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Monday, December 31, 2007

What more?!

Does anyone remember a certain part in Rocky V, when after Tommy Gunn beat down this paper champion and still received no love from the media and the fans? Well anyway after the fight Tommy Gunn, played by Tommy Morrison, yelled, What more do I have to do get some respect?! and that's how the Cowboys should feel right now. They should be asking what more do they have to do to get some mutha fuggin' respect! I was coming in to work and on Fox Sport Radio one of the honks, was dissin' my boyz and it's been going on for a while.

It first started with the Giants, after they went on some four game winning streak after being beatdowned by the Cowboys and Packers. The so-called experts were saying that the Giants found their stride and could possible beat the then undefeated Cowboys....They play again...result? Cowboys win.

Next, everyone was/is in love with Brett Favre and the Packers, surely they can beat the Cowboys. Result...wasn't close and Bret Favre was excused early from the game.

All season long, test upon test have been on the Cowboys and each time they have answered. So what more do they have to do...Oh! if the Redskins get past Seattle, beat the Skins again because they won what two games in a row with a new quarterback and by the way! if the arguement is that Romo hasn't recovered from his botched field goal snap last year? and he's inexperienced, then what about Todd Collins?!

Come on, Cowboy haters.

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