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Monday, January 14, 2008

Wide World of Sports...Sort of.

This weekend was the end of my 2007-8 football season. The Dallas Cowboys, the team I have been supporting since I got tired of seeing the Minnesota Vikings get beat in it's 3rd and 4th Super Bowl and my second grade teacher, place happy faces on the chalk board to signify that the Green Bay Packers won, lost to the NY football Giants. I expected them [Cowboys] to win and beat the Giants for the third time, but that was not to be. Overall the cowboys had a great season, passing my expectations for them this year and although they lost, they did answer the call and challenges placed before them.

Anyway, lets get started:

NFL: Continuing with the Cowboys, they lost to the Giants 21-17, but that wasn't the story. The story started earlier this week with reports that Tony Romo and girlfriend going to Mexico for a couple of days. News reports and so called analysts were pointing to that and making it an issue, when in fact, it should not have been. Next, these same people focused on Wade Phillips and his not having won a playoff game. You all remember that Phillips was coaching the Bills during what's is called the "Music City" miracle, when the Titans fielded a kickoff, one player lateraled it to another and that player ran it in and won the game. So these same analysts weren't feeling Phillips pulling this out. Next, attention from football fans and cowboy haters were saying that Romo hadn't quite recovered from his mishap in last years playoff game, when he dropped a snapped ball that was supposed to be the game winning field goal. My retort was, if that is the case, then he should have showed those signs during the season and not in the playoffs. Oh! there were signs, for instance against the Bills, when he threw four INT's, but they won anyway.

Of course the story had to end in melodramatic fashion, with Terrell Owens at his press conference. During the interview session, T.O. mentioned that criticism towards Romo was unfair and uncalled for; and he then cried. Bringing doubt if his tears were geniune or not. I saw the tape, and I think it's geniune, he was taking up for his quarterback and his team...Now when was the last time, T.O., in any fashion didn't throw blame on someone else? two or three seasons ago? He took up for quarterback and said, we, the team lost..Not Romo....and based off what I saw, he's right.

More NFL: The Patriots keep rolling along to 19-0, but they might want to take stock in the Chargers. The Chargers went to Indy and straight won a shoot out with the high scoring, fast break offensive minded Colts, but it cost them. LaDainian "Momma I Got To Whine" Tomlinson tweaked his knee and promptly blamed Phillip Rivers for his injury. Rivers then countered LT and got an knee injury of his own. Patriots v. Chargers...Patriots.

The Green Bay Packers spotted the Seattle Seahawks 14 points and then beat the mess out of them in the frozen tundra that is Lombardi field.

The Sarge Commentary: I know I probably mentioned these commercials before, but enough is enough. Fellas, would you appreciate watching a ball game and a female product commercial comes on. I mean imagine, Billy Jean King coming on and pimping heat flashes or menopause, while the Packers and the Lions are getting it on. Who wants to see that? no me and definitely not you! So why in green hell do we want to all these ED commercials and "package" expander spots. Have marketers lost their mind? In a thirty to sixty second spot, they managed to take a father/son moment and blew it up. Fathers can't sit their young kid down without seeing two white hairs, sitting in a tub outside or some white hair throwing a football outside of a tire and then after taking his "pill," making a sucessful throw inside the tire. What is going on here?!

Clean it up people!

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