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Monday, January 07, 2008

There's No Crying in Politics

You know I try...I really, really, really do try to behave and not take advantage of a person when their down, but I can't help it!

She cried ya'll! she choked up and held back snot bubbles! check it out!

Presidential hopeful and former first lady Hillary Clinton broke down, choked up and tried to hold back tears and snot bubbles when talking about her now double digit deficit poll numbers behind now-front runner Barack Obama. Now I'm not the kind of person to make light of one's crying in public and the mere fact that she may be frustrated and exhausted from the long haul she's been on and plans to continue but!

Dick Vermeil crying about a player and things that move him, I thought was way too much. A man crying at his wedding because he married his dream, I can take. Notice that I mentioned men and now lets go to women. Let's face it, they are emotional creatures and crying is one of the things that goes along with the package, but!

If you're running for the highest office in our country and the most powerful job in the freakin' world!!

You can't cry, cause you're a few points down in a poll that has someone ahead of you! These are the same polls that had you ahead and tied in Iowa, so you know these things can't be relied on...Remember these are the same polls that had John Kerry projected to win in 2004. Little did we know that he won the right to be pimp slapped by the President....So polls are misleading and why we get caught up in them as gospel is something else.

So Hillary stop crying and issue an apology to all women who may want to run for president but can't, cause yo' azz was holding back tears, cause you losin'

Oh that's according to the polls....



"against some pretty difficult odds and we do it, each one of us, because we care about our country." Hillary Clinton, while choking up; trying to withhold tears, but welling up...

My Response: Whoa! wait a minute! where was this difficult odds when you were leading!!

It is possible that your message is getting old and no one cares; Not even your husband can pack them in! instead he's redoing his 1988 Democratic Convention speech again, you all remember! the long boring one, that was so boring that when he said, in closing... the crowd cheered!!

Don't believe me, check this out from the New York Times:

I was hoping for a long drawn out democratic fight for the White House, since they came with candidates who may possibly win the Presidency. And this included Hillary Clinton, but now! since she's crying errr! holding back tears, I don't know!

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