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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elder: Clinton Plays The Race Card...And Loses..

Clinton Plays The Race Card...And Loses
Larry Elder,

"Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card -- and Lose," my new book, comes out Feb. 5, Super Tuesday. Unfortunately for former President Bill Clinton and his wife, no one sent an advance copy.

"Jesse Jackson," said Bill Clinton, "won South Carolina twice, in '84 and '88. And he ran a good campaign, and Sen. Obama's run a good campaign here." Clinton gave this response in South Carolina to a reporter's question about why it took two Clintons to beat Barack Obama. Clinton's response had nothing whatsoever to do with the question.

So why did Clinton say it?

Obama, unlike Jackson, actually got elected to something -- in his case, the United States Senate, from the state of Illinois. Obama, unlike Jackson, won the Democratic caucus in the mostly white Iowa, and finished a strong second in the mostly white state of New Hampshire. Obama is nobody's Jesse Jackson, and Bill Clinton knows it.

By invoking Jesse Jackson's name, Clinton attempted to portray Obama as the "black candidate." Clinton knows that the race-driven Jackson polarizes people. By branding Obama as Jackson-esque, Clinton hoped to peel away Obama's support from white voters and thus -- pardon the expression -- ghettoize Obama's candidacy.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

About Damn Time!!

Well black folk only had to wait 41 years to see not one, but two black head coaches in the super bowl, but now the wait is over for a black referee to ref the super bowl.

According to Yahoo! sports referee Mike Carey will be the first black american referee...


Mike Carey to referee Super Bowl, first black to do it

By DAVE GOLDBERG, AP Football Writer
January 18, 2008

AP - Jan 18, 6:10 pm EST
More Photos

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) -- Mike Carey will become the first black referee in Super Bowl history.

Carey, in his 18th year as an official, was notified by the NFL office this week he had the assignment for the Feb. 3 game in Glendale, Ariz. The NFL will not officially announce the assignments until the week of the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl officials are chosen on merit, with the highest ranked at each position getting the assignment. Carey, who runs a skiing accessories company, has been among the NFL's top crew chiefs for a decade and has been a Super Bowl alternate, but has never been the referee.

Black officials have been increasing in number over the years. This season there were 26 on the 17 crews, a single-season high.

They also have been well-represented in the Super Bowl at other officiating spots. Among them was Burl Toler, a former player who worked several early games.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lest I Forgot...Or did I?

Saturday was Martin Luther King's 79th birthday and on Monday, gov't offices and some private offices celebrated it by parades and radio spots of his famous "I have Dream" speech in Washington DC. On Monday, what did I do? I watched TV, stayed away from the news, locally and nationally and played "Call of Duty: 4" reaching the rank of 2d lieutenant.

Did I reflect on the man, who was responsible for leading us to the promise land, but like Moses, wasn't allowed to see us through or enter?


Funny isn't it?


I mentioned earlier that the day was celebrated with parades and radio spots of Dr. King's speeches. For what? Are we in the promise land or unlike Dr. King who was assasinated, did we refuse to go?

I can argue and agree with Dr. Cosby's assertion that a few of us aren't holding our part of the deal and I can agree with some assertions that we're stuck in a period that some of us didn't live.

We like too, it seems.

How is it possible that slavery ended in 1865, civil rights movements and victories won in 1965 and continuing and we still lag in education? Yet, we're holding the mantle of "keeping it real" to the tee?

How is it possible that Brown v. Board of Education allowed little black boys and girls to sit next to little white boys and girls and yet, we have a high school drop out rate and reading and math scores low.

Is this the dream and legacy I was supposed to reflect on?

Can't talk about crime...

Can't talk about single parent pregnancies...

Can't talk about issues or dialogue that involves racism...might get fired.

So where is this legacy?

I didn't forget. I just took the time to forget the nightmare.

RF23 - Sports In Review....

RF23 - Sports In Review...

Well the fanzster has recovered from the devastating loss of his Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs and ready to talk sports. You know it's losses like that that could have a person crying and rolled in the bed for days at a time....Enough about T.O., lets talk sports..

AFC Championship Game: I thought that the L and the T that charger fans yelled out along with MVP, was for his name, LaDainian Tomlinson. Little did I know it meant, "Little Tantrum." This season, I saw something from Little Tantrum that I didn't enjoy seeing. On three occassions, well if you want to talk about last year, five occassions, I seen this guy gripe and pout on the sidelines and last year, outright cry about the behavior of the New England Pay err!! Patriots, when they got punked in the playoffs last year. I let last years tantrum go, because, well, I never saw that before in him. But this year, oh boy I seen it in living charger color...

But this is not why I'm talking about LT. One of the people who received Little Tantrum's tirades was his quarterback, Phillip Rivers. Rivers, suffered a knee injury in the last game of the season and Tantrum got hurt last week playing against Indianapolis. Rivers, had surgery on his sticks and Tantrum was said to have a pull. Rivers played on Sunday, Tantrum tried to go and sat the rest of the game. And afterward, Tantrum was quoted as saying, that healthy back ups, Darren Sproles and Marcus Turner, was better than 50% him....Problem!

Little Tantrum, you are a former MVP and a 50% you, is better than any healthy combination of Sproles and Turner. You could have been a decoy and oh yeah! how many touch down passes did you throw from 20 yards in to the end zone. You could still make plays. It was potentially the last game of the season and there you are sitting on the bench with your helmet on, hiding your face. Get it together Little Tantrum...

Props to New England....

NFC Championship: Enough of Brett Favre, already and memo to Favre...quit. Don't get fooled by the hype, you had a good season, but when your team needed you in big choked. You couldn't come through against the Cowboys and you couldn't come through against the Giants. Take your one super bowl win and loss and stay in Misssissippi. Good memories and like Steve Young, you'll be a great player, that is in the Hall of Fame.

Memo to FOX, quit showing Archie Manning! I don't want to see Archie Manning, short of seeing highlights of him getting his ass handed to him by every defensive player not wearing a Saints uniform. Look! I get he has two boys playing in the league and if you had to line them up, you'll take his boys at age 9 over him..But enough already, Archie isn't playing in the Super Bowl and he didn't play last year. I mean damn, they was showing Archie and family when the kicker, who is not his son, finally made the game clinching field goal. What about his parents? There was drama right there, a kicker who missed three field goals during the game and finally nails a forty seven yarder in the frozen tundra. And additional memo to Giants coach Tom Coughlin, believe the weather man when they say the temparatures are 15 below zero! with a wind chill factor of -47. Dude, you were turning into a Washington red apple right before I eyes. Mix in more clothes!

Props to the Giants...

(local) NCAAF: Well if you can't beat 'em, hire 'em. The UCLA Football Bruins hired recently fired Norm Chow as their offensive coordinator. Question to the Football Bruins, is there anything else you need from USC?

(local) NCAAB: Meanwhile, as the Football Bruins were in the sloppy seconds and thirds aisle in the super SC market....The Basketball Bruins were getting fed a good portion of bad Mayo, as the SC basketball Trojans beat the highly ranked Basketball Bruins. Look, I usually don't talk basketball, especially college basketball until March. Apparently that's when the season begins and moment in time....Props to the basketball Trojans..

(national) Boxing: Roy Jones, Jr. defeated Felix Trinidad in a fight that was 5 to 8 years too late. HBO will rerun the fight this Saturday.

(local) NBA: The lakers are playing good basketball, at one point in first place, before losing to the Suns on Friday. They will be on the road and this time without Andrew Bynum...Quick note about Bynum, I never thought this guy would respond this quickly to his critics and show why he has the potential to be named as one of the best presently playing. The kid put in work and it's showing and the Lakers need this guy. About this time last year, he was a non factor...folks, he's a factor now...

(national) NBA: It looks like the writing is on the wall for Shaq. He is about to have his first back to back less than fifty games streak be a memory. The Heat are atrocious! The Clippers, well they're the Clippers. Boston is still rolling, but needs to find a way to get past the Wizards aka The Bullets. Detroit is still a threat, but not a easy favorite. Lebron James needs some help and quick and can someone tell me what happened to Larry Hughes...this guy has disappeared and yet we see him on the court...

The suns look vulnerable and the Mavericks are either pacing themselves or the clock has run out on them. Meanwhile the Spurs are just rolling along...

(national) Golf: Phil Mickelson is going to miss this weeks tournament, due to healt ailment. Not a good start for Lefty, but I think he'll represent. Tiger is Tiger, and let me say this, although the events in the San Francisco Zoo was tragic, this should serve notice to golfers who compete with Woods...Don't ef! with Tiger!

Tennis (Australian Open): The Williams sisters were put out and Maria Sharapova dumped Justine Henin. On the men's side, Fedorer, Nadel and James Blake are still alive. Roddick was last seen in Huntington Beach, CA.

NHL: Sidney Crosby is out from an injury and will miss the all star game...He suffered a high ankle sprain during a game last week. And props to Tim for schooling me on the terms "hat trick" and why squid is thrown on the ice floor.

MLB (St. Louis Cardinals) Albert Pujos has banned a local St. Louis radio station from his news conference, due to some report that he was on the "Mitchell Report." Albert just because your name wasn't allegedly on the list does not mean, you haven't used roids or HGH. Sorry, it's the era in which you play.

Iraq's Economy Better?

Iraqi economy set to accelerate, IMF predicts
Source: Telegraph (UK)

Last week a colleague of mine was pondering over the number of military service men/women deaths in Iraq, and briefly mentioned in humor about the Iraq's economy....well, ahh, good news!

News Story: The Iraqi economy should enjoy a significant acceleration in growth this year if the country's security situation continues to improve, the International Monetary Fund predicted today.

The IMF expects the economy to expand as much as 7pc this year, possibly rising to 8pc in 2009, after anecdotal evidence suggested the country has topped the fund's prediction of 1.3pc growth for last year.

Mohsin Khan, director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department at the IMF, said: "I think for 2008 we are expecting a significant jump in growth, to be a little over 7pc.

"Of course, all this is conditional on expansion in oil production, and most importantly, on the security situation continuing to improve."

Oil accounts for 70pc of Iraq's gross domestic product and its production has been severely disrupted since the country was invaded in 2003. However, the IMF said that the jump in crude prices last year more than offset disruption to production.

To read more:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Elder: A democrat or a Republican...

Elder: A democrat or a Republican

"I'm writing to you on behalf of my son. In the simplest form, what are the main differences between today's Democrats and Republicans? I get too complicated with my explanations. I don't think these kids really know the difference and just vote for a candidate because he is young, or female, etc. Can you help?"


What Republicans Believe,
What democrats Believe

Republicans believe hard work wins, and government should allow you -- to the fullest extent possible -- to keep what you earn. Democrats believe that success results from luck, chance and happenstance, and therefore a just government takes from those who have and gives to those who do not.

Republicans believe in a colorblind society determined by drive, work ethic and talent. Democrats want a color-coordinated society. This explains the support for race and gender-based preferences to "correct" past sins and to create "diversity."

Republicans believe discrimination to fix previous discrimination remains discrimination, and that all a government can be is just in its own time. Democrats wish to use government to "rectify" past wrongs, which they hold responsible for today's "inequities."

Republicans believe that government should empower the individual -- that a government that taxes least taxes best. Democrats want individuals to empower government, and support policies that redistribute income from person A to "deserving" person B.

To read more:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Trouble? Get Jesus or go back to the hood...

In Trouble? Get Jesus or Go back to the hood...

Once again an athlete in trouble has once again b-lined it back to either God or the hood. Disgraced Olympian Sprinter and convicted Marion Jones appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about her conviction and her admission that she lied about not using steroids or HGH.

When pressed by Oprah, Jones went to the God card and now looking for special victim status, because she messed up by cheating and eventually get involved in some check cashing scam. Jones again alluded to thinking that she wanted and was hoping for a probation instead of jail time.

Well hot damn Marion, here's a quick note that you and Michael Vick learned the hard way. IT AIN'T ABOUT YOU!! It's about what the guy in the robe says and determines. You committed fraud and lied about it, and when you had a chance to face up to it and take the consequences. You chose not too! and kept eating your cake and ice cream like you did nothing wrong. Now look at you...In March you gotta go to the hole and take up our tax money to house you in prison, when all of this could have avoided...damn you.

Look throughout athletics and entertainment, people who get in trouble run to God or in Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson's case ran back to the hood to get some type of vindication or support. I have no problem with going to God, shoot! that's what you're supposed to do, when in need of some spiritual uplifting and a miracle. We all do, including me! and lord knows in a couple of weeks, I'm going to need him, big time!

But running back to the hood, when you disassociated yourself from the hood, is wrong. But apparently the hood is god-like, because it forgives and accepts the prodigal one with open arms and protection.

Memo to entertainers and athletes, leave the hood alone and just run to God. The hood needs more things and an additional knuckle-head ain't one of them.

Jones on Winfrey's Show:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deja Vu! We've Been Here Before....

This sounds familiar....

A drug resistant staph found to be passed in gay sex...Now I dunno about you all, but if we need to get a public announcement addressed to minorities, especially blacks, then lets get it out.

AIDs/HIV started off as gay disease and all of sudden that title was shifted to blacks, due to not heeding warnings of STDs and especially AIDs or just plain ignorance. That latter goes to the low down dirty dogs who claim they ain't gay, but is.

Memo to black folk! This staph disease is now presently located in gays, if you are not gay, please, please! heed these warnings and use protection. Especially our sistas out there!!


Monday, January 14, 2008

What The Hell Did We Recall For!!?

I mean really, what the hell did we recall Gray "Gumby" Davis for? When Davis was recalled, it was because he tripled car taxes and was about to give illegal aliens drivers licenses...Let alone that our budget was jacked up.

So we recall him for Arnold "Gumby II" Schwartzenegger and the same shit that we had with Davis is still here...This time Arnold is talkiing about closing some state parks and beaches, which he claims will zero out the $14 billion dollar deficit the state is in. Really? are you sure thats all you wanna cut? because I recall reading and hearing you talk about spending on Al Gore's greatest scam, Global Warming and talking about giving everyone health insurance, off the few remaining tax payers we have in this state's dime.

What kind of liberal socialist bullbleep is that? Universal healthcare under the quise that it's for the kids...Well, that may be it, but in that are a few million illegals under that umbrella. How about cutting social welfare? How about sending a few of Mexico's illegal back to Mexico after they are caught from doing crimes, instead of the usual put on probation or parole and let them stay. Every illegal, who is caught breaking the law, and I don't care if it's simple traffic stop, should be detained, processed and sent back. They broke the law, when they came here illegally. How about giving cigarette smokers a little break by taxing fast food places, I'm overweight, it's from fast food joints, I think I should pay taxes for that. How about taxing money or wire services to foreign countries. Hell, countries like Mexico are making a killing off their illegals here, by them sending money to relative back in Mess - E - Co. I figure tens of millions of dollars should be made. How about tax cuts for business, this in turn will create jobs. And in turn creat more tax payers, legal American tax payers.

But no Gumby II wants to close parks like Mt. San Jacinto and beaches like Bolsa Chica state beach. Great...wheres his recall?

Wide World of Sports...Sort of.

This weekend was the end of my 2007-8 football season. The Dallas Cowboys, the team I have been supporting since I got tired of seeing the Minnesota Vikings get beat in it's 3rd and 4th Super Bowl and my second grade teacher, place happy faces on the chalk board to signify that the Green Bay Packers won, lost to the NY football Giants. I expected them [Cowboys] to win and beat the Giants for the third time, but that was not to be. Overall the cowboys had a great season, passing my expectations for them this year and although they lost, they did answer the call and challenges placed before them.

Anyway, lets get started:

NFL: Continuing with the Cowboys, they lost to the Giants 21-17, but that wasn't the story. The story started earlier this week with reports that Tony Romo and girlfriend going to Mexico for a couple of days. News reports and so called analysts were pointing to that and making it an issue, when in fact, it should not have been. Next, these same people focused on Wade Phillips and his not having won a playoff game. You all remember that Phillips was coaching the Bills during what's is called the "Music City" miracle, when the Titans fielded a kickoff, one player lateraled it to another and that player ran it in and won the game. So these same analysts weren't feeling Phillips pulling this out. Next, attention from football fans and cowboy haters were saying that Romo hadn't quite recovered from his mishap in last years playoff game, when he dropped a snapped ball that was supposed to be the game winning field goal. My retort was, if that is the case, then he should have showed those signs during the season and not in the playoffs. Oh! there were signs, for instance against the Bills, when he threw four INT's, but they won anyway.

Of course the story had to end in melodramatic fashion, with Terrell Owens at his press conference. During the interview session, T.O. mentioned that criticism towards Romo was unfair and uncalled for; and he then cried. Bringing doubt if his tears were geniune or not. I saw the tape, and I think it's geniune, he was taking up for his quarterback and his team...Now when was the last time, T.O., in any fashion didn't throw blame on someone else? two or three seasons ago? He took up for quarterback and said, we, the team lost..Not Romo....and based off what I saw, he's right.

More NFL: The Patriots keep rolling along to 19-0, but they might want to take stock in the Chargers. The Chargers went to Indy and straight won a shoot out with the high scoring, fast break offensive minded Colts, but it cost them. LaDainian "Momma I Got To Whine" Tomlinson tweaked his knee and promptly blamed Phillip Rivers for his injury. Rivers then countered LT and got an knee injury of his own. Patriots v. Chargers...Patriots.

The Green Bay Packers spotted the Seattle Seahawks 14 points and then beat the mess out of them in the frozen tundra that is Lombardi field.

The Sarge Commentary: I know I probably mentioned these commercials before, but enough is enough. Fellas, would you appreciate watching a ball game and a female product commercial comes on. I mean imagine, Billy Jean King coming on and pimping heat flashes or menopause, while the Packers and the Lions are getting it on. Who wants to see that? no me and definitely not you! So why in green hell do we want to all these ED commercials and "package" expander spots. Have marketers lost their mind? In a thirty to sixty second spot, they managed to take a father/son moment and blew it up. Fathers can't sit their young kid down without seeing two white hairs, sitting in a tub outside or some white hair throwing a football outside of a tire and then after taking his "pill," making a sucessful throw inside the tire. What is going on here?!

Clean it up people!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Being a tragedy.....

Last night I caught a new episode of A&E's "First 48." It's a show about homicide detectives from different cities solving cases in the first forty-eight hours of a murder. Now the show is interesting because, a, it gives a face to a victim, that we may have read about in the local newspaper, b, if the murderer is caught, it lets us in to see some remorse or just hardened criminals getting future justice.

I first opined about this show some six or seven months ago, when the program was in Detroit. First, everytime they show Detroit, based off the first time I've seen them, I'm going to assume that the crime won't be solved. I have to admit that since then the detectives in Detroit shook off the fact that cameras were there, and did some police work and got criminals locked up.

Well anyway the City of Memphis was on stage and last nights case was about a mother of two being shot in her place of business. Apparently the woman and her husband were working in their tattoo parlor, when three young men, whom they knew, came in for tats. In exchange for cash, the men paid in xanex, due to some injuries the woman had suffered and she was apparently addicted to the pain killers. Well, the men had tats in mind, but not going with their part of deal and decided to rob the couple for the pills back. One of the boys took the woman in the back where the pills were and tried to get her to give back the pills, while another boy stayed with the husband. The woman according to one of the robbers fought and tried to get the gun away from him and according to him, the gun went off. Then the robber knew he had to kill the husband, but the gun jammed and they ended up hitting him with a fire extinquisher and fled the business.

The husband was able identify the young men and they were swiftly picked up, one of them was jailed during the day, so finding him was easy. The other three needed some work. One of the robbers/murderer lived with his mom and when detectives approached her about his whereabouts, she at first shied away and then came around. She inquired as to why the detectives were there and then said the most damning thing...

"I tell him to come in, I rather give him up to you, I don't want him to be no tragedy..."

The looks on both of detectives face was that of shock. Her son along with his friends took the life of a woman, with two kids and had not the gun jammed, be responsible for two deaths. But she's concerned that her son is going to be a tragedy if the police had to hunt him down. I give her one thing, she did call the detectives and her son did come in, tried to lie to the detectives and eventually gave up what happened.

You see, I understand her, the mother, saying she didn't want her son to be a tragedy, but what she doesn't realize is that the second the gun went off...a tragedy her son became. A woman's life is gone and two kids are going to grow up without their mother and angry! A husband lost the love of his life, and four mothers are going to see their boys either executed or spend the rest of their natural lives in prison, over some damn pain pills.

That's the tragedy....

Monday, January 07, 2008

There's No Crying in Politics

You know I try...I really, really, really do try to behave and not take advantage of a person when their down, but I can't help it!

She cried ya'll! she choked up and held back snot bubbles! check it out!

Presidential hopeful and former first lady Hillary Clinton broke down, choked up and tried to hold back tears and snot bubbles when talking about her now double digit deficit poll numbers behind now-front runner Barack Obama. Now I'm not the kind of person to make light of one's crying in public and the mere fact that she may be frustrated and exhausted from the long haul she's been on and plans to continue but!

Dick Vermeil crying about a player and things that move him, I thought was way too much. A man crying at his wedding because he married his dream, I can take. Notice that I mentioned men and now lets go to women. Let's face it, they are emotional creatures and crying is one of the things that goes along with the package, but!

If you're running for the highest office in our country and the most powerful job in the freakin' world!!

You can't cry, cause you're a few points down in a poll that has someone ahead of you! These are the same polls that had you ahead and tied in Iowa, so you know these things can't be relied on...Remember these are the same polls that had John Kerry projected to win in 2004. Little did we know that he won the right to be pimp slapped by the President....So polls are misleading and why we get caught up in them as gospel is something else.

So Hillary stop crying and issue an apology to all women who may want to run for president but can't, cause yo' azz was holding back tears, cause you losin'

Oh that's according to the polls....



"against some pretty difficult odds and we do it, each one of us, because we care about our country." Hillary Clinton, while choking up; trying to withhold tears, but welling up...

My Response: Whoa! wait a minute! where was this difficult odds when you were leading!!

It is possible that your message is getting old and no one cares; Not even your husband can pack them in! instead he's redoing his 1988 Democratic Convention speech again, you all remember! the long boring one, that was so boring that when he said, in closing... the crowd cheered!!

Don't believe me, check this out from the New York Times:

I was hoping for a long drawn out democratic fight for the White House, since they came with candidates who may possibly win the Presidency. And this included Hillary Clinton, but now! since she's crying errr! holding back tears, I don't know!

Friday, January 04, 2008

RF23 - Of Historic Measures....Why so quiet?

Last night, history was made. Barack Obama became the first black man to win an primary elections for the presidency of the United States. And contrary to popular opinion and the opinion by author Toni Morrison, Bill Clinton did not pull of that feat. Not Jesse, not Al and not Alan Keyes. Barack Hussein Obama did that by beating John Edwards (38% to 30%) and Hillary Clinton (38% - 29%).

Now lets discuss where this feat happened. It happened in clorox bleach white Iowa, where the population of this liberal state is 98% white. Oh there's a negro or four there, cause I know three of them. Two were friends in the military and one is a brother of a friend of mine. Correction, lets make that 5 negros, former boxer and champion Michal Nunn is from Iowa. So we know there are black folk there, but for them to make a blip on the caucus radar for Obama was needed and compounded with more votes from that 98% white population.

What happened? Why did he win? and what happened to Hillary?

Easy questions, and here are the answers in a nutshell:

What happened?: Obama beat Edwards and Clinton by a nice size margin. 8 and 9 points in a race where it was projected that it was going to be neck and neck, is a big opening victory for Obama.

Why did he win?: Obama appealed to younger voters and voters feeling that he represented a "change."

What happened to Hillary?: Voters and especially women, are not attracted to Hillary the person and therefore can't separate the person and the candidate. She's not likeable and she is comes off fake. You don't have to look no further than her interview on MSNBC, where she basically melted down when questioned about her experience, after her campaign staff is questioning Obama about his experience. Iowa democratic voters weren't moved.

Now, let me get this out, when I first laid eyes on Barack Obama, I saw something in him and he does represent a change, a different direction, a new road for the United States. Unfortunately, I can't ride with either. Which brings me to this, I will take it personal and be offended to the maximum if someone who is black and not black assumes that since I or other black voters are black are going to automatically vote for Obama. They're wrong and if you're one of those people who are so enamored with the fact that he has the chance to do something in this country that ain't never been done before by a black person of any gender. And you vote for him because he's black and to hell with the issues. You ought to be embarrassed. It cheapens his feat, to learn that he won the black vote because, he's black. It also disenfranchises whites who voted for him because of the issues or they have connected to his message. It's not right and trust me, I want to see in my lifetime a black man or woman become president. I know it can be done, because Colin Powell was asked or rumored to run, Condelezza Rice was rumored or asked to do it, so don't tell me the country is not ready for a black to be president.

Now, I made my contribution and given my take on this historic event.

Boston Globe: How they (Huckabee/Obama) did it:

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Nickname....Uncle Ruckus

Over the holiday weekend I was giving a nickname I didn't deserve or need. My friend called me Uncle Ruckus, yeah the same Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks cartoon that comes on the Cartoon Network.

So having said that, I found some lyrics that will probably fit Uncle Ruckus...

"Choice of Colors" by the Impressions

If you had a choice of color
Which one would you choose my brothers
If there was no day or night
Which would you prefer to be right
How long have you hated your white teacher
Who told you, you love your black preacher
Do you respect your brother's woman friend
And share with black folks not of kin
People must prove to the people
A better day is coming for you and for me
With just a little bit more education
And love for our nation
Would make a better society

Now some of us would rather cuss and make a fuss
Than to bring about a little trust
But we shall overcome our beliefs someday
If you'll only listen to what I have to say
And how long have you hated your white teacher
Who told you, you love your black preacher
Can you respect your brother's woman friend
And share with black folks not of kin
I said now people must prove to the people
A better day is coming for you and for me
With just a little bit more education
And love for our nation
Would make a better society
And if you had a choice of colors
Which one would you choose my brothers
If there was no day or night
Which would you prefer to be right
And If you had a choice of colors
Which one would you choose my brothers
If there was no day or night
Which would you prefer to be right

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Funny Thing....

Over the holiday period, one of baseball's highlight heros got into trouble, big, big, trouble. Impact on the sports media, not a blip. So let me help out...


Here it is...

Subject A, was driving while intoxicated killing one woman in St. Louis. subject A was leaving a party in which alcohol was served.

Subject A, was a first round pick of this St. Louis team and played in a Southern University.

Now Subject A didn't help himself out by getting a DUI two years later, but the media ate this story up.

Subject A is Leonard Little

now this...

Subject B, was driving intoxicated and killed a woman in Florida, also Subject B, was driving on an illegal driver's license since he had his driver's license revoked in another state. Subject B, was the hero for the Bombers by hitting a clutch home run.

Subject B is Jim Leyritz


Little. Black.

Leyritz. White.

Now I'm no conspiracy theorist, well, yeah I am, but I'm no race hustle-lateer! but this smell of media double standard. What black athlete in trouble sells rating and newspapers and white athlete is like good republican news. It doesn't sell!

Look, I'm not discounting any of the tragedies, but there has to be more media scrutiny for Leyritz. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was commenting on the Mitchell Report and now, theres no comment as to why he chose to get in his car, start the ignition and drive impaired..No huge outcry from MADD or anything...

Funny, something tells me if it was Dave Winfield, it would be the first story on ESPN and FOX....

D'Souza - Why the left hates democracy

Why The Left Hates Democracy
Dinesh D'Souza

Commenting on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, I recently commented that there are three groups that oppose democracy in the Muslim world: the secular dictators like Musharaff, the Islamic radicals of the Bin Laden stripe, and the cultural left here in America. In response, several people expressed indignation. One challenged me to provide a single example of a leftist who opposed Muslim democracy. Other liberals noted that they favored the idea of democracy but alas it wasn't succeeding in Iraq. Certainly it does seem odd that a left which is always calling for "more democracy" in America would resist democracy in Muslim countries.

Yet it's true, and my book The Enemy at Home provides chapter and verse. For instance, the leftist author Robert Fisk resolutely opposed America's attempt to introduce democracy in Afghanistan. Incredibly Fisk said that the Taliban government should be kept in power because it had nothing to do with 9/11. Leftist Howard Zinn also equated America's displacement of the Taliban and holding of free elections with the 9/11 attacks themselves, as though both were equivalent crimes. Leftist legal scholar Richard Falk called for a "negotiated settlement" with the Taliban in order to protect the country's "sovereign rights."

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