23 – (Labor Day Weekend Edition)  It Wouldn’t Be Me

Jacksonville Jaguar Running Back, Maurice Jones Drew, ended his summer camp holdout after holding out for a better contract, which, if he kept to his convictions, a new contract would have set him up to retire comfortably.  Key word, is


Jones-Drew rushed for 1606 yards last year, which lead the league over-all.

Key word is,


That’s right, Jones-Drew had more than enough leverage to hold out and force the Jags to either trade him to a  team that would give him an extension and the last contract he was seeking OR the Jags recognize that Blaine Gabbert is in desperate need for a more potent threat than him in the Jags backfield.  That threat is Maurice Jones-Drew, period! point blank!

Both the Ravens and Texans took care of their running backs with nice contracts.  Both running backs more than out-performed their contracts for more than one year, in particularly Ray Rice for the Baltimore Ravens.  Arian Foster, an undrafted running back, all but bolstered the Houston Texans offense, making them the favorites to win their division taking over from the Indianapolis Colts, until Andrew Luck finds his groove.

Public Opinion:  Every so called NFL analyst agreed with Jones-Drew contention that he out performed his contract and had leverage.  Fan opinion agreed that Jones-Drew deserved a new contract and either the Jags should have traded him or paid him. 

My Opinion:  Ain’t no way, I would have showed up for camp, knowing that I led the league in rushing, was at the top or either top five rushing in every season, I played and oh by the way, I was a steal seven years ago, when the Jags drafted me, although I was a better running back than Reggie Bush, who is now playing for his second team in the same seven years.

Chile puhleze!

I’m going to get every single dollar I generate for the Jags! I’m going to get every cent for every yard I gain and if one of those yards produce a win…I want my loot!!

But since MJP ain’t me, I hope he does this.

He needs to stop out-performing his current contract and play for what his contract calls for.  Obtaining decent pay for a good running back, like Jones-Drew, with no prospect of going to the playoffs or even sniffing the Super Bowl as a participant is…

What a current contract pays for.